Foilball’s Review Roundup #49

Air #1 (-)

I can’t really review this book… I have no idea what happened!!! Somebody, anybody… please to explain!!!

The Amazing Spider-Man #568-569 (*****)

“New Ways To Be Awesome” is more like it! Dan Slott, what took you so long to land this gig? Your Spidey rocks! These first two parts did not disappoint, the Mark Waid Venom story in the back did, but that doesn’t detract in the least from the overall story. You could just not read it, or if you’re like me, immediately foget you did. DCBS was thoughtful enough to send me the variant covers for these issues, and usually I could care less, but I like this story so much if they don’t follow through on the variants for parts 3-6 I’m gonna be mighty sore!

Jack of Fables #25 (*****)


Yes, indeed, my good friend Prof Dresser… the funny is back! Although, I don’t think I buy Robin Page falling for Jack. It’s funny, but seems way out of left field, even with the labored 5-page explanation. However, I do like Priscilla Page finally growing her metaphorical balls. That was cool. The Book Burner? Kind of “meh” on that guy. But still, Jack’s final word balloon of the issue totally made up for it. Heh.

Superman/Batman #51 (****)

I just really loved the art. I loved the 5th dimensional impiness of the Lil’ Leaguers. This is another one of those books that works so well (now that Green and Johnson have taken over) BECAUSE it’s out of continuity… for the most part. It may not have the prestige of Action Comics, but it makes up for it with “Super Funtime Stories”. Isn’t that what comics should be?Yes, I think so.

Quick Hits:
• Action Comics #868 (*****): Another solid issue in the Gary Frank run. Brainic is frightening and cool. Finally.
• Daredevil #110 (*****): It’s hard to believe how mediocre this book used to be. Will the quality change survive Rucka’s departure? Never can tell.
• DC Universe: Last Will and Testament #1 (*): A complete and utter waste of time. I wouldn’t have minded it if the story was even remotely cool or interesting. It wasn’t, so I did mind its terribleness. I minded it very much.
• Doktor Sleepless #8 (****): The quality of this story has steadily been on the rise. My favorite scene in this issue was when DS basically told his ex-gf that he was, in point of fact, not sane. I kept waiting for some hint that the good Doktor was still just playing the part of “Cartoon Mad Scientist”, but no such hints were forthcoming. Great choice, Ellis. I’m finally on board for the duration.
• Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge #2 (*****): WOW. Best. Comic villains take note, this is how you villain it up, dudes. I love this mini, but I’m glad it’s only three issues. Thanks, Johns.
• Gravel #4 (****1/2): Gravel continues to be the best title Ellis is writing and at the same time not writing.
• Justice League of America #24 (*): As of a month from now, this title is dropped. DO. NOT. CARE.
• Justice Society of America #18 (****):
This, on the other hand, could not be better. KUDOS.
• Robin #177 (***): I like the writing, but color me confused? RIP is still running, isn’t it? Red Robin isn’t Tim or Jason? Methinks lame.
• Superman #679 (***): The less “super” of the two Superman books. James Robinson, why do you suck? Is it a style choice? I just can’t get into this book, it feels like it’s trying to hard. The Lois/Clark conversation/pseudo spat and the “…avenger me!” line were ludicrous. Although, I did really like the final page, and I’m not even a dog-lover!
• Ultimate Spider-Man #125 (***): Bendis continues with this tale I could give two tugs of a… right, I didn’t play the game, but still, that doesn’t mean the comic has to be boring. Am I right?!?
• X-Force #6 (****): Everything we expected to happen happened… and then something unexpected happened to boot. Um, Rhane EATING her dad? There’s no way anyone expected that. If you disagree with me, you are made of lies.

11 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #49

  1. Yeah, but they had already established that Jack had banged all three of the Page sisters back when he got kicked in the junk in Americana. Plus I justify it to myself like this: There’s not a lot of action to be had at the Golden Boughs so it’s kind of like a “farmer’s daughter” situation.

    Plus he’s motherfuckin’ JACK!

    My only complaint: not enough Gary/Jack interaction!!

  2. Oh, and lines like this: “If you disagree with me, you are made of lies,” are one of the reasons that this is virtually the only comic review site I still listen to these days. (Sure I still listen to the weekly iFanboy podcast, but mostly to balk at what Ron says any given week… ;))

  3. Air- Idk I didn’t read it. All I read was the preview which looked…..well it looked like something. Stick to YL!!!!

    Amazing- Holy Hannah! You love BND too much. I mean I liked them but…..not 5 stars!

    Action- Yeah, this comic is too good! Weren’t those first three pages funny as hell?

    DCU- Somewhere Meltzer is crying because of your review.

    DD- Oh don’t worry, it’ll get worse.

    FC Revenge- Yeah I loved that issue! Glad you agree.

    JSA- Give this more stars!

    USM- Meh. This issue was better, but still….

    X-Force- I expect everything. I’m still on this book because it’s good, but I’ll read the trades because it’s out of continuity right? 😉

  4. @PROF: no, that’s fine. Jack is totally the kind of douchebag that would seduce each one of the Page sisters, but then to extend that subplot into one where Robin falls madly in love (lust?) with him? c’mon! he’s a tool! a lovable tool, but still…

    was Gary even in the book?

    “made of lies” is my 5-year old self calling out my parents on the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. and the A-Team’s questionable marksmanship skills.

    OH! OMG! GEE-GEE! i hate Ron too! GAWD, i wish he would just SHUT. UP. sometimes, right? or choke on a shitty X-Men crossover. let’s start the “I Hate Ron” fab club!

    …Conor is my fave, btw, and not just because i think bald is the new mustache.

  5. @BRUCE: i like that it represents a strong female writer’s voice, i’m just not sure what the book is yet. like, i don’t even know what genre it is, other then to say it’s an adult Vertigo comic.

    i love JRJR and i love Slott. and i love the Thunderbolts. and i don’t dislike the idea of “I AM ANTI-VENOM!”, as lame as that was.

    also, you sir, are MADE OF LIES.

  6. Yep, Connor’s my fav too. To be honest, when I was thinking about starting the Pull List and was listening to podcasts to get a feel for ideas about how I wanted to present myself, Connor and you on BotC were my two inspirations. Josh can be alright from time-to-time, but sometimes I get the impression that he’s trying too hard to be clever, oh and the voices get annoying sometimes.

    Okay, so how are we structuring this I Hate Ron club? Is this a thing where we need a president, or is it more of a rotating chairman deal? I’ll get started on the bumper stickers right away, you work out the handshake.

    *sigh*, you make a point about Jack. He did however charm a rich, Vegas-heiress into marrying him (Jack of Hearts) and the freaking Snow Queen into swooning over him (the Jack Frost story), so in that light, I dunno, the control freak Page sister seems a little easier than those. Though probably it’s simply Willingham and Sturges entertaining their own private “sexy librarian” fantasies through the book. 😉 Braun should feel so used!

  7. “Josh can be alright from time-to-time, but sometimes I get the impression that he’s trying too hard to be clever, oh and the voices get annoying sometimes.”

    HAHAHAHAH… dood, this comment echoes almost EXACTLY the comment i started to write in my first reply and then deleted. i would also add that Josh reminds me too much of Billy. obviously, Billy hates me. 🙂

  8. Man oh man, Doktor Sleepless #8 picked up the pace again. The first few issues were great, but it definitely lagged in the middle. I’m glad that this issue happened, though, because it was absolutely insane.

  9. Have you been following the Doktor Sleepless online community at all? A lot of the websites mentioned in the book have actually become websites either started by or approved by Ellis himself, from the Doktor Sleepless wiki that fans can contribute setting material to to my personal favorite,, which just tracks ‘outbreaks of the future’ and plays around with the idea of a body-modding culture.

    I’ve just started looking through it all, and a lot of it is sheer awesome.

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