Bruce Castle Presents: 15 Comic Reviews! I Have No Time!

Ugh! I feel like Billy! I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this but sadly it has. I’ve been really busy saving civilization lately. Hopefully the aliens and super ninjas will stay away long enough for me to write some proper reviews soon. I have to at least write long reviews for Final Crisis and Secret Invasion. Anyway, enjoy my negligence!

Mighty Avengers #19 (***1/2) That’s two good MA issues in a row Bendis! You have one more left to go. Make it count!

Conan #4 (****) Always a solid read and hey the Corben stuff is making sense now. This book looks pretty as well.

Grant Morrison Doctor Who #1 (****) I’m not a Who fan, but this is still usual Morrison excellence. It’s very entertaining forgettable fun!

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #2 (****) A bit worse than last issue but this is still epic stuff. Plus, Perez’s art has never looked so good!

Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge #3 (****1/2) What a fun series! I’m so in the mood for that new Flash comic. Go villain books!

Green Lantern #35 (****) Yeah it was too long but that won’t matter much in trade. How many origin stories have been better? Oh, and how awesome is Reis?

Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3 (***1/2) More forgettable fun! Pretty art too!

Justice Society Of America #19 (****1/2) One of the most consistently great books out there right now. I like all the Eaglesham art but I don’t like waiting!

Punisher #63 (***1/2) That forgettable entertainment that looks pretty theme continues!

Secret Six #2 (****1/2) Fun! Fun! Fun! But not as great as last issue. Catman vs. Batman!

Amazing Spider-Man #573 (*****) Go JRJR go! Hooray for awesome comics! Stephen Colbert fans must pick this up!

Ultimate Origins #5 (***) Meh. I’ve forgotten it already. Weak last page!

Uncanny X-Men #503 (***) Write better Fracker! You slightly improved here, how about an extreme improvement next time?!

Astonishing X-Men #27 (****1/2) To hell with the haters! This book is awesome! I laugh so much!

Young Liars #8 (****1/2) Very interesting issue! Not as fun, but still fantastic! This is the best book you have never heard of!

Again, I’m so sorry about this crap. Hopefully I can remedy this problem and have awesome new reviews soon. Please comment if you want me to further explain my zany opinions. Sadly, I can’t show all the covers but I will give you this one!

Marvel Reveals Amazing Spider-Man's Colbert Cover

3 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: 15 Comic Reviews! I Have No Time!

  1. Ok Mr. “I don’t look at the ratings”. I know. I give way too many positive reviews. But isn’t the point to not read crappy books?

    I read too many comics. The reason for that is because everything I read is consistently great so I can’t cut them. I’ve thought about rating them in a “they’re all good but” way, but that has problems too.

    The worst comics in here are Uncanny, Origins, Punisher, Inhumans, and MA. I could have given them bad reviews but that isn’t fair because they aren’t bad comics. Plus remember, on the five star rating 3 star is average so you don’t want to read average comics do you?

    So maybe with me, just pay attention to the five star as stuff you may want to read. Although you should read Secret Six, JSA, Rogue’s, Astonishing, and Young Liars too! 😉

  2. Yeah man you have to cut Titans like I did. It’s a bummer I know but you have to let that toxic relationship die. And yes, that’s how I get my negative reviews too. Books like Uncanny X-Men and Punisher War Journal, stuff like that.

  3. Im glad spiderman and Conan areon your list. Man they are awesome and Ive been reading their comics and watching it on TV since childhood and I can’t remember any episode where I felt bored.

    By the way, I agree with your opinion about Astonishing X-Men, man they really gave me a good laugh!

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