Review: Anita Blake #12


Yes I’m a guy and I’m reading Anita Blake. Get over it. I’ve actually enjoyed this series a lot. I had never read the books before because I’m illiterate, but I remember I saw the first issue and Brett Booth’s art looked great. I like Ron LIm a lot too because of his work on Thanos, like in Infinity Gauntlet. So this comic looks good at least.

I enjoy the story too. I’ve never watched Buffy or read the comics, but I’d guess if you like that you’d probably at least enjoy this a bit. So this is the big conclusion. Lots of action, lots of gore, lots of fun! The story wraps up too. I would have probably preferred something on a deeper level than what we got. But the ending works fine. To me this series is just a lot of laughs and some good times. It’s got some serious stuff too. And it’s always cool to see girls kicking ass! I like the Anita Blake universe.

I was also happy that on the last page we see a preview for a new Anita Blake series starting in October. Unless a zombie bites my head off, I’ll most likely be picking up the next series as well.

3 out of 4 stars

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