Bruce Castle Archives: Fantastic Four Omnibus Part 2

Unlike the last two issues, this one doesn’t really have that impressive of a villain. This issue features the debut of Miracle Man, who is not nearly impressive as the Mole Man or the Skrulls. This issue also has the first appearance of the Fantasticar, the Pogo Plane, the Baxter Building, Fantasti-Copter, Fantasti-Car, and the Fantastic Four uniforms (yay!). The famous tag line of “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine!” was added. Well, in this issue the tag line was “The Greatest Comic Magazine in the World!” but it’s the same thing. Oh and the issues got more expensive.

Sadly, the Miracle Man kind of brings this issue down a bit. He doesn’t really have any important motivation, nor does he really have impressive powers. Is this Stan’s way of making fun of magicians? The art is still developing. The Thing even has a helmet and his chest covered in here that you don’t really see much of again. Still, Kirby does a fantastic job. A monster and the interior of the Baxter Building really look impressive.

The FF argues in this issue more than ever before, The Human Torch even leaves the team by the end of the issue. There’s a pin-up page of the Human Torch on the last page. The first letters column is also included in here. A letters column in a collection is rarely seen. All of the letters were positive except one. He complained about the art in issue one and that the Thing should be able to change into a human at will. I found this stuff to be pretty interesting. This is probably the worse issue so far, that’s what they get for bragging.

Last issue was the worst so far, this one is the best. This features the first appearance of Sub-Mariner in the Silver Age. Stan writes Namor in a brilliant way by having the Atlantean serve as a bit of a hero and a villain. He has just as many savage and destructive qualities as he does endearing ones. Kirby’s art continues to improve. This issue features a big cool monster as well as good old Namor.

Sub-Mariner is definately the best villain that the FF have faced so far. I think this probably started to transform the Fantastic Four from new unfamiliar characters into the icons they are today. The reintroduction of an old character like Namor was genious. The destruction of New York in this issue is presented on a grand cinematic scale. This issue has a more realistic feel to it. This issue features a pin-up of Mr. Fantastic as well as another letters column. This time all the letters are positive. A contest is even started regarding some trivia about the second issue. Hey! I know the answer. Should I write in and get five bucks?

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