Spoiler Review: Captain America #40

Um… WOW! This is a mother of an issue! The fight scenes are BRUTAL!!! Yes, there is more than one fight.

Fight #1: Bucky vs. Cap

Fight #2: Sharon vs. Sin

Fight #2 contains the biggest spoilers, so I won’t really touch that one. So let’s skip right into Fight #1!

Man, and you thought you were gonna see some action? HAH! The art was too awesome to show you here! Go buy the issue yourself, loser!

Ah, one final note before I let you go: what ever happened to that “device” Red Skull got off of Doom way back in issue 23 or 24? Click here. Screw everything else that happened in this issue, what the EFF was Faustus about to say? “Re”–what? Rewind… time? Reverse… engineer? Reflect? Refract? Revolution? Remember? Re-ARGH!!!

another final note: the banter between Red Skull, Faustus and Zola is the best it’s ever been. When they start blaming each other near the end? Priceless.

Final, final note: what the hell is this?


8 thoughts on “Spoiler Review: Captain America #40

  1. The (probably) Rogue ad is for a Marvel event next year. There’s another ad like it out there, with a silhouette of a man holding a gun, with ruby-red glasses. The gun has 2009 written on it very lightly, and the text on this one reads “Nobody’s on our side.”

  2. Oh I missed the 2009 thing. Hmm, and here I thought that was Nick Fury. I wonder what the new X event will be? They just had one…or two if you count Endangered Species.

  3. Oh and thanks for not spoiling too much Billy. I hate spoilers but I can’t resist. I’m not made of stone!

  4. meh I’ll read it later. Words I can resist but not pretty pictures. But your pants shitting comment has me weary. Perhaps I’ll drop Captain America after 39 issues. It hasn’t been going anywhere. Oh and it is cliché and not much has happened. 🙂

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