COMIC-CON ’08: Vs. R&D and Other Crazies!

Enough time has passed that I think I’ve finally recovered from the experience that was Comic-Con. I’m going to keep this post light. This means, I’m only going to show you the “good times” and speak not of the “bad times”. And yeah, there were tons of “bad times”.

First, Pictures With Vs. R&D New And Old:

Patrick Sullivan stares deer-eyed into the camera.
The Hump is soooo bored with life.
• Rules Guru, Paul Ross demo’ing some WOW.
Me and Cate Gary, editor supreme.
• Former VS. Designer, Matt Hyra can not be bothered to smile.
• “No one wants to demo MUB, Billy. Does that make you sad?” –Ben Seck
John Fiorillo and Billy Zonos… man crush!

…And Now For Something Completely Different, Ballsy Fans In Costumes!

Ms. Marvel wants me bad.
• OMG! I met Isaiah Bradley!!
• Marvel’s Spider-Man and Black Cat.
• A couple of Teen Titans… is that a sock in his pants? I hope so.
Han Solo never looked better.
The American Dream and Me.

That guy, right there: Costume of the Year! Notice me trying hard as hell not to laugh?

For a complete picture account from Comic-Con, follow this link to my Flickr page.

p.s. my birthday is in five months, someone buy me this.

7 thoughts on “COMIC-CON ’08: Vs. R&D and Other Crazies!

  1. Dude, you’re blind!

    Yeah that Sub-Mariner was awesome!

    I can’t believe you missed that Cat Girl with practically her entire ass exposed. It was so funny, I saw a guy film her zooming right at her ass and he followed her. Yes Comic Con brings out the sexual deviants.

    Ugh Con was exhausting this year! I had to pack 5 days into 11 hours. I think I pulled it off though. I got 12 sketches and like 50 books signed! I got to shop extremely briefly. Oh and I finally met Matt Fraction after talking to Robert Kirkman again.

    I’ve read everything those guys have written and by sheer luck I talked to them both on Sunday. I was only at Con for two hours on Sunday! Those were very awesome hours.

  2. Holy shit! It’s the Namor guy!!! My friends Erin and Jeremy who own the comic shop I frequent go to San Diego every year, and saw him too! They have pictures, but they haven’t posted them on the interwebs yet. But that’s not the crazy thing! The crazy thing is that they also saw him LAST YEAR!! Yep, that’s right, not only did that guy think that costume was a good idea, but he thought it was a good enough idea to wear it two years in a row!!!

    Here’s a picture from last year:

    Apparently, he decided against the jacket this year…

  3. Comic con was definitely a blast! Who is that guy, Aqua Man?

    Our site, covered Comic Con and maybe you’ll enjoy this video. We interviewed Yoda, Jack Sparrow, and comic book fans.

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