Spoiler Review: Secret Invasion #5

…and then there was ACTION, and there was TONS of it, and it was GOOD.

Tom Cruise to World: “Everybody chill! Scientology will save us!”

Agent Brand is cool under pressure.

Which Delegation? The ones that kicks your ass!!!

Yes, when forced with the choice, I too would pick explosive decompression.

Reed Richards is about to break his only rule.

OH HAI, Jarvis the Skrull.”

…and then Maria Hill brings the comeuppance big times! (Also, add another Helicarrier to The List!)

Eh, sorry for choking you out, weird green-haired lady.

Tony is still alive… barely.

I’m not an alien!

“I’ll tell of a plan…”

“Oh, uh… this is awkward.”

That’s some cold-blooded shit, Clint.

I’m sure they could have made it work, if only he’d been willing to try… but Clint wants “man-flesh”!

…and now for my favorite series of panels in the entire book: “What the-?” & “AAAIIEE!!!”

• So sad for Clint and Bobbi…
• Jessica Jones Skrull eaten by Zabu? GROSS.
• Tom Cruise!
• Agent Brand can tap into The Bullet Time now?
• I want to make-out with Maria Hill, STAT!
• The Tony vomit panel should have been a full page splash.
• Sue Storm Skrull has the worst dialogue in ages and it totally fits.
• I really would have liked to hear more about Skrull Thor’s plan…

Okay, this was a good one. Secret Invasion, for me, finally pays off the way it’s supposed to. This is great mindless summer fun. I’m annoyed that the Avengers are still in the Savage Land after five issues, but at least Bendis finally answered most of the “Who’s a Skrull” questions. Judging by the cover (Cap/Thor/Iron Man!) and the direction of the plot, issue six should be even better! So, despite the quote unquote slow start, Secret Invasion may turn out to be a satisfying read after all. Hope springs eternal, as they say.

3 thoughts on “Spoiler Review: Secret Invasion #5

  1. I flipped through this one in the store this week, and I have to admit, it seemed pretty exciting. Though it amuses me to no end that the Brits over in Captain Britain and MI 13 have already fought, beaten, and kicked the Skrulls out of England while over in the States the general populace is JUST NOW finding out about the invasion. 😛

  2. UGH, thanks for spoiling it!


    well, us Americans aren’t used to repelling invaders. i mean, the fucking Canadians helped burn down our Capital. as TBS would say, “embarrassing.”

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