Foilball’s Review Roundup #33 – THE MEDIOCRES!

As promised, The Mediocres. These books weren’t great and they weren’t bad. They were workman like in their execution, filled with substance but lacking the style to put them over the top.

Batman and the Outsiders #8 (***): This issue does a fine job of wrapping up the last 7 issues worth of story without actually introducing anything new or exciting. It’s a good job, but boring.

Birds of Prey #119 (***): And, Tony Bedard is back. Okay, this was not as bad as I expected. And, Scott is still doing the art, so it’s not a total loss. The following series of panels made me laugh, and not in that good way…

Black Panther #37 (**1/2): It’s mostly filler, but the back and forth between Panther and Killmonger is semi-interesting. Next issue promises to be an all-out slugfest, but… I don’t know if I care about the Panther’s solo adventures anymore. Seems to me like Hudlin is finally running out of ideas. When he first relaunched the book, it seemed to hold so much promise. Instead of rising to the level of exciting political intrigue that Captain America has, it’s slowly fallen into petty soap opera drama. It’s just not compelling. I think after the Secret Invasion tie-in issues, I will be dropping this book.

Green Lantern #32 (***): Compared with the rest of the issues in the arc, which I loved, I was very disappointed in this issue. Not much happened. Sinestro was cool, and that Yoda shit he did with Hal’s plane was very cool, but it felt… mediocre, especially for a Johns book. I’m sure this will be the exception and next issue will see the return of the level of quality we as GL fans are used to. Oh, one more thing. This entire arc is making me so sad for Hal. Like, Carol Ferris is so awesome! A part of me has to believe that another reason for this trip down “Origin Lane” is to reintroduce the Hal/Carol love story… for future reference, of course. Maybe we’ll see more of this after “Blackest Night”? I hope so.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 (***): Great cover. And that’s about it. Everything else is middle of the road. Vance Astro? GAWD, I’ve always hated him. They should just cap his ass and take the shield. I like the modern reintroduction of the Universal Church of Truth, but I don’t like the characterizations of the leads. Warlock doesn’t feel like Warlock, Drax doesn’t feel like Drax, etc… just about the only character that even acts/sounds like they did in Annihilation is the fricking Raccoon. It hasn’t been outright terrible, so I’ll stick with it for now and see how I feel in a couple of months.

No Hero #0 (***): Too early to tell… this could be great, but there is also the possibility that it’s just a retread of Black Summer or The Order or even Kick-Ass. When he’s on, Ellis is the man. When he’s off? You get weird shit like Anna Mercury and Strange Kiss. Oh, but I do like all the backmatter in this one. Thanks! Oh, and the art is still amazing!

Number of the Beast #6 (***): All the cards have finally been flipped (well, all the cards we know about)! Tons of exposition in this one… no wonder it read so slow. This is the nature of the beast so I can’t fault the writer too much. He’d asked so many questions in the preceding five issues that it was inevitable that he’d have to slow down and catch us all up. Like Green Lantern, I’m sure the next issue will pick right back up.

Ultimate Spider-Man #123 (***1/2): There were parts of this I really liked. I loved how Bendis kept changing “listeners” on us. “Oh, what happened to that nice old man?” Um, Venom ate him, dummy. SWEET! The problem I have with this book is that the way Bendis chose to frame this story actually robs it of any suspense. Because it’s told in flashback, we know Venom gets away safely from Silver Sable and her Wildpack. Everything else still works on a technical level, and what he tried to do was a nice experiment in storytelling, but I’m just not that excited to read the next issue. So, fail?

Ultimate X-Men #95 (**1/2): Whoa… shit just got TOO weird. Cyclops flying? WHA! Rogue knows Vindicator? Like, KNOWS knows? It’s gotta be Gambit, right? Because of the purple energy blasts… but, man, that would be stupid. Northstar dead? Colossus gonna go all roid-ragin’ now? I really liked the new direction that the last issue set up, but I feel like we’re moving too fast and heading in too many different directions. Slow down, man. You’re no Grant Morrison.

I’ll be back Tuesday with The Gooders. Monday, hopefully we’ll have our Series Review of Planetary #9 up, and if we don’t then, sorry.

6 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #33 – THE MEDIOCRES!

  1. Well, I commented on the bad ones so I may as well comment on the average ones. I read three of these books.

    Green Lantern #32- Ha Ha! Remember when you gave me shit for not giving Superman 4 stars? Well it’s my turn now! You said “not much happened” in this book. Well eat your own words! “i don’t understand this complaint: “Nothing happened.” christ, it’s almost as cliche as calling something cliche.” Face! As you would say. Nah, it’s too bad you didn’t like it Billy, I actually loved it. I thought there was great action, comedy, and romance. Plus, c’mon man there were some really cool moments in there. Oh well, maybe you’ll see the error of your ways when you read it in trade.

    Ultimate Spider-Man #123- Um, I wasn’t a huge fan of this issue either Billy, but not for the reasons you give. As for disliking the way the story was told, that’s fine, but just to let you know, that stuff wasn’t supposed to have suspense. Apparently you didn’t read my review of the issue (it must be a first huh?), but yeah this was the issue tying the Ultimate Spider-Man comic continuity with the Ultimate Spider-Man video game continuity. See that whole thing with Silver Sable and the Wildpack was in the game which came out years ago, so there wasn’t supposed to be much suspense. At least I don’t think there was, I suppose Bendis could have meant for that to be the most suspenseful thing ever. So, I’ll agree it wasn’t great, but I felt that the issue was good. Mostly because of that last page reveal, that made me laugh. Although I do agree it doesn’t really get you pumped up for the next issue. This probably should have been like an Ultimate Spider-Man one-shot or something.

    Ultimate X-Men #95- While I agree that the first issue was better, I still felt this one was pretty good. What’s wrong with Vindicator being an old comrade? If Northstar died I would be sad for Colossus. I can only hope that the writer doesn’t kill off Northstar just to get Colossus with Kitty or something, damn that would piss me off. As for moving too fast, I kind of like that. I read an interview with the writer and he said that he was going to take a 40 page script and turn it into 22 pages for the comic. I kind of enjoy that type of storytelling for this book right now. It kind of has that silver age feel to it in the sense that a lot is packed into each comic. I feel I get more bang for my buck you know. And I mean c’mon, yes it’s quick storytelling, but isn’t it all relatively easy to grasp? I can understand the Final Crisis complaint, but compared to Final Crisis this has Loeb simplicity. See I can make fun of him too.

  2. GL: i love the arc, this ish just didn’t live up to the rest. Johns sets a high standard. but nice throwing that shit back in my face. that was good. well done.

    USM: HAHA, i shouldn’t have to play the game to enjoy the comic! that is just dumb. the game can enhance my experience, but said experience should not be dependant on whether or not i played the effing game. LAME. and yeah, the book SHOULD have suspense… it’s a monthly comic! suspense is their bread and butter. LAME LAME!

    UXM: i seriously doubt Northstar dying would turn Colossus straight… that would be, you guessed it, LAME LAME LAME. also, i’m not saying it’s hard to grasp, i’m saying the writer is obviously not talented enough to write this kind of book, the kind Grant Morrison excels at, the kind with tons and tons of shit going on.

    …oh, and nice Loeb beat.

  3. GL: Thanks I thought that was pretty good too. Too bad you didn’t like the issue, I loved it. Fuck it…SPOILERS I loved the red lantern oath, I loved some of the Hector Hammond stuff, and the Sinestro Yoda stuff as you called it. I’m enjoying the Carol Ferris romance as well and I too hope they get back together. And I was excited that the red lantern is stumbling into Gotham City! C’mon dude this issue rocked!

    USM: Yeah the issue was a bit lame, but I still liked it overall and as I said, it made me laugh. But maybe I should have put it at two and a half stars instead of three.

    UXM: I’m not saying it will happen for sure, but this is a new writer, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was one of those people who wanted to make the Ultimate U more like 616. Kitty is single right now. Oh wait, no she is with Kenny and that’s awesome! Shit! Now I’ll be really pissed if Kitty and Colossus get together! As for your other comment, yes this guy is NO GRANT MORRISON! I’ll agree with that, but I’m still enjoying this arc and I enjoy the fact that there is a lot packed into each issue. I want some mileage out of my 3 bucks!

    Oh and about that Loeb beat, he called and said I was no longer invited to his house this weekend. He also tore up his BFF necklace with my picture in it. See the sacrifices I make writing stuff for this site!

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