Review: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode #1

I didn’t plan to do this. This is the first non-comic thing I’ve ever written about here, but I just liked it so much! From what I’ve heard and read, this show is already getting trashed before the first episode even aired. I suppose I don’t blame people much. It is a bit odd to see the darkest Batman ever on screen and then follow with a zany Adam West-style Batman. But despite all the negativity, I decided to catch the first episode and I was pleasantly surprised.

As I mentioned and as you’ve probably heard or gathered from the pic above, this is a very Silver Age Adam West kiddie show. But what’s wrong with that? So Batman isn’t dark boo hoo! This episode was fun! Batman is voiced by Diedrich Bader. You may remember him as this guy from Office Space:

And Blue Beetle, Batman’s PIC in this episode, is voiced by Will Friedle. You may remember him as this guy:

Ok, so what was in this episode? Well, in the beginning (Sounds biblical), Batman and Green Arrow (Old-school Robin Hood) team up to fight the Clock King (Again, very old-school). After some action we get a cool title sequence that features some retro-sounding music and also gives us some clues for the future. Looks like Bats will team up with heroes like Etrigan, Deadman, Guy Gardner, Plastic Man, Jonah Hex, and is that Kamandi??!! Awesome! Oh and I guess they’ll fight baddies like Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd, Ocean Master, and Bronze Tiger! This episode is called “the RISE of the BLUE BEETLE!” which leads us to the main event with Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes). Bats and Blue need to go off to space. There they find some alien dudes in trouble and have to fight Kanjar Ro!

So, I had a hell of a good time watching this. Perhaps, some of the elements you might find wince-inducing are the ones that I thoroughly enjoyed! I liked Batman in space because when was the last time you saw that? I enjoyed seeing the Clock King, especially since this one had a clock for a face, two henchman named Tick and Tock, and a German accent! I loved watching Robin Hood Green Arrow incapacitate his foes with the plunger arrow or the incredibly awesome boxing glove arrow. And what about lame villains like Kanjar Ro? But how often do you see Kanjar Ro? I’m sure there are even some hardcore fanboys who don’t know who Kanjar Ro is. And don’t worry. We’ll get some awesome villains soon like the few I mentioned earlier.

I thought Diedrich Bader did a fine job as the Dark Knight. Yes I know he isn’t Kevin Conroy, but Bader is decent replacement especially since this is a more comedic version. This leads to another layer of excellence, the humor! There were at least five times when I laughed out loud. I might have laughed even more if I was ten. Oh and don’t worry, the action is handled well too. Plenty of space fighting to go around and this is the version of Batman where his utility belt contains everything, so you can expect some awesome from that.

So please, don’t listen to the haters! This show is great if you have kids. Even if you’re a little more experienced, give it a try. This was definitely a good start.


One thought on “Review: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode #1

  1. Awesome! Glad I’m not the only one. Although, we do like DC a lot so that may come into play. But I think even if you’re totally unfamiliar with the subject matter you can have some fun.

    “Why does the sidekick not bow?” Ha ha!

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