Bruce Castle Presents: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (w/SPOILERS)

Justice Society of America#18 (****1/2)

After taking a quick break in Earth 2 for the annual, we’re back to Gog. The JSA and Gog run into some dudes with guns attacking a village. The JSA quickly handles them out of fear of what Gog would do to hurt people. We get a nice 6 page or so fight complete with Hawkman being badass. After the fight, Gog says “I will end war”. The recently healed Damage hits on Judomaster with humorous results. We get some nice character moments and the JSA decid to continue following Gog. They run into more war and this time Gog works his magic. Does he kill them? No, he turns them into fruit trees. It’s eternal community service basically. Oh, next came the spoiler that DC already freaking spoiled! That Lance dude with the gun hand dies. So Gog regenerates him turning him into Magog! Now we clearly see the problem. Does Gog answer prayers? Yes, but when he does he screws stuff up. He’s kind of like Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled. Anyone remember that movie? So Power Girl gets sent to Earth 2, but it turns out it’s a different one and the heroes end up hunting her. Sandy gets to sleep and dream well, but he is in eternal sleep. Damage’s face is healed, but now he’s a vain pretty boy jerk. Dr. Mid-Nite can see again, but as he says in the issue, “I’m more blind than I am before”. Starman’s schizophrenia is gone, but he’s less happy now. And Lance is dead, but he’s now Gog’s servant, Magog. So, be careful what you wish for. Oh and if that Magog reveal wasn’t cool enough, Power Girl tracks down Earth 2 Mr. Terrific with an alternate universes book in her hand. So there you go. I’m really digging this arc and a lot happened in this issue. The people who have criticized this book recently for being too slow should be pleased. This is more solid storytelling from Geoff Johns and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

New Avengers #44

New Avengers #44 (**)

“The dark secret of the Illuminati. Marvel’s most covert gathering of heroes has a secret so dark that they never speak of it, even to each other. And it could be what has brought about the Secret Invasion.” That’s what is supposed to happen in this issue. It turns out the Illuminati never actually appear in this issue. Is that lame? Yes sir. Basically, the Skrulls keep experimenting with those Illuminati copies they can conjure. The issue does begin with a cool scene, but that’s ultimately what this issue boils down to, a lot of flash with little substance. Can that still be cool at times? Yes, and there was almost enough for me to call this one good. However, due to the poor advertising, the poor story (People respond better to love than force. Did you know that?), and the fact that this has practically no significance whatsoever, you can certainly skip this “most important tie-in”.

Mighty Avengers #17

Mighty Avengers #17 (-)

A Hank Pym Skrull goes rogue so he gets replaced. I just saved you three bucks. This issue’s pure awfulness really caught me off guard. I haven’t been a big fan of MA or NA lately (or of SI in general), but this issue was truly terrible. I really wasn’t kidding about that first sentence. That is all that happens. On top of that, the art is poor and so is the writing. This issue is literally three pages of Skrull Pym enjoying coffee, three pages of plot, two pages of meaningless action aftermath and 14 pages of shoddy action. What’s interesting is that if you look at the solicit for this issue, it’s a different cover and it’s supposed to be about Captain Marvel. What happened? Please, even people who love SI, do yourself a favor and DON’T BUY THIS BOOK!!!

9 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (w/SPOILERS)

  1. Yeah, I think you’re influencing my reviews Billy. Ha Ha. No, it’s possible that I was too harsh. I’m having a stressful week and I wrote this late last night and I only got like 4 hours of sleep (I’m dedicated baby!). However, I still feel Mighty was crap. I liked JSA though, there wasn’t any hate there.

  2. Ok, I know you love Skrulls man. Have you liked every issue of NA and MA SI? I’m guessing yes. But c’mon, even if you liked this you have to admit it’s been the worse one yet.

    Oh and even though it’s probably futile, I’ll ask this: Even if you like that concept of continuity repairing, did we really need a whole poorly produced issue about it?

  3. Re: New Avengers #44 and the “this has practically no significance whatsoever” line. Are you high?

    It directly ties into SI 5. Reed kept mentioning that they used his brain to start the invasion, and he’s going to use his brain to end it. After reading this issue, it’s pretty damned clear that Reed knows what they did to get around the detection devices. Which means it’s technically all Reed’s fault. So not only is he righteously pissed off for being captured and tortured, but he’s also even more pissed off because his intelligence was co-opted to make the invasion possible. PLUS we now know exactly how the Skrulls went about making themselves undetectable, which has been a HUGE part of the mystery of this series since issue 1 of SI. This IS the most important tie in of the series so far, and should be required reading.

    Backstory does not automatically equal filler, especially when it’s giving us major pieces to the puzzle. No significance my ass.

  4. wow, if all that stuff actually happens in NA44, then i’m right there with you, Desiato, maybe Bruce is high.

    man, why did i read these comments!?! why do i have to wait til next Monday or Tuesday for my books?!? ARGH!!!

  5. Well, I have to admit that I didn’t like the art, as I don’t like Pham’s art style. Still, I do like Hank Pym, and like they have said in an older issue of MA, nobody respects Hank. He is a scientist who is a genius and he was a founding member of the Avengers. Still, he gets no respect. Hank is a great character and these stories are awesome. No, I don’t like the art, but I like the idea of multiple Hank Pyms because the Hank Pym keeps fighting the conditioning.

  6. Is being high such a bad thing? Do you know how good weed makes you feel?

    Good for you Billy. If you liked it great. If you thought it was important, awesome. I didn’t on both counts. Isn’t YL good though? Even though I know something crazy is going to happen, it’s still unexpected. That makes no sense, but I think you know what I’m talking about. Or maybe I’m still high?

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