Spoiler Review: War Heroes #1

This is the story that Millar says could have been Ultimates 3. Let’s check it out…


The rest of the book introduces the War Heroes cast and goes into a little more detail about the “super pills” the new recruits will be issued.

Ok, if this was The Ultimates, or any super hero genre comic for that matter, these first five pages would decompress into an entire first issue. We’d need reintroductions and reactions from all the Ultimates and the hint of a faceless villain. Here, Millar hurries up and gets on with it by page six. Thank God. Also, if this was Ultimates, I can easily see S.H.I.E.L.D. giving 5,000 enlisted men superpowers in response to the Ultimates’ decision to fly solo. So, yeah, this could very well have been a neat addition to the already classic Millar/Hitch Ultimates run, and a far better sequel than the horrendous Jeph Loeb/Joe Mad mini series.

The Nitpicks:

1) It seems almost too obvious that the attacks against the United States chronicled in the first five pages were perpetrated by the US government. Regardless of whether or not I agree that our government is capable of such a thing, I think the lack of subtlety is a misstep on Millar’s part.

2) Why does Millar’s idea of character development always involve the degradation of women?

3) Melodrama!

There’s more stuff, but I think I’ve bashed it enough, especially since I kind of liked it despite all its flaws. As far as debut issues go, it gives you that swift kick in the pants that makes you crave the next one.

One thought on “Spoiler Review: War Heroes #1

  1. Thanks Billy. I decided I will pick this up later today so I didn’t look at the scans too much. From what you’ve written it seems it may be good and I like the art. It’s interesting that Millar suddenly has what like 6 books right now? This would usually be awesome except it seems he’s been hit or miss lately. Hopefully this will be a hit. I like the political stuff, but I can understand you disliking it if he beats you upside the head with it. I’ll probably write a review soon.

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