Reviews: Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy and Young Avengers Presents

Only three reviews for the immediate time being (one of which is lazily short) because I’m a bit behind on my reading. I’ll be finishing the tenth Fables trade tonight or tomorrow, and I’ve read the Secret Invasion tie ins (natch), so I’ll eventually get to the rest of the books I got on Friday.

Nova #15 (*****)

What a shock. Desiato gives an issue of Nova involving Galactus five stars. I know, I know. Sometimes you just have to step out on a ledge. And by ledge I mean not a ledge. Because as I’ve been saying for the rest of this arc, this is just some solid gold damn good comics. And once again, Abnett and Lanning give Galactus the due diligence he deserves. Galactus does not speak once throughout all three issues of the arc. It was never in doubt that the planet he chose to assume would die. This is Galactus. He’s not going to be stopped by a little Green Lantern wannabe. All is as it should be. DnA also wrap up the side story of Harrow in a pretty neat way which further continues the recharacterization of Galactus as the ultimate badass. Plus, those silly Brits decided to throw in an old school Get Smart reference (“Cone of Psilence”? AWESOME!). It’s like they jacked into my brain and figured out exactly what kind of cosmic Marvel story I would want and then put pen to paper based on exactly what I need. Loved it. Loved it loved it loved it. Great little lead in for the upcoming Secret Invasion tie in(s) too. Don’t know what to make of it all yet, but it’s certainly something that could shake up Nova’s status quo if it hasn’t already.

Guardians of the Galaxy #3 (****)

Still really good. It’s a bit of a step down from the first two issues, and we’re getting even more of the original Guardians popping up in a VERY SKRULLY FASHION (cough cough), but not so much in a way that it completely takes away from the rest of the book. I do think it was a good choice to keep all the Vance Astro business back at the HEADquarters (not going to refer to Knowhere in any other fashion) and not have him go out with the rest of the team. And I definitely enjoy the continuation of the Universal Church of Truth storyline. I’m really starting to enjoy those characters as villains. So glad that they didn’t make the UCT a one off little thing in order to start off the series. They’re giving these characters some depth beyond the black hats. They have a purposes and motivations. And it’s creating a nice contrast to the silly fun that the Guardians revel in. We’ve also got an intriguing hook to segue into Secret Invasion, and it’s safe to say that a lot of havoc is about to unfurl.

Young Avengers Presents #6 (****1/2)

Yep. It’s as good as everyone said. Worth the extra three week wait to get it. Matt Fraction writing Clint Barton is SUPER FUN. Fuck, I need to buy the Young Avengers hardcover. Fuck, I can’t afford it. But you’ve already read Billy and BruceCastle talk about this bad boy. We all know it’s good. So let’s just move on.

11 thoughts on “Reviews: Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy and Young Avengers Presents

  1. Really? HEADquarters? Did you really have to go there? I agree mostly, although think that Nova has not always been really good. It has been good, really good, and not very good. This was pretty much just good. Galactus was done well, but I don’t think they are doing Nova well. It is something that just bugs me.

  2. The attempts to tie the new Guardians to the old Guardians are really turning me off to the series. Let them meet the old Guardians in a much later arc– issue 20 or whatever. Cramming them in from issue 2 onward is really lame. Give the new crew some time to come into its own before you start putting them up against their predecessors.

    *thumbs down*

  3. Why would the Skrulls care about the Guardians? The Skrulls are worrying about invading Earth, and the Guardians are a “whole galaxy-based” team. The Skrulls wouldn’t know or care about them.

  4. Well, Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t accurate, because they are trying to protect the universe, but the name is what they are keeping. Hey, I disliked the original Guardians too, but I still think that the new series is awesome. Sure, Major Victory and Starhawk, but really, it is more of a subplot than anything, and I can appreciate small subplots.

  5. The Guardians guard the entire galaxy. You’d best believe that Earth is part of said galaxy. It’s quite important to make sure that the skrulls keep a team like that compromised, because they don’t really want the Guardians to come swooping in cavalry style during the battle for Earth.

  6. Right, but:

    1) How do the Skrulls even know about them? They were “infiltrated” like two days after they formed.
    2) They’re not policemen. They have a very specific job– closing rifts. Even if Earth was being invaded, a) nobody would tell them, and b) they’d be too busy to do anything about it.

    Sorry… I just can’t see this being anything Skrully. I think it’s just bad shoehorn writing.

  7. Keep in mind that some kind of distress call seems to have gone out, because Nova is obviously heading to Earth to deal with the Skrull problem as of the end of Nova 15. You think he wouldn’t call in the Guardians? He’s best buds with their leader, and even if Adam Warlock started going off about the importance of closing the rifts, they’d end up going to help. But not if they’re too busy dealing with their own skrull problems.

    And don’t forget what Mantis said in the first issue. One of them is going to betray them from within. That’s SO going to be Vance Astro.

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