Bruce Castle Presents: The Man of Steel!

All Star Superman #12 (*****)

It’s hard to review this comic without gushing about it for several paragraphs. I think we all knew three years ago that Grant Morrison and Frank Quietely on a Superman series sans continuity would be good, but did anyone think it would be this good? This is the best Superman comic I’ve ever read. Everything that Superman is has been conveyed in this series. This is why I love Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly. No matter how good their previous work has been, they always raise the bar. It’s hard to believe that’s possible I know, but I think it’s true. This may be Morrison’s best comic. This is Quietly’s best comic. I can’t recommend this comic enough.

Action Comics #869 (*****)

Take a look at that cover. Superman and his father drinking beer while leaning on a gate. Superman’s wife and mother watching from the porch. America’s heartland in the background. How much more American can you get? But this isn’t the cover of the comic I’m holding. Something’s changed. The beer brand has been altered to a dismal label that reads “SODA POP”. Really?! I’ve talked about this enough, but I just wanted to let you all know that this comic was delayed a week because of this. I think the main reason why is because of All Star Batman and Robin’s faux pas, but I’ll talk more about that later. This was another great issue. I’ve always liked Supergirl. She’s one of the most poorly handled characters in comics, but she’s written brilliantly here. This issue is particularly remarkable because a few of our questions are answered. Why is Supergirl in this comic? Find out in this issue. Why have the Daily Planet employees been getting a lot of screen time lately? Find out in this issue. Why are there about to be a lot more Kryptonians running around? Find out in this issue. In addition to all of that, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank still bring their A-game. Johns’ writing is wonderful and Frank’s art is superb.

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