Foilball’s Review Roundup #50 – My Late Secret Invasion Reviews

The New Avengers #44 (****1/2): This was the much needed issue to explain how the Skrulls did what they did. But here’s the thing, I think it makes the Skrulls look too smart. Like, these guys got cloning down to a perfected science? Shapeshifters, genetic manipulators, interstellar space travel? Dude, how the hell can Earth win? They can’t. They really can’t. So now, after reading this issue, if Secret Invasion ends in any way that isn’t total victory for the Skrulls then it’ll just ring false to me.

The Mighty Avengers #17 (***1/2): This was an okay issue, but in no way a must-read. Hank Pym is hard to mimic… who cares? Unless… unless this means that the Skrull Pym over in the main title plans to betray his people. Interesting…

Avengers: The Initiative #16 (*****): OMG! This book was sweet! The Skrull Kill Krew was never this awesome! The art! The dialogue! This book was just too much fun! Can you guys imagine an event book written by Dan Slott? Poor Robert Kirkman, now I understand his bitterness. Marvel replaced him with Slott!

Black Panther #40 (*****): You know what this arc reminds me of? It reminds me of the very first arc of the series; the arc that made me love the Black Panther. It’s as if Aaron went back and read those first six issues, and nothing else, and then sat down and wrote this wonderful tie-in. It’s sad that it’s taken 30 odd issues to get the Panther title back to this level of good.

Captain Britain and MI13 #4 (*****): Finally got a copy… wow, this was good. Should I be watching Dr. Who? Also, I’m glad I read the Wisdom trade before picking up this series. Continuity is great when it works!

Guardians of the Galaxy #4 (*****): It took four issues, but they got me. I’m hooked. Something about the character dynamics this issue makes me feel like this is a book worth reading.

The Incredible Hercules #120 (*****): Herc rises to the occasion and beats up a god. Not much more to say than that. Also, it was brilliant!

Nova #16 (****): Indeed, this was one of the better issues of Nova, and I like how it tie-ins with Secret Invasion, but what bugs me is how horribly it seems to sync up with…

She-Hulk #32 (****): … so I guess Nova gets away then? As for She-Hulk, I’m still enjoying the new artist but as for the story, I’m kind of wishing this Skrull Pope guy would just go away. He’s annoying. And unnecessary.

Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (***): Meh, why did this even need to get published? And the title is total lies. It’s a story about Jackpot (jack-who?), not a story about Spider-Man. Waste.

Thunderbolts #123 (*****): Christos Gage, you are a master.

X-Factor #34 (*): Larry Stroman, you are not.

17 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #50 – My Late Secret Invasion Reviews

  1. You SHOULD be watching Doctor Who. The Cornell/Moffat episodes are amazing, but the whole series is solid, despite the occasional so-cheesy-it-hurts episode.

  2. I concur, you should be watching Doctor Who. If only the Moffat/ Cornell episodes. I have some issues with Russel T Davies’ writing from time to time, but mostly the series is pretty solidly entertaining. And Steven Moffat’s in charge of Season 5, so I’m expecting fantastic-ness.

  3. Glad to hear (or read) that Thunderbolts is still good. I’ll definitely pick up the trade. Plus, I love the characters.

    Speaking of loving characters, I have a question for a fellow “I recently dropped X-Factor because it sucked” member. What should we do? Should we wait for the trades? Should we keep reading reviews to figure out when it’s good? Or should we just abandon those characters David made me love in those first few issues? Is it the absence of Layla Miller that makes it bad? Or is Peter David just high? Sorry for all the questions. I sound like the Question.

    Six ***** books out of twelve? I wish I could find that quote of you saying you didn’t like to give out multiple ***** ratings on the same post, but sadly I can’t. Oh well, you’re a hypocrite. That is all.

  4. At first, when I saw you say “Six ***** books…”, I thought you were swearing and I was confused. Hey, Billy! Great job enjoying comics! A 5-star rating for 6? Well, that goes to show how great Marvel can be. Oh, and forget X-Factor. I still have nightmares about that art…

  5. as i said before, a lot of the time i rate books in the context of the other books within the review. giving almost half the books in this review a “perfect score” should actually tell you more about how much i hated X-Factor than anything else.

    and YEAH! the SI tie-ins have been awesome! why not celebrate that?

  6. Damn it Billy you didn’t answer my question! Or maybe you did. So, do we just stay away from X-Factor entirely now? Try to forget those characters I love?

  7. Art woes aside, I still think that the writing in X Factor 34 was a lot better than 33. And Stroman’s only doing a few more issues.

  8. I had to put X-Factor 34 back on the shelf this week. 😦

    Seriously, I had to get out of that abusive relationship: “Aw, baby, don’t be like that, I can change! See look I can be like I used to be!” … *SLAP!* “I can do whatever I want! Don’t you tell me what to do! … Aw, come on, you know I didn’t mean it…” etc.

  9. that is exactly how i feel. the Stroman thing? i was just itching for an excuse to leave. like with Birds of Prey when Nicola Scot left the book, i said to myself, “WOO-HOO! It’s go time!”

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  11. @prof- Yeah you’re right. That’s too bad. So, should I just sell my trades? Or how about whenever I read them I just imagine that the series ended really well and everyone lived happily ever after? Or should I just pretend that Layla and Jaime died in the future? Damn you Peter David!

  12. @BRUCE: No! You shouldn’t get rid of the good stuff! You just break up, wish them well, and occasionally think about them, wonder what they’re doing, did they ever get that Madrox dupe thing straightened out like they always wanted. Occasionally you’ll run into each other in the comic shop, flip through, y’know, see if that spark ever came back…


    No, but seriously, I’m considering burning the Bruce Jones issues of Checkmate and raking their ashes into the ground, but that doesn’t mean that I through out all my Rucka/Trautmann issues too. That’s crazy talk! 😉

  13. Great idea Billy! I should do that too! Screw ebay! With the economy in its current state, it’s not worth it. But giving stuff away? That’s always a good thing. Especially because of the aforementioned economy, the kids today aren’t getting their comics. I’ll be a modern day Robin Hood!

  14. Yeah, I have a stack of “to give aways.” Just dumped a bunch of X-Men related stuff on a guy in my building because he told me he was an X-Men fan.

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