Review: Final Crisis #3

Final Crisis #3: Know Evil

I want to start off by saying that this is just a review, not an analysis like last time.  That’ll get done, but only after some time to absorb everything has passed.  For now, I’m sticking with a simple review.

The book opens with Frankenstein and SHADE (the Super-Human Advanced Defense Executive – and yes, in DC, the UN meta-human spy organization does not actually work for and exclusively in America – barging into the Dark Side Club, only to find the now extremely dead former body of Dark Side…and a still-living Renee Montoya, who knows more than she lets on.  The book moves swiftly from there on through the variety of plots we had going already, adding one or two to the mix.

As the series continues, the flaws of the first issue come more and more to be strengths of the series as a whole.  Specifically, the enormous number of subplots, enough that we only get a few pages of each in every issue.  With only a single issue to go on, that meant that almost nothing happened – but with three issues combine, we have instead a variety of plots slowly tying together, each one with depth.

Ignoring the meta-commentary going on within the issue, this seems to be the most action-packed issue of the series so far, from Shilo and Sonny Sumo battling the Justifiers to the brawl between Wonder Woman and a Mary Marvel that’s been mutated by Dark Side’s Evil Factory.  However, it hasn’t let go of the emotion – the speedsters were touching, Superman was a wreck, and Libra finally snapped on the Human Flame, showing his true colors.  While content of the issue varies greatly, the tone remains consistent.

The art was good, but it seemed, at times, to be a step down from Jones’s usual work, possibly because of the colorist.  However, the art didn’t detract from the issue, and there was a lot of nuance to it, and a great lot of attention to detail that made certain possible slip-ups in the coloring again seem odd and occasionally unsettling.

The issue is sure to have some fanboys foaming at the mouth with evil-Mary (completely ignoring the fact that she’s under the influence of anti-life), or the usual complaints about the Super Young Team being racist (again ignoring the fact that they actually do step up here and get things right), but overall, it’s a fun, interesting issue suffering a few art flaws, and it truly does live up to its name as “The Day Evil Won” – re: that awesome last page.

Grade: A-

6 thoughts on “Review: Final Crisis #3

  1. i love how full of themselves all the heroes are. so full of righteousness! Alan Scott trying to form an army, Hal Jordan putting his faith in the Guardians to be just and the crap that Wonder Woman says, it’s all so effing naive… i love it!

    Libra… i have no words for how much i love him. i just hope the eventual reveal won’t be disappointing. like, if he turns out to be someone lame, like the Riddler or w/e… gah!

  2. I know that the interviews with Rucka suggest in Final Crisis: Revelations, a sort of anti-Spectre. Could that be Libra? The prophet of anti-life vs. the servant of God? Or will it be someone completely new?

  3. YES! totally! there’s no way it could be that obvious, it’s just too… ordinary.

    but, despite who Libra turns out to be, a negative revelation at this point would not affect my enjoyment of this series, so far. everything else is just too much fun. i think this comes from the fact that the rest of the DC U is basically ignoring this story right now. sure, after FC, we’ll feel the repercussions. but right now, it’s all so wonderfully self-contained.

    with SI, the burden of having to tie everything in, is ruining the main mini’s impactfulness (it’s a word now if it wasn’t before!). in FC, the awesome is concentrated and in SI it’s diluted. i think that’s my biggest complaint… which seems to change from week to week or whenever i think about it too much. well, that’s my thing right now. HAH!

  4. That was always your thing Billy. I think I’m going to call you Joker from now on. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you do that disappearing pen trick a few times.

    You know I haven’t even thought about Libra’s identity until now. I almost wish I hadn’t read this because I won’t be as surprised now if Libra turns out to be someone cool. Damn you guys!

    It could be the Riddler at this point and I wouldn’t care. This series is so great. I’m on the FC boat with that crazy brilliant Captain Morrison at the helm. It doesn’t matter if a few sea serpents attack us along the way I’m still enjoying the ride!

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