Bruce Castle Archives: Hellboy The Troll Witch and Others

This is the seventh collection of Hellboy and again, it features some of those lovable short stories. I’m in a lazy mood, so I don’t feel like running through each one this time. I’ll just mention that these stories seemed even more esoteric than their predecessors. However, it was still a joy to read these because usually when you read a trade, it’s all old material, but to me, most of this stuff was new. There was only one truly new yarn, but a lot of these stories were collected in Dark Horse’s Book of… series. I didn’t even know there were Hellboy stories in those so I didn’t pick them up. Thankfully they’re all collected here.

The extras in this volume include an introduction by Walter Simonson and Mike Mignola personally introduces each story which is extremely cool. It helps give some history about these stories because a lot of these stories are taken from unique folklore that I’ve never heard of. We also get a few sketches as well. This volume is still beautifully drawn by Mike Mignola with the exception of two stories. One is drawn by P. Craig Russel and the other by Richard Corben. They both do a good enough job especially the latter who is also doing the latest Hellboy story that came out this week. No one can beat Mignola when it comes to Hellboy, but Corben is a fine substitute. This isn’t the best Hellboy trade, but its stories (especially Makoma) are still great.

4 stars

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