Review: Secret Invasion #5 – Spoilers!

Secret Invasion #5 (Yu Variant Cover Edition)

It’s very revealing that I’m writing this review only a day after this book was released and we already have two other reviews of this book on the site. I guess that lets you know how fast we are on read/RANT! (Plug! Plug! Plug!). So I know you’ve already got two great write-ups on this book, but I’ll still through in my two cents. I’ll be looking at this with a little more negativity.

We deal with that whole Thunderbolts Captain Marvel thing (Didn’t this happen four issues ago? Wasn’t it already written about like two other times already?). Oh and Norman Osborn says “We’re at war.”, really?! Splash pages of a bunch of famous people who I guess are Skrulls? Maybe not, I guess it’s just supposed to be a cool gimmick. Agent Brand knows Skrull and then kicks some ass! Ok, that was cool. She frees Mr. Fantastic and he’s pissed.

We then get to that Jarvis Skrull Maria Hill conversation that’s been going on for a while. Some cool stuff happens there too. Captain Marvel is going ape-shit where Mr. F and Agent Brand are. Why? Because Norman gave him a pep talk? We’re back at the savage land now. Don’t you just love seeing the Savage Land? We’ve been here the entire event! There are some more moments with those heroes that came off the ship in the first issue. That’s right, there’s more! Did anyone really think that these guys weren’t Skrulls? Uh, that ship that Mr. F and Brand were on crashes right next to the heroes (convenient!).

Mr. Fantastic shoots a Skrully detector thing. Wait a minute, we’ve had that “who do you trust” thing shoved down our throats and all of a sudden all of that is taken away with a silly gadget? Can you say cop out? So all of the Skrulls are revealed including Clint’s squeeze. Oh no! Oh wait, that wasn’t surprising. Clint is cold blooded too. He pops a cap in that Skrull’s crown right away. Skrull Jessica Jones gets eaten! Ha Ha! Lastly, we get the weakest last page ever (at least in this series). It’s just Clint pissed. Oh man does that get me excited about the next issue, or not.

So I guess it sounds like I hated it huh? Well, hate is too strong a word, but I’ll try to break it down. The art looks pretty good. I’m not a big fan of Leinil Yu because his art is usually so weird and muddled. If you’ve read his New Avengers issues, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But it looks pretty here though, although most events have better art. There are some cool moments in here for sure. It’s kind of a fun blockbuster at times, but there is a lot more bad stuff. It’s slow, we don’t get enough bang for our buck (It only takes like 5 minutes to read and costs 4 bucks!), and it’s not broad enough for an event book. I’m doing too much bashing here, but after 5 issues, I guess I can finally realize how poor it is. This probably would have worked a lot better as a New Avengers/ Mighty Avengers crossover from Bendis and have someone else write the event. It might have been pretty good if that were the case.

I apologize for the mass amounts of negativity in this review. But as I stated before, you have two other positive reviews to choose from, so I guess I’ll be the odd man out. I guess I’m just disappointed. This should have been one of the best things Bendis has ever written instead of something mediocre. Anyway, because I do try to be positive, I’ll end with a compliment. I thank you Bendis, for giving other titles, writers, and artists the material to create their own great stories. A lot of the tie-ins are fantastic. Again, even though I’ll probably be disappointed again next month, I really do hope the last three issues are awesome.

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