Foilball’s Review Roundup #34 – THE GOODERS!

And now, The Gooders. These books were the cream of the crop, or as close to it as this bunch got.

1985 #2 (****): I’m really liking where this is headed. See, you can’t call me a Millar hater! Some of his stuff is utter garbage, and some of it, when he puts the research and thought in, turns out quite fantastic. Here’s hoping I’m right about this one.

Conan the Cimmerian #0 (****): Bruce Castle’s review of this was spot on. It was a very, very, VERY good sword and sandal read. Unfortunately, I think I’m done with Conan for now… or, I may pick up the first issue when it ships! I just don’t know!

Daredevil #108 (****): It just keeps getting better! Dear Greg Rucka, please never leave. No more brooding! No more Mila! No more Emo!

Fantastic Four #558 (****1/2): This was really good. Really, really good. I can see clearly now what Millar is doing and I love it. The interweaving of the subplots over multiple 4-part story arcs is finally starting to pay off. I haven’t been this excited about reading Fantastic Four since JMS first took over the book. I know I was harsh on the first couple of these, but now that the engine is revving up toward max RPMs, I couldn’t be happier. I just hope he doesn’t blow his load too soon. But, I still think the Galactus suit was a lame idea. OH! Almost forgot, little Val is a genius!

Ghost Rider # 24 (****): Love the new artist. Love the new direction. If this is what we can expect from the rest of Aaron’s Ghost Rider run, I think I can finally put myself safely in the “on board” column. It was touch and go there for a while with a couple of stinkers mixed in with the gooders, but this issue has restored my faith… for now! Ha-Hah, you just never know! Next month I could be bashing it again! Help, I’m in an abusive relationship and I can’t get out!*

Iron Fist #16 (*****): Terrific series finale, bravo to all involved, especially Matt Fraction. I can’t wait for the “Heroes For Hire” relaunch this fall… wait, what? Not cancelled? New creative team? Get OUT of here!

Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #30 (****): Still not the Knaufs, but adequate. Actually, more than adequate. This Moore guys is doing a bang-up fill-in! Overkill Mind! Star Squad! Paladin messing up Iron Man’s fascist face! YES! YES! YES!

The Punisher #58 (*****): Every month I get a little sad. New Punisher issue only serves to remind me of its imminent cancellation. Well, pretty much, right? I like the new guy, his Foolkiller was good, but no one’s ever going to top Garth Ennis. Oh, I should say something about this issue. It was really good, as usual. They always are. Sad face.

Thunderbolts #121 (*****): OH GOOD GOD! This was epic. And now it’s over. Forever. I don’t care that this book shipped once a quarter, it was totally worth it. But, I don’t think Ellis is leaving because of lateness, I think he’s just done. Is that true? Does anybody know? I’m seriously asking a serious question here…

X-Factor #32 (****1/2): In this issue, Madrox tells Cooper to get stuffed and finally takes responsibility as the father of Theressa’s baby… and just like that, *POOF*, X-Factor is a 4-5 Star book again. Why? Because we’re back to focusing on the drama, baby, and not the action. Yay! Thank you, Peter David. I don’t know what happened to you or why you had to phone the past 6 months in, but I’m glad you’re back. Now, if only I could say the same thing about She-Hulk. UGH!

Young Avengers Presents: Hawkeye #6 (****): This was easily the best of the series. Fraction is just on fire this month (although his Punisher still sucks ass). I loved how much of a dick Clint is when he makes Kate cry. Ha-Ha! But then, it was just Clint teaching her a lesson all along! Oh snap! Shit, I wish Clint had his own team book or something. He works well as mentor/father figure… FUCK, why isn’t he leading the New Avengers? He’s got the attitude, the skill and the experience. Maybe that’s one of the changes Bendis has lined up for after Secret Invasion? I hope so. I’ve always loved me some Hawkeye. Oh, and when the hell is Young Avengers Volume 2 coming out? These characters are way cooler than the Titans and those shitters have two books, both equally shitty!

Hmm, got surly there at the end. Ah, well. Tomorrow, Planetary Series Review (honest) and on Wednesday, maybe a Spoiler Re view… if something cool comes out.


*That one was for VsRealms.

8 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #34 – THE GOODERS!

  1. Seriously, if FF ends up being good and I started on the wrong four issues, I’m going to be pissed. Still, I’m not missing it. Unless Galactus shows up. Then I’m screwed.

  2. Hmm ok let’s see, hey I read 7 of these. I must be reading the best books!

    Conan- Glad to hear or read I guess that you agree with me. I loved this issue and I saw the preview for issue 1 and it looks awesome! check that out Billy. If that doesn’t get you hooked then you really are crazy! Plus there is a Frank Cho cover and a Joe Kubert variant cover. C’mon dude pick it up! Yes I work for Dark Horse now. There was a reason for those Hellboy reviews.

    FF- Didn’t read it because the first like 4 issues weren’t very good. Plus the art wasn’t very good either. I couldn’t see what was happening! So please keep reviewing these because if the goodness continues I’ll pick it up in trade.

    Daredevil- Meh. It’s getting better but I still don’t care enough about this stuff. Oh well, there is still two more issues to go I guess.

    Iron Fist- Wow! You liked a Fraction book more than I did! The issue was really good but I don’t know it didn’t seem great. Maybe my expectations were too high.

    Punisher- I’m starting to cry now. WHY ENNIS WHY! COME BACK ENNIS! COME BACK! Who’s going to get the Shane reference?

    Thunderbolts- How come you didn’t say that my review was spot on about this Billy? I gave it the full rating too. Yes, it was awesome and I’m sad to see him leave one of the best runs on a book in a while. Well, certainly a great one at least. He needs to come back too.

    X-Factor- Yeah it was better, much much better. But it didn’t seem great to me. Maybe I still had a bad taste in my mouth over the Arcade arc

    Young Avengers- Yeah this issue was fantastic! I didn’t read the rest of them, but I may buy the trade just for this. We’ll see.

    So there you go. Please enjoy that Conan preview. There is a line in there that had me laughing.

  3. You fuckers keep taunting me with Young Avengers #6 too. There’s a Fraction Marvel book out there that I don’t have my hands on. Going to start getting the shakes soon.

    Two weeks…

  4. it’s like that time they shorted me on Hulk #3. man, i was feeling it baaaaaad!

    actually, it’s nothing like that. cus, Hulk sucks and YA is good. sorry.

  5. Warren Ellis wasn’t fired from Thunderbolts. He decided to leave the title after posting a really pretentious piece on his blog about painting houses. I’m really going to miss him on the book, but I think he gave whoever’s next a lot to work with.

    Iron Fist was amazing, and for that reason alone I’m not sure I’m willing to pick up the book with a new writer. Matt Fraction really made Danny Rand pop. Here’s hoping Iron Fist gets cancelled and we get a real Heroes 4 Hire book from him soon.

    Daredevil is excellent. I love having the old Gotham Central gang back together. Greg Rucka should consider taking over the title, or, at least, writing a Dakota North mini-series.

  6. i read the painting houses thing from a while back, but his thoughts on “work-for-hire” haven’t changed significantly in the last 5-7 years, so i just saw it as “more of the same” from him.

    i just thought there could have been another reason, since he’s still doing New Universal and other random shit for Marvel.

    yeah, i too will not be sticking around for the new creative team. especially because i find those “buy this book or i kick yer face” print ads so obnoxious.

    yes! cancel that shit and give us a GOOD Heroes For Hire book by Bru and Frac! now, please.

  7. What the hell is that houses thing about? I don’t know anything about it so if someone could post the link I’d appreciate it. Yeah, I too am dropping Iron Fist. Yes Billy those ads are annoying and as far as a good Heroes for Hire book, I don’t really care too much, but I’d read it if Fraction was on it. I’d read a Fraction book on just about anything. Well, maybe not an Uatu book that would just annoy the fuck out of me.

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