Bruce Castle Presents: Young Liars #1-6

Young Liars #1 (****)

I’ve seen movies like this first issue, but never a comic. It’s about music, violence, and character development. Do you like Tarantino movies? If so, you’ll want to pick this up. There is so much flash in this issue, but I was worried about the amount of substance I had received. After thinking about it, the substance is there too. David Lapham throws you into a bizarre world for sure, but there are characters there you feel you’ve met before. Sure they’re twisted, but you can’t help but like some of them. This is definitely a strong first issue and the last page hits you hard in a good way.

Young Liars #2 (*****)

Oh man and I thought the end of the last issue was crazy. Ok, I’m definitely on board now. This issue is truly amazing. It’s a flashback issue and we get to find out more about Danny and Sadie. Flashback issues have a tendency to be a bit boring because of all the information we’re getting, but this is about as far from boring as you can get. There’s so much flare in both this issue and the last, you’d think it would be hollow because of it. It’s not though. I don’t know if this is autobiographical for David Lapham, but you can tell he cares a lot about the characters and he gets you to care too.

Young Liars #3 (*****)

Wow, it’s amazing how much control David Lapham has over such a crazy book. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Everything is executed so well. Lapham will convince you that something is ludicrous and then a little while later he’ll convince you of the exact opposite. This book is all over the place, but it doesn’t feel sporadic at all. Oh, and on top of all that there was another big surprise ending.

Young Liars #4 (*****)

Yay! We’re back to all those cool character moments. In only four issues David Lapham has created some of the most unique and complex characters I’ve ever read about. They are so unusual and yet there is something endearing about them. This is such a dark series at times, but it can also be lighthearted at just the right moments. It’s also hilarious in a very warped way. I can understand how this book’s insanity could drive away certain readers, but everyone should at least pick up the first issue. If you’re brave enough to get on this roller coaster, it’s one hell of an experience.

Young Liars #5 (*****)

This series continues to blow me away. This contains more of that blend of present and past. Yes, we discover more crazy things from Danny and Sadie’s backgrounds. The twists and turns somehow continue. Just when you allow yourself to get comfortable, something smashes against your head. The last seven pages of this issue are a doozy. Within these pages, the punishment for cheating on a lover is so extreme it’s biblical. Think about the worst thing that could happen to a man and you may get the picture. Or you could just read the issue.

Young Liars #6 (*****)

If you’ve read any of this series, the title “LOW” is a bit perplexing. How could things get any lower? Well, at this point I’ve already learned that any attempt to predict anything in this book is futile. David Lapham has created such a marvelously chaotic world where no one is safe. I really mean that. NO ONE IS SAFE. Not even the main characters. Things spin out of control more than normal in this issue. But that’s the point, there is no normal. There’s no telling what will happen next, but I’ll definitely be there to find out.

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