Review: Skaar: Son of Hulk #1

I was worried that my love of barbarian comics would wither away and die after the cancellation of the epic Conan book from Darkhorse.* Boy was I wrong! Steve (Desiato) already gave a pretty strong review of this book last week, so don’t expect the same from me. I’m here to show you the awesome art and tone of this book in the hope it will convince the uninitiated to give it a shot.

How cute is mini-Hulk?!? I love the un-inked pencils. They give it that dirty, “Conan” feel. The bug/brood hybrids are kind of scary too. When Pak said this would be a Sakaar more savage than you remember, he wasn’t lying. I wonder how long he had this planned. From before Planet Hulk started? Was this always the goal? Or was this something that grew organically from the story?

Ultra-violence? CHECK. The above panel is only a tiny fraction of the savagery that was this premier issue. Can’t wait for more.

BANG! Our hero. The first few pages opened with little Skaar and by the end, some time passes and we get big Skaar, complete with Shadow Priest tattoos and Hulked-out physique… and big FREAKING stone axe! Damn, I’m already really digging this book. I can see now why Pak decided not to continue writing the Hulk after World War Hulk concluded. This idea is just so much more exciting. The legs it has, the possibilities… it’s a great time to be a Hulk fan.

*Yeah, I know they’re relaunching it, but it sucks without Busiek. So, I’m out for now.

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