Bruce Castle Archives: Fantastic Four Omnibus Part 3

First appearance of Doom! Yes the best FF villain has made his appearance. This issue was pretty good. The art is really starting to get fantastic now. You can tell that both Lee and Kirby are refining the character of Doom. Considering the large amount of diabolical schemes this villain has concocted over the years, this one seems a bit silly. It’s still a lot of fun though. Especially what happens to Ben. The letters are still intriguing. The highlights are someone complaining about the fact that all the FF’s identities are known and a guy who asks why the Thing has four fingers instead of five.

Why not take your two best villains and team them up? That’s exactly what happens here and it happened quickly. Doom just made his debut last issue. This story is really good, it’s really starring Namor though. He’s the most interesting thing about the issue. Doom gets more evil which is always a good thing right? This seems to kind of be a test story to see if Sub-Mariner could have his own book. If it would have been done by Lee and Kirby and I would’ve been alive back then, I probably would have picked it up. This is a great issue.

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