Foilball’s Review Roundup #60 – 5 Books I’ve Enjoyed Since The Move And Some Other Stuff…

Secret Six #2 (*****)


Who doesn’t love this book? Kudos to Simone for seeing something cool in a character (Bane) that most of us wrote off years ago.

Detective Comics #849 (****1/2)


Morrison’s Batman, while epic and enjoyable is a complete mess compare to Dini’s run on this book. Seriously, if you’re looking for great, straight up Batman stories, this is for you. And! This Hush arc is the best yet. I don’t think any write has ever really justified Batman’s rage as well as Dini has. Fucking brilliant!

Wonder Woman #25 (****)


Gail Simone writes the best Wonder Woman ever, which makes me really sad, because as cool as it is to have an awesome WW for a change, I hate that it just proves that men can’t write her. It’s as sexist as saying that only men can write Superman, which, I’m not sure can be proved either way since men are the only ones who ever GET to write Superman. Sigh.

Green Lantern Corps #29 (****)


I think my enjoyment of this book is based solely on whether or not Gleason is doing the art. Well, he did the art for this issue and I loved it.

Eternals #5 (****)


It’s getting good, guys! I love how the old dude was indifferent to the kid and then he got to know him and some atrophied sense of parenting manifested and he got all invested in the kid and then the kid goes bad and he’s all sad but because he acted like such a jerk at the start his daughter doesn’t believe him when he tells her how sorry he is… AWESOME!

(Run-ons can be fun!)

Some Other Stuff:
• No Hero #1 (***): More of the same? Is Ellis repeating himself?
• Green Lantern #35 (***): This was not a satisfactory ending. At all.
• The Invincible Iron Man #6 (***): Fine, the fight was cool but the end didn’t punch me in the gut. Punch me in the gut, FRACTION!!!
• Fables #77 (***1/2): I liked this, it’s a fine start to the post-war era of Fables. I especially liked the letter in the middle of the book from Bill Willingham. That was definitely what the doctor ordered. I was thinking about dropping the book, but Bill has convinced me to stick around. Good show.
• Robin #177 (***1/2): I mean, this would be cooler if we RIP was over already, as it stands, I just can’t get into it. I need context, damn it.

9 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #60 – 5 Books I’ve Enjoyed Since The Move And Some Other Stuff…

  1. I too was on the fence for continuing Fables after the lackluster previous couple of issues, but was turned around by #77, which seemed to get back to the sort of storytelling Willingham does best.

  2. @Detective: Ok Ok you’ve beat me up enough. I should get back on the Dini trolley, eh? Where should I start? I think there have been what? Two trades and one HC and then this Hush story? So should I read the previous stuff or just wait for the Hush trade?

  3. You didn’t answer my question. Where should I start? Should I pick up the frist 3 (I think) Dini trades or just wait for the Hush one?

    Please answer this time!

  4. So go back and read everything? My wallet says fuck you. I don’t know why I think that’s funny. We’ll see how it goes, but if this crap sucks I’m coming after you, Billy! Well, um, when I find out where you moved I will!

    Yeah Heroclix, stupid Wizkids and stupid economy. Although supposedly Topps is going to try to save Heroclix. Brick figures are going to still be sent out and prizes will still be shipped in December. Still, I guess that’s not final. I’ll believe it when I see it but I have hope!

  5. Greg Rucka’s run on Wonder Woman is actually BETTER than Gail’s, in my opinion. Then again, Rucka didn’t have to put up with a failed relaunch and such, while Gail’s run is still ongoing. I have high hopes for Simone, because she’s still one of the best writers working in comics right now, but thus far her run has been pretty inconsistent compared to Rucka’s. Great, but not reliably great.

  6. The Circle was great. The Queen of Fables was almost great. The Ends of the Earth was pretty good. The Green Lantern story was average. That’s my read on Gail’s run so far.

    That said, I’m still excited about the Rise of the Olympian’s beginning now. And I’m extra-excited that Didio hinted at the possibility of a second Wonder Woman title…though I’d be more excited if I was confident it would be in good hands. But, seriously? Gail Simone on Wonder Woman with Greg Rucka on Sensation Comics would be fucking epic.

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