Review: Final Crisis: Revelations #2 – Spoilers!

I still need to read Five Books of Blood and reread 52 to understand some of this stuff, so bear with me. The first thing you’ll notice while delving into this comic is Tan’s beautiful art. Whether it’s the gritty street material (Rucka writing something gritty?) or the cosmic Spectre stuff, Tan nails it all and manages to make it seem fresh. Well done sir.

Spectre is trying to punish Renee for things she thinks she isn’t guilty of. We get some extra emotion (don’t worry there’s more) because Renee and Cris (Spectre) used to be partners. There’s also some spear of destiny business that I’m a little fuzzy on. A fight occurs, but it’s stopped by Spectre taking Renee somewhere. Renee is pissed about some prophecy being fulfilled if she can’t stop it.

Where did Cris take her? To see her old flame, Batwoman, of course. This is supposed to be a kindness before he kills her. He then takes her to the Bat Signal to do the deed. Before cosmic Cris can whack Renee, the Spirit of Mercy shows up. First Libra, now this. Spectre can’t kill anyone (except flamey and rapey).

Things start to get biblical and that aforementioned emotion kicks in as well. Why is Cris mad that the Spirit of Mercy shows up? Because he already had to kill his son as the Spectre! Why didn’t Mercy show up then? Tough stuff! We cut to some more of that spear of destiny stuff and Vandal Savage (Woo hoo!) is there as well. Stuff gets talke.. oh my God! She just stabbed Vandal with the spear of destiny!

Vandal loses his shirt in typical William Shatner fashion and looks all badass with the spear of destiny and a mark on his face. He’s all “Where is the one who marked me? Where is the spirit who must die? Where is Spectre?” Whoa, this shit just got real.

We’re back to the Renee, Cris, and Spirit of Mercy (who is a nun in her human form named Clarice). Things are normal and then anti-life people show up! They attack and Spectre can’t do much to stop them (God doesn’t have much power does he?). Renee gets teleported again and she sees Batwoman on the floor. She’s ok right? Oh no! She’s speaking anti-life!

Whew! Was the last issue this epic? As I said, I was a bit confused in some parts. Please, if anyone could let me know what books to read to understand this stuff it’d be most appreciated. Other than that, I loved it. As I said, it looks great and Rucka is writing some interesting stuff. There are some genuine shocks in here (if you didn’t read my spoilers) and some big things appear to be happening. I like self-contained books, but it’s nice to read a comic that seems incredibly important to Final Crisis as well.

3 thoughts on “Review: Final Crisis: Revelations #2 – Spoilers!

  1. Actually, you don’t need to have read anything else to understand it – though the Crime Bible mini helps with the Renee parts. Radiant, the Spirit of Mercy, is a brand new character – do you remember in Revelations #1, the dying nun, Sister Clarice? The other nuns were ‘begging God for mercy’ in her name, all that?

    Vandal as Cain is also a new idea, though the importance of Cain to the Dark Faith is highlighted more thoroughly in the Crime Bible mini.

    Basically, the Crime Bible mini gives a lot of background, but all the big things that are happening (The Spear of Destiny, Cain, Radiant) all originate right here.

  2. Ah Seventh, always a wealth of info. I almost put Seventh please answer my questions, but I wanted to give someone else a chance. I hadn’t (I still haven’t) read both comics together, so I forgot about the nun thing in the first issue.

    Do they explain why the Cain Vandal thing is scarred? Does Spectre bitch slap Cain or something?

    Anyway, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment much, but I was just curious because it seemed like I missed something. Anyway, thanks and I look forward to your review. Hopefully it’s positive?

  3. Ha Ha! This is a DC comic, I was thinking of David and Cassandra Cain, not Genesis Cain. I’ve been tired this week, cut me some slack. So, is it kind of funny that Vandal Savage, a Neanderthal, is given the biblical “Mark of Cain”? Am I the only one who wants to have a conversation with Vandal Savage? Hey Vandal did Adam and Eve exist? If so, what’s the deal with you? What was JC like? And so on…..

    So, is God going to show up in this comic? Wait until you see the team that brings Darkseid down. It’s the Bible Squad! Jesus, Eve, King David, Moses, Noah, John the Baptist, and Judas! How’s that for a magnificent seven?! I have a bad feeling Judas will sell out to Darkseid though.

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