The Archives: Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Vol 1

For those of you who have been enjoying my Fantastic Four Omnibus reviews, I apologize but that has to take a back seat for a while. However, if you’re looking for old school Kirby, look no further because I will be reviewing these omnibus books for a while. If you’ve been paying attention to DC lately, you’ll notice that they are drawing heavily on Kirby’s Fourth World. I’ve never read these stories before and so I thought it’d be very topical to read and then review them on here. Oh and same deal, these are classics so no stars. Go out and read them!

This was one jam packed issue! Jimmy hangs with the Newsboy Legion. They have a new Whiz-Wagon. Morgan Edge has control of the Daily Planet. The Newsboy Legion enters the Wild Area. They take out a dude and then Jimmy is the new leader of the “outsiders”, no not the Batman ones.  Oh yeah and Superman is in it too! Like I said this is a bunch of good stuff. I’m also enjoying the subtle things in here. The Wild Area is Vietnam. Kirby is commenting on youth with the Newsboy Legion. Superman is the old man who is adjusting to the times, he even runs into a hippie like character. I love all the crazy gadgets and you can tell Kirby is responding to technology. If this any indication of the upcoming issues, it’s easy to see why these are classics.

I still love this stuff. This probably wasn’t as good as last issue, but it’s more important. Yes friends, this is the first appearance of Darkseid. It’s in a little T.V. device so you just see his head. Still, it’s a pivotal moment in comics to me. Darkseid is one of if not supes’ best villain so that alone is awesome. Darkseid also inspired Thanos and Mongul, two other villains I like. Also, I didn’t mention it in the previous issue, but Kirby’s visuals on this book are stunning. As I mentioned, Kirby is drawing lots of technology and gadgets and some of them are pure gorgeous. There are two pages of visuals in here using a technique that I’ve never seen in a comic before and they are mind blowing. This is truly an impressive issue.

6 thoughts on “The Archives: Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Vol 1

  1. Meh. I’m too cool to own it. Nah I saw it somewhere for like 15 bucks and I considered getting it. But I own it in a big omnibus and that is enough.

  2. Yeah apparently, that’s too bad too because I love Darkseid. Hey Billy, do you have the first appearance of Thanos? Because I do have that.

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