The Archives: Conan, Vol. 1: The Frost-Giant’s Daughter and Other Stories

Conan at times can be a hard character to write. You don’t want another mindless book of decapitations and naked women. There’s that side of Conan sure, but you also need some substance along with your flash. This book is phenomenal! It looks great and the story is great.

We get the lust, action, and blood along with a heart pumping, gut wrenching and roller coaster ride of a story. Conan hasn’t looked this good in years. Cary Nord’s art fits the barbarian perfectly. It’s not often that an old character feels fresh but Busiek accomplishes that here. Man even the chapter break art is done by Joseph Michael Linsner! What’s not to love about this! I don’t want to oversell it but if you’re looking for this type of book, buy this one and have a blast!


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