Bruce Castle Presents: X-Force! And Something Crappy….

X-Force #5 (****): This is still the continuance of well-written gore, which is not really much of a bad thing. I remember when I read issue 1 that it almost felt like a MAX book. But, as it has been mentioned before, it’s not all about the blood. It’s a genuinely well-crafted action adventure with many shocks, oohs, and awes. I was a bit disappointed in this issue, but I don’t want to spoil anything. Still, I meant my aforementioned compliments and very much like the book is steady, so is my feeling of satisfaction while reading it.


Ultimate Fantastic Four #56 (-): As you may have noticed… you know what? I was about to write a lenghty response to this deplorable book, but it’s not deserving of one. I’ve had it with Ultimate FF! For too long it’s been below average or worse and I’m fed up! I like to think of myself as an optimist. I like to look for the good in things. I can’t anymore when it comes to this book. Please Marvel, either relaunch this with a good team or kill it, I can’t take anymore!

7 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: X-Force! And Something Crappy….

  1. Hey Billy what’s up? Why is this on your scale and not mine? I grade on a scale of 0-4 stars and it looks like it’s up to 5 here and in your usual **** style. Is this how you want me to grade from now on? Also, I didn’t put the Ultimate FF cover up because I didn’t think it deserved it. Oh well.

  2. cuz my need for everything to be uniform has finally caught up with you. hah. sorry, just switch to a 5-star scale from now on. it’s just better if we’re all using the same system and all.

    yeah, i loaded it, cus, why not?

  3. Damn you conformist! So I guess there is no reason to have like a scale up anymore. It’s all just – to ***** then? I always use four stars man, now I have to think differently. Why don’t we just go to 10 stars like on IMDB huh?

    Ha Ha! I don’t know if you did it or if it was me but somebody put the wrong issue number on there. I fixed it and the picture, but I still say it doesn’t deserve that treatment.

  4. nah, it’s not conformity. it’s just an undiagnosed mental disorder.

    re: wrong UFF issue… i was wondering about that. it was kind of weird that you were reviewing a book that was more than a month old, that wasn’t a trade. i thought you were slipping.

  5. Meh. It wasn’t worth getting the right number.

    So our system here is – to ***** then? For trades and archives and stuff too?

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