Foilball’s Review Roundup #56 – Previously Reviewed by read/RANTERS!

Action Comics #869 (*****): Another solid chapter in the reinvention of Brainiac arc.

Bruce Castle (*****)
DC Lebeau (Liked it!)

All-Star Superman #12 (*****): So much needs to be said about this book, and I plan to, just as soon as I get my copies of the rest of the series back from Mandy. Expect a Series Review of this masterpiece by the end of the month.

Seventh Soldier (A+)
Bruce Castle (*****)

The Amazing Spider-Man #572 (****): On par with the rest of the arc, but not even close to the ultimate Bullseye vs Spider-Man fight that Slott promised us. Too much hype, dude.

Bruce Castle (****1/2)

Birds of Prey #122 (**): I didn’t read it so much as look at the pretty pictures… and vomit.

DC Lebeau (Hated it!)

Captain Britain and MI:13 #5 (****): Blade, you son of a bitch!

Seventh Soldier (B+)

Daredevil #111 (****): I like her. And I definitely liked this. Matt Murdock. What a bastard.

Bruce Castle (****)
DC Lebeau (Liked it!)

Fables #76 (***): Holy Lord, how much did I hate reading this issue of Fables? Sure, I know Willingham is a hardcore Republican, but some of the dialogue in this issue almost made my head explode. Really, Snow White? Is that how you justify all this death? And this cliché anti-tech speech? LAME. Also, no one talks like this on their cell phone. Can we stop writing crap like this? Please? Question: what does it say about me that I agree with Geppetto?

Desiato (***)

Hulk #6 (****1/2): AWESOME!!!

Bruce Castle (*****)

The Punisher #62 (***): Even without comparing this to Ennis’ take on the character, I would still hate it. And it’s not that I hate all other versions of the Punisher, because I think Fraction’s version is great (until the plot started to suck ass).

Bruce Castle (****)

Robin #178 (***1/2): Okay. Fine. Meh. BLAH. It wasn’t bad, how about that?

DC Lebeau (Liked it!)

Superman #680 (***): OH. MY, GOD. Could Superman be a bigger @$$hole? I do not like this book, but it’s not awful. Not yet.

DC Lebeau (Liked it!)

Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-Men Annual #1 (**): Way worse than the last issue. UGH.

Bruce Castle (****)

Ultimate Spider-Man #126 (****): I liked it. Plus, it made me nostalgic for a time when Nick Fury ran S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Ultimates were badass.

Bruce Castle (***)

Uncanny X-Men #502 (**): STAB MY EYES!!!

Bruce Castle (**)

The Walking Dead #52 (***1/2): Okay, with a side of losing interest fast.

Bruce Castle (****)

War Heroes #2 (**): I thought about scanning the penis page… but that would be crude. Get it?

Bruce Castle (***1/2)

6 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #56 – Previously Reviewed by read/RANTERS!

  1. Yeah, this should work. I like it and I hope it gives you more time to write more on other reviews.

    UFF/UX Annual- Too bad, I enjoyed it. Could it be Ultimatum related as well?

    Walking Dead- Yeah it was a fanboy issue. Character returns with big cool splash pages. The moments where you would “yelp for joy” I believe.

    Punisher- You’re really going to say goodbye to him? But it’s been like 8 years Billy! Don’t quit now!

    War Heroes- I thought you’d say more than penis, but….

  2. i figure from now on i’ll only single review books i really like or really, really hate, post these for the books that overlap and ignore the 30-40 other (mediocre) books i read every month.

    UFF/UXM – def Ultimatum related. it just ended bad. meh.

    WD – i wish it was just Carl and Rick for maybe 10 issues. build their relationship. it’s such a cheat to bring people back this soon.

    Punisher – it’s just too bad, man. i’ve read Punisher on and off since the 80’s, i can live without him.

    WH – not much more to say. if you didn’t review it, i wouldn’t even be mentioning it! 😉

  3. UFF/UXM- See, I liked it because it actually made a difference. What has changed about the UFF in like 20 issues? Finally, we’ll get a wedding. Whatever, onward and upward I guess. Hopefully Pokaski will provide some good issues until UFF dies.

    WD- I’m sure you’ll get that someday. For now, enjoy the company.

    Punisher- How can you read Foolkiller and not Punisher?

    WH- Ouch, poor Millar! Oh wait, the money he’ll get from the Wanted 2, Kick-Ass, and War Heroes movies will comfort him.

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