Bruce Castle Presents: Hulk Gives Spider-Man an Ultimatum!

Hulk #8

Hulk #8 (****)

I have so much fun reading this comic. Art Adams and Frank Cho kill this book. And Loeb’s writing is exactly what it’s supposed to be, enjoyable. I still think this is his way of poking fun at what he dislikes about comics. So the Red Hulk is called Rulk right? And so many haters including a friend of mind say “So is green Hulk Grulk?” Check out the recap of this issue, “Mr. Fixit (Fulk? Grulk?)”. C’mon guys the silliness is intentional.

Ms. Marvel punches Fixit and takes out the power!

Pretty Lady, Sheet Face, and S-Man fight green Hulk!

But what about the Wendigos?

“The Lady Liberators. For when you absolutely, positively have to liberate the @#$% outta something.”

Abe on Mount Rushmore is collateral damage!

Tigra, Spider-Woman, Storm, Black Widow, Invisible Woman, and Hellcat join the party! Cho draws more pretty women! Oh yeah!

Ultimate Spider-Man #128

Ultimate Spider-Man #128 (****)

Ok, this was pretty cool. I still think this arc was a little weak, but it ended nicely. So this issue begins the way the first one in the arc did. Cool. Aunt May has a giant Dirty Harry gun?! Really? Aunt May also has heart problems. Do I smell an Ultimate One More Day? We get more video game nonsense. Which is what this arc was really about I guess. That’s a big part of what’s crappy about this arc. So I guess Gwen Stacy is “alive” again? And this issue ends the same as the first one in the arc, but with a big twist. Will this be in Ultimatum or just the Spider-Man tie-ins?

Ultimate X-Men #98

Ultimate X-Men #98 (****)

An Ultimatum tie-in! And a bunch of stuff happens! In one issue, William Stryker is introduced, reluctant about fighting mutants, and by the end he kills one. Am I the only one who’s disappointed when Ultimate characters are the exact same as their 616 counterparts? I guess Kurt and Allison did “die”? So Rogue is kind of evil now? Don’t do drugs kids. The identity of Ultimate Vindicator is revealed! Ultimate Juggernaut is alive and it’s no big deal? Wasn’t he last seen as dead in that annual or am I forgetting something? Sabretooth and Juggie are not in the best strip club in the world. Those girls aren’t even topless! Oh but it does give an excuse to see Rogue half naked. Vindicator is already the Guardian? I told you a lot happened in this issue. Oh and again, Mark Brooks draws really pretty pictures.

15 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: Hulk Gives Spider-Man an Ultimatum!

  1. You’re missing Ultimates 3, where Juggernaut and Sabretooth were members of Magneto’s Brotherhood. They never explained how Juggernaut survived, and why he isn’t as powerful as when he got the Ruby of Cyttorak, but he still was around. Sigh, I don’t like Ultimate Juggernaut all that much. He isn’t as interesting.

  2. Oh yeah, Juggie was in Ultimates 3. And they never explained it? Yeah that sounds familiar. So does that mean Gambit can just show up now too? Did that annual even happen?

  3. Oh hey, I read on your blog about prop 8. I live in Cali and I voted no. It was really close. Do you know what pushed it over the edge in favor of yes? Record minority turnout. That’s so sad. Black people going to the poles saying “Obama! Freedom! Yay ya…Hey you fags over there you can’t have freedom!” Isn’t that tragic?

    Hopefully I won’t get too much negative feedback for this.

  4. Yeah, I know. Sad. Well, Juggernaut shouldn’t have been killed by the building falling on him. Sure, he wasn’t 616 Juggernaut, but he was still the Juggernaut. Plus, it is more certain someone died if you actually see them die (as in the case of Gambit), and less so if you don’t (as in the case of Juggernaut). Aside from that it is still a comic (where anyone can come back, even if you see them die), Juggie shouldn’t have died then.

  5. That’s true and that would probably be Loeb’s excuse. But if that’s true, Gambit just kind of killed himself for no reason? I’m not a fan of Gambit, but if I was that would piss me off.

    Oh well. So did you like this issue?

  6. How I look at it is that Gambit thought he could take care of Juggernaut by dropping a building on him. He never really understood the full power of the Juggernaut (as that was their first encounter), so he didn’t realize it was in vain. I hate Gambit (partially because I don’t like the character and partially because so many people seem to love him), so I was glad to see him die.

    I enjoyed the issue mainly because it dealt with Allison and Kurt. What happened to Hank? Who knows? Still, I am glad it gave a lot more meaning to their deaths than in Ultimatum, which was pretty much: And these people are dead, moving on.

  7. There you go, bringing up Loeb again.

    Ha Ha! I left it at I’m not a fan of Gambit, but you went the full nine. And yes, Gambit could come back any time. Oh wait, the series ends in a couple of issues, so never mind.

  8. Well, if Ultimatum were better, I wouldn’t complain as much. I dislike when I have to read the tie-ins to make the story better. I like reading tie-ins, don’t get me wrong, but not so that the main story is made better. Their deaths weren’t handled well in Ultimatum, and it felt like this was an attempt at making their deaths mean something (at least mentioned more), which felt like trying to correct a flaw in Ultimatum. And I didn’t mention Loeb specifically, but since he wrote it…

    My least favorite part of Ultimatum? Them ending Ultimate X-Men.

  9. Sigh, don’t bring up Loeb! Don’t ruin our prop 8 connection. Thank you for reading and commenting, but don’t bring up Loeb. You and I have argued about him back and forth with little resolution several times. You seem like a cool guy and you’re one of five people that reads these things so I don’t want to do that anymore.


    Happy? Can we end it?

    I’m sad about UXM too. I thought they were just going to kill one, but they ended up killing UFF too. At least my wallet is happy. But hey, they could always (I’m at a loss of words) restart the series. What’s that called again? I can’t think of my comic terms. And even if we lose UXM for good (Who knows, all of the mutants, except for Wolverine of course, could die) at least we’ll get that new Ultimate Avengers with that Hollywood hack Millar. I think that series will be monthly or as close to monthly as Millar can get. Ultimates and Ultimate Avengers? That will be weird.

  10. Well, I only used Loeb’s name once in reference to not having used his name. I might have complained about his work, but I didn’t complain about him personally. I brought up the reasons why Ultimate X-Men worked better for me than Ultimatum.

    Ultimate Avengers is going to be interesting. I love Millar. He is my favorite writer, probably ever, in terms of comics. Ultimates 2 and Ultimates were amazing. This seems like a strange combination of Brand New Day with the Ultimates. I personally like series that keep the same creative team, such as USM (well, for over 100 issues), and when the creative team undergoes changes on a regular basis, it can end up being like BND, where it is good one day, and bad the next. Since it is Millar, I think I’ll be fine, but who knows?

    And I apologize if you thought I was bringing up Loeb. I guess it is hard to explain why I liked Ultimate X-Men without bringing up something he did. But my main points were to say why I liked Ultimate X-Men.

  11. That’s fine. I was just noticing how much we’ve talked about Loeb. We probably shouldn’t much. Ultimatum #2 comes out this week. 🙂

    Millar is your favorite writer? Really? I like him and I do read a lot of his stuff. I have been a bit sad since he went Hollywood, but oh well. Having two titles that have only completed four and two issues become movies is silly.

    How is Ultimate Avengers like BND? Isn’t it all written by Millar or is it going to be a brain trust? Or are you talking about all the different artists? I think I heard they already have two different ones set up.

  12. More in the different creative teams. I realize it isn’t the same (and mentioned it), but basically, I hated having a good team one month and the next month being horrible. I’m not as worried once I realized that the writing is staying the same, but still, art can drive me away.

    He’s my favorite writer because of the Ultimates. It was written so well and amazingly. Ultimates 2 was even better. Kick-Ass is silly, but awesome. Even FF, which isn’t great, I still enjoy reading. Every issue I have enjoyed reading it, even though I know it isn’t the best series.

    Oh, Ultimatum…

  13. I think the first two artists on Ultimate Avengers are Leinil Yu (Secret Invasion) and Carlos Pacheco (Uh, he’s on Final Crisis. I can’t think of another thing he did right now).

    Oh and you may want to try Wolverine from Millar too. He did Enemy of the State with JRJR and he’s currently writing Old Man Logan with Steve McNiven. I don’t think either of those artists will drive you away.

    Um, you could also read War Heroes with Tony Harris. They’re already making it into a movie even though they’re on issue two. It’s been ok so far, supposedly it was the idea for Ultimates 3. If you read it, just get ready for some penis!

  14. I like JRJR (like the SR more, but…) and McNiven. Enemy of the State is something I’ve been wanting to read, and Old Man Logan sounded bad at first (not a huge fan of alternate timelines), but from what I’ve heard, I should probably read it. I only know about War Heroes from Kick-Ass and Bryan Hitch’s comments about how that was what Ultimates 3 should have been. I guess I might have to check that out also. There is a lot that I want to read.

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