Bruce Castle Presents: The Amazing X-Men!

Amazing Spider-Man #572 (Cover B Variant Edition)

Amazing Spider-Man #572 (****1/2)

Only one more issue left in this arc. I wouldn’t have guessed it when this story began, but I’m actually sad that I can’t read the conclusion until next month. New Ways to Die is topnotch entertainment drawn beautifully by JRJR. It’s so great to see John Romita Jr. back on Spidey. He gets to invent some new characters too which is always cool. Dan Slott also deserves praise. Slott writes Spidey extremely well, but he handles every character with care. Who the heck if this Freak character? Was he always this creepy and crazy or is this more of Romita’s brilliance? We get a cool Bullseye fight, Anti-Venom is further developed, and crazy old stormin’ Norman has some fun too. There may even be some more pleasant surprises, but I don’t want to spoil anything. Go read the issue yourself. This arc gets better and better.

Uncanny X-Men #502 (**)

Uneven would be the word to describe this issue and maybe even the arc. Fraction and Brubaker have worked well together before but something is wrong. They seem to have conflicting opinions. Half of this issue is light hearted and the other half is disturbing. There’s more pointless S&M and even an unnecessary torture scene. Surely Scott knows Emma’s powers right? So, I guess this is just more sadism? Speaking of Emma Frost, apparently she has a tertiary mutation now. The power to turn into Lolo Ferrari (You kiddies at home can turn to page ten in your comic and then Google Lolo Ferrari)! While we’re on the subject of large knockers, Dazzler seems to have quite a pair in this issue as well. This leads to my critique of Land’s art. I’ve always enjoyed his work, but this is the first time I’ve felt dirty while viewing it. A big part of that is the subject matter (Who knows? Cup size may be in the script!), but he should share the blame with Fracker (The best combination of Fraction and Brubaker yet!). I really want to like this comic, but Fracker (I had to say it again) make it hard.

4 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: The Amazing X-Men!

  1. Yeah, I thought that was a cool name.

    So, Freak is a crazy character eh?

    Hey Billy, have you even reviewed Uncanny 501 yet? Are you waiting for like a hateful X-Men review of like 501, 502, and astonishing? Or have I just missed those reviews? Man, as I said in my review, I sooo want to like this comic, but I can’t. Get better Fracker!

    Oh, one last thing. Did you see that my SI Thor #2 review was mentioned on Newsarama? Are we moving on up in the world? Can we finally get a piece of the pie?

  2. i did see that, but i think he’s bashing you… 🙂

    here’s my review of UXM501 posted in the review before this one:

    Uncanny X-Men #501 (*): Seriously, Marvel? Rated “T+”? I gotta call bullshit here. Like, what’s with all the X-Men sex scenes? Yeah, yeah, w/e Frac-Baker… your story justifications don’t hold water when you got Greg Land, Super Perv, as one of your regular pencillers. Did Emma Frost really need to stroll around nude for three pages? How is that necessary to the plot? Or are we still trying too hard to be “cutting edge”? GARBAGE.”

  3. Oh uh, I responded to your post in the other review. How did you move your comment? You’re an internet God!!!

    Oh yeah I guess I did read your 501 review. Still no Astonishing though. C’mon be kind you like Ellis!

    Hey are we ever going to do our pull lists? I’ve had most of mine in drafts for years now. Or are we stopping that? Meh I guess you’re busy. And so am I, bye now.

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