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I…I think I liked this issue.  I can’t tell.  I’m…I mean, as a reviewer and a human being, I’m flummoxed.  I don’t…

What on Earth is going on in this series?

Grade: ?

House of Mystery #4

House of Mystery is a Vertigo project loosely connected to the Sandman mythology.  In it, we meet a two different groups of people.  One group has been ‘kidnapped’ by the House, unable to leave, while the other group seems free to come and go as they please.

Each issue has an overarching story focussing on new arrival Fig, who believes that this is her dream house, and while the story is progressing slowly, it IS progressing as we begin to meet some of the forces moving outside of the House to their own mysterious ends.  The story could be interesting, but it’s slowed down by the inclusion of the second, more schizophrenic part of the book…

…the mini-narrative.  In the House, money doesn’t matter – the only currency is stories, and we get a new story from one of the patrons every issue.  The first issue’s mini-story is one of the honest-to-God creepiest things I’ve ever read, and none of the rest have really lived up.  This issue’s story doesn’t live up, but it’s the first that’s come close as we see a young woman in San Francisco searching for True Love, and the impediments she meets along the way.

Ultimately, House of Mystery is a decent series that needs to step it up a notch.  This issue is a step in the right direction, though, and if you’re a fan of bizarre little stories that range from horror to humor, with a slow-moving but interesting meta-plot, you should do yourself a favor and pick the book up.

Grade: B+

2 thoughts on “SeventhSoldier Reviews

  1. is HOM an ongoing? man, i clicked the link… HOLY SHIT! i’ll definitely be picking up the trade. thanks!

    was there TOO much tentacle rape in Hellcat? is that it?

  2. No tentacle rape in Hellcat. Things just got…weird. And not quite awesome weird, like Hellcat #1, but trippy-weird.

    And yeah, I think House is ongoing, or it will be if it sells well. And I love sharing that brief scene with people.

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