Bruce Castle Presents: DC Comics Rule!

Final Crisis Resist #1 (Cover B)

Final Crisis: Resist (*****)

I’m starting to sound like a broken record aren’t I? I just can’t help it! This is another Final Crisis related comic that I love. I never read Rucka’s run on Checkmate (Hell, I haven’t even read all of Queen & Country!), but this issue definitely makes me want to. This comic has it all! Do you think Sasha Bordeaux, Mr. Terrific, Cheetah and Snapper Carr are cool? Probably not, but thanks to Rucka’s fantastic writing you will after this! I just love the situation these heroes are in. Few against many? Check. Heroes fighting heroes? Check. Love and sacrifice? Check. In the beginning of the book I had no hope and by the end I felt like these guys could actually resist (Oh yeah I used the titular word). Rucka even managed to make me laugh a few times along the way. And of course, Ryan Sook rocks the art. Sorry Johns, but Rucka is definitely writing the better tie-ins (Especially since they actually TIE-IN to Final Crisis in a meaningful way).

Justice Society Of America #20 (Eaglesham Variant Edition)

Justice Society of America #20 (***1/2)

This issue is definitely a weak link. It’s not bad, but when every other issue (except maybe those Lightning Saga ones) is so great, this one looks a little bad. Johns has proved himself to be an excellent juggler on this series. There are so many cast members and yet they all have their great moments, but Johns finally slips on the plot. Ever since the Annual, that Earth 2 story has been running alongside the Gog arc. That’s worked well until now, but the complete absence of Gog bothered me a bit. I’d be more forgiving if the Earth 2 business had concluded. However, you did read that star count correctly. This is a good issue. There are still those magical character moments (The best involves Mr. Terrific. Hey! Isn’t he fighting for his life right now?) and Dale Eaglesham does make the book look pretty. Maybe what’s bothering me is the fact that it doesn’t really feel like an arc has concluded in JSA since the first one 16 issues ago!

Secret Six #3 (*****)

I don’t like to have two five star ratings in the same post, but they are both so awesome! I’ve already tossed out enough compliments in my FC Resist review and I’d prefer not to repeat adjectives. I love this book. I would even say that this is the book Gail Simone was born to write and Nicola Scott provides some phenomenal art. Do people realize how awesome Scott is yet? These women know their psychotic killers! Hey! Cheetah is in here!? Shouldn’t she be fighting for her life too? Not only is this book a lot of fun, it also has a really creepy villain! For those who have already read this, how awesome was Junior with that pink umbrella!?

One thought on “Bruce Castle Presents: DC Comics Rule!

  1. SS: No shame in that man. I thought it was just me. I absolutely loved VU and the SS mini and this is probably even better! I really really really hope Gail and even Nicola to stay on this book forever! So, we have to spread the word, man.

    JSA: It wasn’t bad, but something bothered me. I almost played the “not much happened” card. The absence of Gog did bug me a little, although it still dealt with the wish thing. This is an issue that I’m sure wouldn’t bother me in trade, but because it feels like this arc has been like 15 issues, I was a little annoyed. However, I do believe that the next two issues and hopefully those specials as well will be awesome!

    FCR: Yeah I probably should read Checkmate someday, but not now. I just had a blast with this issue! The Mr. T (I pity the fool!) and Sasha thing was great, I actually cared about Snapper and Thinker, Cheetah was hot (That’s new right?) and the ending got me pumped up to fight back! But hey, at least you enjoyed it.

    Timeline: Nah that didn’t bother me either, but I do know it bugs some people. It was just funny that all the DC books I read this week had Cheetah and Mr. T. FCR had both of them and Cheetah isn’t usually in SS but she just happened to be in there this week. I just had to draw attention to it.

    DC: As always, thanks for the comment and hey, isn’t my title awesome DC?! You should be happy that right now I am totally digging DC more than Marvel right now.

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