Hulk #4: This is Where Gods Go to Die

I’m not even going to bother posting the cover. We’ve all seen it, and it doesn’t deserve it.

This is, quite possibly, the worst written book in the history of the universe. People could stop decrying All Star Batman and Robin and this is getting a free pass? Why aren’t we rioting in the streets? Why aren’t we loaded up on pitchforks and torches storming Jeph Loeb’s office (while being very respectful to stay out of the way of Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg) and throwing him out on his ear so someone that can actually write dialogue can come in and I can actually enjoy the art. It actively pisses me off that Ed McGuinness is on this book, because I can’t read it and I want to see him draw the Hulk. It’s like I discovered a time machine, and it was the early 90’s, and there was that little silhouette of the Image I in the top right corner where the Marvel logo should be. All style, and a giant black hole sucking in all rational thought where the content should be.

My Rating: Negative Eleventy Billion Stars. A childish rating for a childish book.

4 thoughts on “Hulk #4: This is Where Gods Go to Die

  1. If you were going for a childish rating, why didn’t you bring up infinity or bazillion? You missed out on a comedic opportunity sir.

    P.S. This book rules!

    P.P.S. Ok maybe not, but it’s still fun.

  2. i think it gets a pass as compared to All-Star Batman & Robin because Frank Miller used to be good and Jeph Loeb has always sucked.

    it’s the simplest math EV-VAR!

  3. I don’t know, Eleventy Billion has always been my standby absurd number. And how the fuck have Johns and Heinberg not rubbed off on this guy?

  4. Hey, Jeph Loeb writes good enough dialogue for Christopher Nolan to steal. If you listen closely to Batman Begins, there are some lines from Jeph Loeb stories.

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