Spoiler Review: Secret Invasion #4

Wow, this almost feels like an issue packed to the gills with action, exposition and drama… just like a real event comic should! The first few pages consist of the skrully Jessica Drew explaining to Tony Stark that the war is already over and that Earth has lost.

The next section deals with the sheer awesomeness of the HAS-TO-BE-HUMAN Black Widow.

Beast and Phoenix go down!
Shoot first, ask questions later!

Then, Widow gets about as close to shaking Stark out of his Skrull-induced paranoid delusion as one can get with a rather simple, yet effective call to arms.

Agent Brand sheds a single tear.

Maria Hill has a similar, yet infinitely more embarrassing moment. I hope she gets her revenge. I know people hate her, but I really want to her redeem her naiveté.

Next, The Hood decides that alien invasions are bad for business.

And then Thor… and then Bucky… and then I threw the comic into the air with a gleeful “YAUS!”

So, to sum up: Skrulls. Not a Skrull… for now.

Thoughts right now:

• Glad Phoenix was a Skrull. Too stupid if she wasn’t.
• Sad that Beast was. I liked the idea of getting the old Beast back.
• Maria Hill and Agent Brand need to team up! It can be all about proving how empowered women in comics can be.
• Tony needs some new armor. Like, he needs to cobble together something new or put on an old standby. Basically, he needs to get his shit together.
• Thor and Bucky? WOW!
• Black Widow is the coolest Avenger of all-time. “Look, I’m just gonna kill everyone. Sorry.”
• …and Jarvis is the pimp of the year. Have they explained which Skrull he is? I hope he’s like Paibok or something cool.

If you can’t tell, this issue rocked!


22 thoughts on “Spoiler Review: Secret Invasion #4

  1. This was a really strong issue, what with all the exploding and shooting and stuff. Some quick thoughts:

    – Natasha once again proves why she’s the coolest character ever.

    – So Ms. Marvel IS a Skrull? Was there a switch during her solo title, or is this an entirely new revelation? I guess she is a Skrull, since the real Ms. Marvel would be able to absord Nick Fury’s energy blast blah blah blah blah….

    – Why were the Young Avengers on the cover when they weren’t in the comic? That sort of thing bugs me.

    – Bendis is getting better and better at writing for a visual medium. Pages 2/3 (The Brand/Ms. Marvel/Sentry pages) really stand out. The images and panel layout in this book say a lot without all of the talkity-talk. Less is more! Well done!

    – Phobos looks silly, but Yo Yo is cool!

  2. I know everyone loved this issue, but for me, I just couldn’t really keep going. I’m officially no longer reading this book. Upside? No more whining every issue about how the tie-ins are better, contain more story, and make the main mini essentially a recap of what’s happened in the last 17 SECRET INVASION TIE-IN ISSUES*. I’ll probably read this sitting in the store when it hits in trade. I generally like Bendis more in trade anyway.

    Glad to see you enjoyed it, though.

  3. no, Ms. Marvel isn’t a Skrull. it’s just that Fury doesn’t trust her, so he just assumes everyone who isn’t with him has to be a Skrull. this is what Spider-Skrull is referring to in her captions.

    Phobos looks awesome!

    i think i’ve accepted the fact that you have to read all the tie-ins and i’m fine with it. if they would have just come out and said so in the beginning i would not have had the problem with it that i did. it’s the lying i can’t stand.

  4. I don’t know that you need to read ALL of the tie-ins, but you definitely should be reading Mighty and New Avengers. I am also reading Ms. Marvel, but that’s because Brian Reed’s writing’s been pretty good of late.


    It should be noted that the boredom from work is exacerbated by the half read Fables trade (Vol. 6) sitting on my desk silently mocking me for having to work instead of reading it.

    I think I’ve gone loopy.

  6. I’m more in the group of SeventhSoldier. I’ll still pick this up in single issues, but I’m not enjoying it that much. It’s written well enough and the art is decent, it would probably even be a pretty good comic on its own. But it just doesn’t have the power that an event should have. Bendis has been supposedly planning this for like five years. This should be the best story or at least one of the best he’s ever written and it isn’t. Perhaps my standards are too high but I’m not a big fan of this stuff. I suppose this issue was better than the first two, maybe even the first three, but I don’t think it is that great over all.

    If I am supposed to read ALL the tie-ins, that is ridiculous! Bendis himself said that you don’t have to read ANYTHING else if you don’t want to. That is purely preposterous if you have to read them all. I’m only reading New and Mighty Avengers, so maybe that’s why I’m not “getting” this story. That’s stupid!

  7. here’s the thing, and i think this is as simple (and truthful) as it gets…

    -you don’t have to read all the tie-ins to get the story.

    -you do have to read all the tie-ins if you want to read a good/great/spectacular story.

    …there’s really no need to explain it any further than that. 🙂

  8. Hmm well thanks Billy, but that is still silly. Especially since Bendis himself said you didn’t have to read any tie-ins!

  9. ok, you’re not understanding. let me try again…

    -SI by itself tells you everything you need to know to get the story. But, it’s not a very compelling story, all by itself.

    -SI + MA and NA tells you everything you need to know to get the story. But, although more compelling than SI by itself, you still only gat an “OK” story.

    -SI + MA + NA + every tie-in tells you everything you need to know to get the story AND makes for a very compelling story.

    so, no, you don’t need to buy everything, but you will get what you pay for either way.

  10. Well that’s better Billy. It still seems dumb to me though if that is the case. You’re already paying 4 bucks for SI. There are 8 of those so its 32 bucks. Then you got MA and NA which will again say is about 8 of each so the total is now 96. Plus what 3 FF, 5 Britain, 3 Thor 8 Ms. Marvel etc. Not to mention the Illuminati and earlier NA books. So to get the “best” story you need to slam down what 300 bucks?! No thanks mutha fucka! I understand what you’re saying Billy but understand what my wallet says.

    Ooh and just for fun, I’ll say with the 8 bucks I’ve spent on FC, I’ve already IN MY OPINION received a better story.

  11. it’s not dumb, it’s smart marketing. so is telling us, the fans, that “no! of course you don’t have to buy every tie-in!” obv, lies. it’s what they get paid to do. all writers lie. all editors lie. its the nature of this business. of course they’re not gonna come straight out and tell us that the tie-ins are designed to suck as much money out of an event as possible. now, i’m not saying that Bendis or any of the other writers are as jaded as this makes them sound, but they are professionals. they understand that in order to make the bean counters happy, they have to sacrifice their artistic integrity now and then. that’s what being a professional means, in any business, swallowing your principles when your employer tells you to.

    (THE WORLD IS A LIE!!!!)

    heh, but you know what? i bet even if they did cop to the cash grab, we’d still buy and read them all anyway. that is, of course, the nature of fandom.

    RE: FC – that could well be true.

    p.s. sorry about the extremely bitter post. i must be in a mood. stupid VsRealms…

  12. First of all, the only books to come out so far that have been 4 bucks have been the main mini and the Who Do You Trust one shot. Everything else has been 3. And yes, there are a lot of tie ins. But they’re all good comics and arguably more than worth their cover price. Of course it wouldn’t be worth it if all the tie ins were a chore to read or shitty Secret Wars 2 or Crisis on Infinite Earths style tie ins. But they’re not! They’re far reaching and compelling and make the story exactly what it is. EPIC. Knowing what Bendis has put into this thing and how long he’s been planting the seeds, it would be foolish to think you could get the whole thing in 8 issues. No one in the comics business will ever say that you have to buy all the tie ins, because they would have a revolt on their hands. But if they offer the tie ins, and said tie ins are of an excellent quality that are really good issues on their own AND add to the scope of the overall story, then there’s no problem with the money spent, now is there?

    The money doesn’t bother me for three reasons:
    1. I was already reading 80% of the ongoings it’s trying into anyway, so it’s not like I would stop picking those up.
    2. I’m not paying retail price. Woo! DCBS! Makes everything a lot more worthwhile when I’m getting issues for $1.79
    3. And I’m sounding like a broken record here, ALL THE TIE INS ARE GOOD!

  13. i agree with all three of your numbered points. but the biggest reason i don’t care that it’s spread all over the Marvel universe right is basically because of what you said in the first paragraph. the tie-ins have been good. not just good, really FUCKING good.

    and so, bring on the FUCKING good tie-ins, please!

  14. The money bothers me for three reasons:
    1. I’m not already reading 80% of the ongoings it’s tieing into anyway, so it would be more money if I was picking it up.
    2. I am paying retail price.
    3. And I’m sounding like a broken record here, SECRET INVASION ON ITS OWN SHOULD BE GREAT!

    Ha Ha! I was having some fun there. “The world is a lie!!!!” No Billy not my childhood fantasies! Don’t take those away too! Nah it’s cool you guys are enjoying the tie-ins. I’m glad they are good. They certainly aren’t in a lot of other events. But I don’t have the money to read all those tie-ins and the story that is being produced within the pages of Secret Invasion and hell even in MA and NA is not great. It certainly doesn’t seem to be the product of a five year story.

    I kind of got soured on tie-ins. There was quite a bit of trash in the Civil-War tie-ins and DEFINITELY in WWH. So I’m burned out on them anyway. Why can’t they just have the issues within the story? Like with Sinestro Corps or Messiah Complex. Or at least have stuff like the FC tie-ins. Grant Morrison supposedly personally asked Rucka to write that tie-in. Another tie-in is written by Morrison himself so you know that is important (I’m reading MA and NA which I think we can all agree are the most essential tie-ins).

    Anyway, I in no way intend to argue, nor do I wish to start a dust-up. But the content in the SI stories I am reading is not as phenomenal as it should be. It’s not even great IN MY OPINION.

  15. in all the interviews with Bendis about those summit meetings, he hints at the fact that editorial kind of forced (reading between the lines) him to “share” his story with other writers. it certainly seems that way. my thoughts on why SI alone can’t tell the story is because most of Bendis’ plot points were stolen from him and put in other books. shit, why isn’t the FF story in the man book? SI should be all about the FF! why isn’t that idea about Avalon getting invaded in the main book? seems like a very important idea for the Skrulls to steal all the magic on earth, you’d think Bendis would write that himself. there are other examples, but you get the idea. unfortunately, this is why the tie-ins have become essential.

    it sucks, but… what can you do? at least they are well written.

  16. Well if that is true, then that sucks. Still, even with that hindrance, SI should be much better than it is. I guess another reason why I’m being critical is because we are half way done now. In the first, second, even third issue we still had the majority of the series to look forward to and hopefully see improvement. It could still surprise me and turn out to be awesome, but it’s getting less and less likely.

  17. SI is a classic case of Marvel’s mis-handling of their events (see World War Hulk). The set up TO Secret Invasion is much more interesting than the invasion itself. When I read this, I do not get a sense that everything is at stake. It’s “smash…reveal…smash…repeat”. Whatever.
    If “the war is already over” then show us that.
    If you want to make this interesting, then make the Skrulls win. Have it be a metaphor for and an allusion to the well known draconian/reptilian elite conspiracy theory. Show us the the Skrulls have INDEED arrived, and have taken over the earth. Make the heroes hunted and killed, kill off some b-listers, shock us.
    Don’t introduce Nick Fury and a bunch of no-names. If it’s one thing I hate, it’s new characters introduced in the midst of an event. I want to see how the characters I love are affected, and experience their struggle with them.
    Was Marvel really expecting me to say “wow cool! Nick Fury just emerged from underground with a bunch of new faces. Now it’s on!”
    Give me a break.
    For this to work, then the Skrull Empire has to really take hold of the earth and make it theirs. Then make this about the A-listers, and how they’re coping with the new way of things.
    Also, bring us into the Skrull culture. They are presented to us as mindless brutes who shape-shift. Are these skrulls even capable of planning such and elaborate and genius plan?
    Stop writing this for kids.
    Marvel needs to realize that their fans are adults, and take the books seriously.
    rant done…for now

  18. Maybe if i was a rich bastard or owned Marvel, I wouldn’t have a problem with the tie-ins. But this is my first event book, since I started comics last year, and I hate it. Ill continue with the main SI book, and then never touch a Marvel event again. It’s so ridiculous that they wouldn’t clearly say “You’re not going to get the full story in the main SI book.” I don’t care what corporate excuse they have, their main book should be where the main story is. Instead, the true story lies in the tie-ins. I would never have touched SI if i knew. Oh well, im just an event hater I guess. I expected better, and I got screwed for it. Back to miniseries and ongoing books for me. DAMMIT MARVEL!!!!!!

  19. nah, you have every right to be pissed about the lying.

    yet, you have to understand as well that Marvel can’t just come out and say, “hey guys, you have to buy it all! HAHAHAHA!”

    good for you though, about not buying into any more Marvel events. vote with you dollar!!!

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