Spoiler Review: Batman #681 RIP


So, who is the Black Glove? Thomas Wayne, Mangrove Pierce, Dr. Hurt or perhaps the Devil himself? Honestly, although some clues point to one particular alter ego, it still remains unclear, and in the end, I guess it never really mattered; the ultimate Magoffin.

Anyway, some interesting things in this concluding issue of the epic “Rest in Peace” arc:

1) As the Joker strives to drive Batman insane, the Joker is equally driven more sane. Cool. Red and Black, the duality of good and evil, and so on… I mean, it’s so obvious when you think about it, right?

2) Batman thinks everyone is out to poison him.

3) The Bat-Radia was real. This plotpoint put a huge smile on my face. Heh.

4) Pulling one’s self out of the grave? Not just for Spider-Mans anymore.

5) Somebody get that boy a car already.

6) Talia vows revenge… normally, something like this, spoken at the end of the final issue of a 2-year arc is pretty meaningless. Like, do we really expect said revenge to be carried out before the end of the issue? Well…

7) Jezebel Jet gets hers! HA HA HA. Starting and ending with the ninja Man-Bat army was a well played move, Mr. Morrison. Good one.

8) Where’s Batman? Or rather, who is Batman?

So, what did you guys think? Was it worth it? All the confusion? The waiting? Dealing with the mediocre work of Tony Daniel?

6 thoughts on “Spoiler Review: Batman #681 RIP

  1. I really, really enjoyed it, actually. Especially all the little things – from Talia vowing vengeance on through Damian taking out the Joker into the frankly epic reveal on the origins of Zur-En-Arrh on that last page. The issue was pretty straight-forward, but still just had so many tiny things packed into every page that I just flat-out had fun the whole time.

    Well worth it, even from someone who isn’t a Batman fan.

  2. Fuck you for stealing my thunder. You haven’t written anything in forever and then you come back just to stifle me. Billy, you are the Black Glove!

  3. On the last page, as Chill approaches, one of the last things Bruce hears from his father is something like “I don’t think Gotham would stand for a masked vigilante like that. I think they’d throw Zorro in Arkham.”

    The significance of it is up to you to determine. If you believe that Dr. Hurt is Thomas Wayne and he was working with the Black Glove way back then to first build up and then utterly debase a ‘noble human spirit’, that means that they were seeding the Zur En Arrh phrase even back before Bruce became Batman.

    Even if you don’t believe that, though – and I don’t – it was just a satisfying little loose end to see tied up. Why choose a gibberish phrase? It doesn’t really make sense for Zur En Arrh to mean nothing if it’s the phrase Bruce chose as his back-up personality, and this gives it a kind of sweet emotional context that I wasn’t expecting, but which enriched the idea for me.

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