NEWSARAMA Interview: Grant Morrison on Final Crisis #1

If there’s one thing that Final Crisis #1 by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jone did, it was rasie a lot of questions among fans.

What does this mean in relation to Countdown?
What was Anthro doing with Metron?
Where are the New Gods?
Did the Martian Manhunter really…

Well – yeah, a lot of questions.

In the first of our regular installments with Grant Morrison, we spoke with him about the first issue, and he graciously handled the questions.

11 thoughts on “NEWSARAMA Interview: Grant Morrison on Final Crisis #1

  1. So I reread the issue and liked it a bit more than my first read. But I now think that the contention that I/we/comic fans in general can/should be reading this as if we had no prior knowledge of these characters is complete bullshit. I realized this when I heard the CGS guys talking about Kamandi in their Final Crisis 1 wrap up. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW KAMANDI WAS IN THE BOOK (because Grant didn’t name him and I only vaguely knew what he looks like). There are two scenes here that cannot play at all for new readers: The quick Kamandi interlude and the Monitors. And there’s NO WAY you can argue that someone without knowledge of the DC Universe is going to have any idea about those two scenes (except maybe the Kamandi stuff because of what he says and its ominous implications), and thus, it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll care. I sure as hell don’t care about the Monitors.

    It’s funny. I liked the issue more on the second read, but it actually makes me more worried for the rest of the series because it’s more obvious to me now that you’re not going to be able to get through this without tons of DC knowledge or a fucking reference book sitting next to you.

  2. but the Kamandi stuff, you don’t need to know the history of the character to understand what happened in the first few pages. Kamandi is obviously a caveman and Metron is obviously some super advanced being. and then these two vastly disparate characters meet. and then the advanced being gives the caveman fire, or knowledge… and if you know your mythology, you know this means Metron is a god. this is archetypal/mythic stuff here. seriously, you can’t say not knowing that the cave man’s name was “Kamandi” hindered your comprehension of story events.

    the same goes for the Monitors. these guys are obviously powerful dudes operating outside time and space. you get all that just from their dialogue and the art. do you know their entire history from the few pages we see them? hell no! but that’s what the rest of the series is for.

    so, i disagree. i think new readers should be able to figure out those two scenes. i think the problem new readers have with this book is that they don’t get all the Easter eggs… which, is kind of a funny complaint. they wouldn’t really be Easter eggs if everyone could see them. it’s one thing to feel left out of the “in jokes”, it’s another thing entirely to not understand the fundamentals of the plot.

    hell, before i read the Morrison interview i had no idea that Turpin fought Kalibak. but who cares? that’s just minutia at this point. if it’s important to the story, i’m sure Morrison will put it in there… eventually.

  3. See, here’s the thing. They’re not easter eggs. They’re legitimate story threads that the readers aren’t getting. And Kamandi is the last boy, the one from the future that Anthro (the caveman) gets sent into the future for that quick scene with the statue of liberty in the background. Anthro and Kamandi, the first boy and the last boy, in the same place at once is a BIG FUCKING DEAL. And no one who doesn’t already know is going to get it. That’s not an easter egg. That’s a huge story moment. And this is what worries me. Because Grant’s got so much pull with DC and comics in general that if he doesn’t want to explain himself, he probably won’t have to. I seriously doubt that he’s going to waste story pages on explaining the Monitors. And if he does, awesome. I’ll feel a lot better.

  4. haha, shit, even i confused their names.

    yeah, you may have a point with the Kamandi scene. BUT, it is a cliffhanger moment, so it might still be addressed in the next issue. the sunken Statue of Liberty does hint that this scene takes place at a future time, though.

    also, putting aside Countdown (which we now see, from the horse’s mouth, did not have sufficient input from Morrison), where else have Kamandi and Anthro appeared recently?

  5. Anthro’s currently in the alternate future storyline in Booster Gold, and Kamandi hadn’t been seen since Crisis on Infinite Earths prior to Countdown.

  6. Booster Gold’s just kinda there for me. They’re doing a JLI reunion right now, and I have no attachment to those characters. I’m trying to save money so it’s probably going to be dropped from this month on. The current story line is this whole thing where Ted Kord was saved from his death, and thus the future was changed and Max Lord succeeded in taking over the world. Anthro’s a part of the resistance. He hasn’t really done much. Just a caveman in a leather jacket hitting stuff.

  7. that last part sounds awesome, but i’m sure your description of it is extremely generous.

    dude, i know you’re going to MW:NY, but are you going to Worlds? i’d be nice to finally meet face to face. 😉

    …in a totally hetero way.

  8. The biggest pitfall of being a temp is the complete lack of paid time off. A trip from Philly to Columbus really isn’t that expensive, but when you add in the loss of 2-3 days pay, that almost doubles the cost of the trip. So it’s not in the cards (see what I did there?)

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