Bruce Castle Presents: Marvel’s Multiverse!

Ultimatum #1 (of 5)

Ultimatum #1 (***1/2)

Jeph Loeb’s name is synonymous with good art. David Finch handles the art chores here and it’s nice to see him on interiors again. It’s even sweeter to see Finch return to the Ultimate U. But the art isn’t ever the problem in a Loeb comic is it? Well, maybe in that Liefield one. What? Liefield sucks. Anyway, I actually enjoyed this. It’s the set-up issue and that requires a big bang and it has to leave me wanting more. Ultimatum #1 accomplishes both of those. The characters are handled well, better than you might expect, and there are even a few deaths, maybe? It’s that maybe that bugs me a little. See, when I first read this issue I enjoyed it quite a bit, but after flipping through to write this review I had a few questions. That’s not a bad thing since this is the first issue, but one of these days I want to read a Loeb comic where everything is just spelled out. Oh well, at least this isn’t a murder mystery.

Invincible Iron Man #7

Invincible Iron Man #7 (****1/2)

Ah, the fun before the storm. Matt Fraction mentioned something about the next arc being a “Born Again” story. So naturally, this is the entertaining breather between arcs. But Fraction makes it more than that and proves once again why this book is so awesome. Spidey and Iron Man team up again! But this is a post-Civil War team up, are you interested yet? How about the fact that this issue references an old New Avengers story? With humorous results of course. You might also be pleased because Fraction doesn’t treat Tony like some kind of God like other titles do to their heroes. Iron Man is a flawed character. Anyway, the point is, though this appears to be an overdone concept, this issue is unique. Fraction continues to write the hell out of this book. 

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laughing Corpse #2 (of 5)

Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse #2 (****)

It’s a little hard reviewing an adaptation of a book, especially since I haven’t read the book. I can say that if you have ever thought about reading Hamilton’s series, but either you don’t want to deal with all those words or you want to look at pretty pictures, you should give this book a shot. It’s an interesting take on the whole monster world (Vampires, zombies, ghouls, etc.) and it seems to be one of the more “girly” books that I read. Anita Blake is a badass chick that is actually a really interesting character. I’m not a Buffy fan so it’s possible that some of this stuff might feel familiar. On the other hand, if you like Buffy, it’s very possible that you’ll enjoy this. Lastly, I’ve always been a fan of Ron Lim’s art and he provides some fantastic visuals.

7 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: Marvel’s Multiverse!

  1. Ultimatum: You like it? Reasons I hate it:
    1. Art. I originally was intriguedby David Finch’s art, but as time has grown on, I have grown to like it less and less. Characters’ faces look widened, and awkward. There are way too many lines everywhere. Example: Look at the cover, at Thing. I count 10 rocks on him that don’t have excess lines. 10. And they are all fairly small and at the edge of the body. There’s shading, and then there is stupidity.
    2. Death. I’m fine with death in these. Really, I am. However, I am not okay with death being meaningless. In Annihilation: Conquest, I was pissed when they killed off Praxagora in a way that barely recognized her. I liked Praxagora from Annihilation: Super Skrull, and basically Ultron took over her body, made her explode, and then everybody moved on. In this, I mean, not to spoil, but the deaths are more meaningless than Praxagora’s with characters that are more important than Praxagora’s. I mean, come on. Page 21 (not including ads) has two deaths that are mentioned only by name for a second. Come on! A little more respect, Loeb.
    3. Latveria. Doom? That feels very random to me, that Doom is involved. Loeb just throws Doom out there as “Oh, there’s Doom. Stuff happened.” It doesn’t make sense that they show specifically Doom. If it’s the entire world, show the entire world by showing major landmarks, and then the pages with Doom make sense. As is, there is no reason why Doom should be involved. Well, there is no reason that Magneto should know about. There might be a reason, but as Doom is indirectly responsible, and Mags really shouldn’t even know, it doesn’t make sense. If the world got attacked, sure, Doom being attacked makes sense. If it was only NYC, then it doesn’t.
    4. Namor. Okay, so reading this, I would get the impression that Namor isn’t that powerful. Remember when he was first introduced? The restraints designed to hold him were designed to contain the Hulk, and he broke free ridiculously easily. Then, Reed couldn’t win with the giant FF robot and the helmet that drained almost all the power from the Eastern Seaboard (if I remember correctly) and consisted of Namor getting the crap kicked out of him by hard-light versions of the Ultimates, the X-Men and Spider-Man. Reed would have won with slightly more time, but didn’t and Namor left after Sue kissed him. In this, I mean, come on! Continuity mean anything? You’d think that he would have tried that before, right?

    Other reasons involve more of the actual plot that I am trying not to give away (so hard to talk about it without spoiling). Basically, I am going to read it, but I am hating it. Maybe it is because I like Nightcrawler too much.

  2. @WHOO: And Invisible Woman doesn’t? Nice comment man and thanks for reading er… staring at least.


    1. I can understand your complaint, but Finch’s art looked really good here. Very epic! And please tell me that number is a guess. I would really hate to think you stared at each of those rocks.

    2. Remember in my review when I said a few deaths, maybe? This is comics we’re talking about. It’s like a soap opera. No body, they’re probably coming back. Especially since it doesn’t make a lot of sense that some of those characters died the way they did. However, I kind of wish they did die. Not out of disrespect, but because when was the last time you saw a bunch of comic characters just wiped out so quickly like that?

    3. I have a feeling this happened everywhere. Wasn’t it like Magneto screwing with Earth’s magnetic field? The reason why Doom was shown was because Magneto is pissed at Doom too so he’s part of this story and so we checked up on him. Or, if this only happened in NY and Latveria, it’s possible that Magneto knows. This is the first issue remember. Actually, I’d still like to know how Doom got out of zombieverse. I hope that gets explained someday.

    4. Again this is comics, so it could be that “characters start out too strong and the next time you see them they’ll be weaker” thing. Or it could be that Reed had prepared for Namor. He was hunting him remember and Reed is pretty smart. And it is possible that Namor was weak for some reason.

    I’m not trying to put you down and thanks for commenting. If you didn’t enjoy it you didn’t enjoy it. That’s fine. But I also tried to answer your specific complaints the best I could. Hopefully issue #2 will be better though!

  3. 1. The point is that I don’t have to. I did count 10. Because it is so easy to see all the excess that there is. Just looking at it, I see that everywhere, except for a few places, has excess lines. And Doom’s eyes just look weird. The eyes on close-ups look wrong in this issue specifically (Wolverine’s, Doom’s).

    2. Sure, no body, no death. But Professor X’s power being what it is, come on. If not, then there are issues of continuity. And with that, there is a whole different problem. I’m fine with death, I said that, and I’d be fine if those characters died, but not as a side-note.

    3. If it’s worldwide, then show it is worldwide. That is what I’m saying. What they showed makes me think otherwise, that it is only Manhattan and Latveria. Why would Magneto be pissed at Doom? There has been nothing to show he knows. Nothing. The only reason we know is a single page at the end, after everything. Everything Mags knows is that it was Ultron, who was built by Hank Pym and turned sentient by the Scarlet Witch. He has no reason to think otherwise. He doesn’t know it’s Doom.

    4. Thus one of the differences between you and I. You are fine with a character being powerful, then becoming weak. I find it horrible discontinuity. Reed prepared for Namor? Namor probably would have prepared for Reed as well, just going by what I know. And if he was weak for some reason, again, explain that. I don’t want Loeb to spell everything out, but he doesn’t spell anything out and just throws everything at you, when it makes no sense.

    I know you’re not trying to put me down. I’m just saying my complaints. And there are more, although with spoilers.

  4. Ok, that’s cool. There is a reason why I said in my review that I wish one day Loeb would spell everthing out. That’s probably something that keeps a lot of people pissed. I think most of his comics are fun, but what makes people angry is all these damn questions and murder mysteries and stuff. If his books were just fun with almost no seriousness, he wouldn’t get so many complaints.

    Not to kick up another shit storm, but what did you think of Ultimates 3 #5? Didn’t that redeem the series? I’m not saying you had to like it, but at least everything was explained. So, even though I know we have to judge comics issue by issue, Loeb makes it hard.

    I enjoyed it. Although, if I didn’t like the art, I would probably like it a lot less. The spectacle was most, if not all of this issue was about.

  5. It was better than all the other issues. Which is to say that it wasn’t good, but at least it tried to wrap up the story. I like that Hank Pym invented Ultron. I think it works. It is one of those things he hates himself for immensely that makes him try that much harder to be a hero. In the Ultimate universe, it looked like it would be similar, but then, throw in Doom. And I hate that Thor is just using a different hammer. Who got lazy, Loeb or Madureira? Why have his normal hammer? And I can appreciate that someone stole Mjolnir (it happened in Mythology a fair amount), but basically, they mutilated Ultimate Thor. Black Panther being revealed to be Cap in 5 could have been great if they had said “Yeah, I wanted to see what you guys said about me when I wasn’t around, so I made this new persona” or something similar that actually explained why he was Black Panther. And the Annual only served to confuse the issue more.

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