Bruce Castle Presents: The Most Common Marvel Team-Up!

Ultimate Spider-Man #124 (*): Sigh, more game continuity yay! There was an Ultimate Spider-Man game released a few years ago. It was written by Bendis and took place supposedly in continuity. For years it didn’t seem that was true until now. So, just like last issue, we kind of get a recap of the game. Well, I’ve played the game and I own it so I’m a bit bored. I tried to think about this from someone else’s perspective that hadn’t played the game and it still seems boring. I didn’t get any new information. I didn’t get any good fight scenes. I didn’t even laugh at all. The only thing that would’ve saved this was really pretty art which I may have gotten from Bagley but I didn’t from Immonen. This is disappointing all around.

Wolverine #67 (*****): I can’t recall a time when Mark Millar was releasing so many books. It’s also a bit interesting that almost every book he’s putting out is getting mixed reviews. He seems to be very hit or miss. Was Ultimates the peak of his writing career? I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m one of the people that consider this book to be a “hit”. I’ll first address the most common complaint I’ve heard about this book, “It’s an Unforgiven remake”. Almost everything in entertainment takes little bits and parts from something else. Is it true that there is a little bit of Unforgiven? Yes it is, Millar admitted that himself. But there’s also a little bit of Miller’s Wolverine, Windsor-Smith’s Wolverine, and Mad Max. It’s an amalgam of all those and probably even more, but when it’s all combined and given the Millar twist you’re left with something original. First off, the art is astonishing! I’ve always been a fan of Steve McNiven and his art looks phenomenal in this book. I think Dexter Vines is the unsung hero there, his inks are always fantastic and they’re no different here. Those of you who felt this is an Unforgiven rip-off will probably enjoy this issue more because we get away from the farm. We go on a tour of this post-hero world. Themes like obsession and worship get explored. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll just say that Millar certainly understands the fun you can have with the Marvel Universe’s future. Ugh, so much to talk about that I can’t say. Just read it!

4 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: The Most Common Marvel Team-Up!

  1. look, when you hype everything you do as “nothing you’ve ever seen before, OMG WHY AM I SO AWESOME???”, you better damn well ####ing deliver!

    that is my problem with Mark Millar, lately. the hype machine is way out of control and i’m tired of hearing how awesome he thinks he is. less talk dude, prove it. so far, he hasn’t proved shit. every one of his ideas is a rehash of something he’s done before or stolen from another medium.

    yes, Ultimates was probably the best thing he will ever do. and you know what? it wasn’t the most original thing either, but at least he was honest about it.

    i can understand a guy trying to sell himself and i know you have to in this industry to make a buck. but, there is a line, and Millar has crossed it.

    anyway, i’m getting kind of worked up… heh, i’ll leave off now.

  2. That’s understandable dude, and I do mention that in here and more in depth in my review of War Heroes. A lot of his writing is kind of borderline plagiarism, but somehow he pulls it off as original seeming even if it isn’t very original. I guess it works for you in most of his books but not here eh?

    As for the hype, I guess my finger is far from the pulse of the comic world because I didn’t hear too much hype other than the usual “IT”S MARK MILLAR SO YOU KNOW IT KICKS ASS!!!” stuff. Honestly, I bought this more for McNiven than for Millar.

    Also, it’s possible that this heavily influenced story is making me nostalgic. I mean I loved Unforgiven, Miller’s Wolverine, Windsor-Smith’s Wolverine, and Mad Max (Road Warrior rules!). So it is possible that because it’s so influenced by those things I love that I love this. But at least it’s not as obvious of a rip-off as something like Spider-Man Reign right?

    Anyway, thanks for at least not bashing me too much Billy 🙂 and I hope you soon enjoy this story more. Or you can at least enjoy the pretty art right?

  3. Yeah, I reminded myself after reading War Heroes, that I like reading Mark Millar’s stuff a lot more if I don’t read anything he writes hyping himself up. My opinion of War Heroes was favorable (not great), but then I read that little afterward Millar wrote and I wanted to punch something. And that’s not even the most hype-tastic thing he’s written! I like what Millar’s doing in Wolverine a little better than his other current stuff, probably because I don’t feel like he’s being so pushy. He’s actully displaying a modicum of subtlety here.

    Oh, and McNiven + Vines kills.

  4. Ha Ha! Yeah I didn’t read that thing in the back of War Heroes. I just read the comic and I agree it was “favorable (not great)”. I guess I don’t follow all his hype crap so I can enjoy the stories a bit more. Too bad he’s doing all that stuff though.

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