Foilball’s Review Roundup #44 – The Last Bits. Some Good, Some Not So Good…

Avengers: The Initiative #15 (****)

Wow, Crusader’s origin tale was almost as cool as Aaron’s characterization of the Skrull commander over in Black Panther. And the artist can really draw the shit out of those Skrulls. As for the story, again we get another good tie-in that adds more depth to shallow spine that is Secret Invasion mini series. One could almost just not read the mini and get the gist of the story primarily from the tie-ins. One could do that if one was so inclined… and I recommend it to those that have yet to jump into the Secret Invasion lake. Don’t wait for the trade, just read Black Panther or MI13 or any one of the countless other great tie-ins.

Wildcats #1 (****)

Picking up where Armageddon, Wildstorm Revelations and Number of the Beast left off, we have the relaunch of Wildcats. Cool. I always liked them, especially after Jim Lee left the book. He is stains. Anyway, despite not liking how they jump so far into the future (I read the Armageddon books, but why is Majestros evil again?), I still enjoyed this book. We got cannibals and cool explanations for powers and Grifter shooting shit and killer art and Black Ops back-up stories and angry god-like aliens… I mean, this shit is jam-packed. And we got Christos Gage writing more Wildstorm Universe characters. I think this is the Universe of characters he’s best at writing. Oh, did anyone else notice that the artist’s last name is Googe? Gage and Googe. Gage-Googe! GG!! Heh, I’m stupid. This book is not.

Quick Hits:
Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day – EXTRA! #1 (***1/2): It was fine, especially the Joe Kelly Hammerhead story, but what was the point of this? We couldn’t squeeze these into the regular title? I hate when publishers do shit like this. I think I only ordered it so I could complain. Hah.
Black Panther #38 (**): After the Jason Aaron Secret Invasion Arc, I am definitely dropping this book. Hudlin has lost the magic. He, in fact, lost the magic over two years ago and has yet to find it. So, I’m out.
Daredevil #109 (****1/2): Where has this book been? WHERE?! I could almost be just as happy with this book if they changed the title to “Dakota North”. Not kidding.
Reign In Hell #1 (***): Um, I ordered the first issue to see how it was… and I’m not impressed enough to pick up issue 2. I’ll wait for the trade, and if I hear good things, I’ll give it another shot.
New Warriors #14 (***1/2): This was actually okay. As annoying as theses characters are, I didn’t mind so much when Justice and the “real” New Warriors showed up to kick the “fake” Night Thrasher’s ass. Oh, and thank gosh it’s only a two-parter!
She-Hulk #31 (****): Where have they been keeping this artist? Vincenzo Lucca? He’s the stones! Okay, maybe his Darwin looks super lame, but She-Hulk looks rad! And the writing ain’t half bad either. Does this mean I have to add this book back to the pre-order list? Not quite yet. We’ll wait to see what else David has planned.
Skulls vs. Power Pack #1 (*): This sucked. Where’s mark Sumerak? Why didn’t I check for his name before ordering this crap? UGH.
Superman/Batman #50 (**1/2): This was too stupid. Too much retconning. Too much garbage that will never get referenced by Johns or Robinson. Now, if the story was better, then none of that would matter. But, it’s not, so it does.
Thor #10 (*****): Can JMS do no wrong on this book? Man, when Loki finally drops the hammer, it’s gonna be curtains for the Norse Gods all over again!
Ultimate X-Men #96 (*): Did I miss an issue or did this book feel like all kinds of jump cutty? Seriously, did we just fast forward past Northstar’s death? And then Jean’s in space fighting the Silver Surfer in a flashback? Huh-wha? Tell me I’m not the only one confused here? It felt like a compilation book, like the Spider-Man extra, like this issue was made up from parts of different future X-Men arcs… in essence, it sucked.
Wolverine: Origins #27 (*): “HE DOESN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING.”…seriously, Way? GAH! Daken has memory problems!! NO!!!

13 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #44 – The Last Bits. Some Good, Some Not So Good…

  1. Daredevil- You gave it a half star more than I did. It’s good though. But wait until Lady Bullseye. It’ll be the same crappy Brubaker Daredevil again. I hope not though. I wish Rucka was on the book or at least somebody better.

    Thor- JMS does everything wrong here and you know it. Well actually I don’t know it because I didn’t read it. But the first three issues sucked either way. I wish Fraction was on this book.

    Ultimate X-Men- Yes you are the only one confused. Uh the Surfer thing was a bit weird considering it didn’t sound like the Ultimate Surfer. But on the other hand, screw the UFF! That book sucks! Plus the Surfer thing was for like 3 pages. Northstar died last issue so no, it wasn’t fast forwarded. I still like this arc and the new writer.

  2. Bruce, what the hell? Issue 3 of Thor was one of the absolute best issues of any comic last year! I can understand issue one turning someone off. It was pretty weird, but every single moment since then has been solid gold. GOLD I SAY!

  3. Plus, I’d probably have to say that the JMS Thor series shifts ever so slightly after the first 3 (maybe 4) issues…

  4. Ugh! I can’t change anyone’s mind. I respect you guys liking it just as you should respect me disliking it.

    I have only read the first three issues of this run and they were terrible. Well to be fair, the first two were bad and the third was terrible. I know a lot of people enjoyed the idiotic display of treating Iron Man like Marvel’s whipping boy (an act that was repeated several times even by JMS himself), but it certainly wasn’t for me.

    It’s possible that the series has gotten better, but because of the dismal opening and a few jerks ruining it for me, I will never pick up another Thor comic written by JMS.

    Which is too bad because I’m a big fan of Thor too. I loved Lee and Kirby’s run and Walt Simonson’s run. Oh well, hopefully JMS will leave the book soon. Until then I’ll just have to get my Thor fix through Matt Fraction and Alan Davis.

  5. Treating Tony Stark like the Marvel U’s whipping boy is one thing, and I do think that they went a little overboard in the post Civil War books with everyone getting their shots in, but how is Thor not the ONE GU Y who is totally and absolutely justified in kicking Tony’s ass after what he did to him in his name? He stole his DNA without telling him, cloned him after he was dead and then was complicit in the death of Black Goliath. Out of all the “let’s rip Tony’s mask off and tell him how much we hate him” scenes that we saw in Marvel books over the year, Thor was the only one that really made complete sense. There was no other way you could handle a meeting between Tony and Thor. How could he not want to get a little payback?

  6. That may be true, but not as much as Thor. You don’t do that to a God. It’s a pride thing. He was only mostly and tangentially responsible for what happened to Bucky/Cap, but he was personally and directly responsible for the creation of Clor.

    So HA!

  7. no way, yer gonna make me fanboy-out! ARGH!!!

    Mr Fan and Skull Hank were also responsible, but in regards to Steve’s death, i definitely consider Tony directly responsible. he didn’t pull the trigger or order his death, but he put him in the cross hairs. Bucky definitely has just as much reason as Thor to be pissed at Stark, if not more.

  8. @Billy: Ahh man you nailed me. I was so whining in that post. I’m gonna cheer myself up by reading a comic better than JMS Thor…Millar Wolverine! FACE!

    @Desiato: C’mon man I don’t give you any shit for not reading a comic. I hated the first three issues of JMS Thor get over it. Oh and there was no other way to handle a Thor Iron Man meeting? You read Invincible Iron Man. They met, Thor was pissed, and both characters were handled with respect.

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