Foilball’s Review Roundup #24: The Independent Edition!

Atomic Robo: Free Comic Book Day Edition (***1/2)

I was really surprised how much I liked this book. Why? The first few pages didn’t really hook me. It reminded me too much of Hellboy or the early issues of Savage Dragon, you know, before Erik Larsen completely lost his shit and just started aping the Lee/Kirby style down to the chromosomal pairs. Anyway, once I got to the part where Robo fights the Soviet robots, the editor’s note gag hooked me. And then I just loved the full page with the evil scientist guy delivering all the expository goodness. Also, I don’t comment on this nearly enough (save for when it’s terrible), but the art was really good. Overall, I like Mr. Robo a lot, but I don’t know if I like him enough to pick up the first trade and subscribe to the monthly. Question: was this a brand new story or a reprint? Hmm, the more I reflect on this book, the more interested I am in picking up the first trade. Has anyone read it? Is it worth the trouble?

Black Summer #6 (****)

The plot picked back up in this issue, which was nice since the action didn’t let up either. Super looking forward to the end of this re-imagining of that old JLA one-shot, Superpower. Heh, anyone else remember that one?

Dan Dare #6 (*****)

Dan Dare is the action hero we didn’t know we were missing. He’s the kind of guy we used to look up to. The guy we used to want to be, when it was okay for guys to be macho, manly and pompous. Before women’s lib and emasculation of the rougher sex in the late 90’s and the 21st century. There’s nothing emo about him. Nothing feminine. Dan Dare tells you like it is, simplifies the issues and then takes action. Dan Dare also never lies. He is a man of his word, but also a man of action. A man of honor. I know I keep saying it, but that’s not going to stop me from saying it again. I love this book. Why aren’t you reading it? This week’s pull list had this book marked as #6 (of 7)… when did this become a mini-series? Man, this makes The Bill a very sad panda.

Number of the Beast #3 (***1/2)

Slow to start, but boy is it picking up steam. To me, this book feels like COIE for the Wildstorm Universe. Everything I’ve been hoping for in regards to The High paid off in this issue. Is Beatty going to reference the “Change or Die” arc from the Ellis run on Stormwatch? Yes. Oh, hell yes. And now it’s all got me thinking, is The High’s escape from the “simulated world” that all the Golden Age heroes are stuck in the catalyst for Armageddon? If yes, then awesome! The pacing, in my eyes, has totally redeemed itself. Hopefully, it’s the kind of trick Morrison can pull off with Final Crisis. I’d say the same for Bendis on Secret Invasion, but I don’t hold the man’s writing ability in as high regard as Morrison’s. I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that by the end of the year, this sleeper summer event will outdo both Final Crisis and Secret Invasion in terms of storytelling. And really, I’m okay with that.

Quick Hits:
Conan #50 (**1/2): Great series that ended on a very low note. Series really should have ended when Busiek left the book. Sad face.
Midnighter #19 (**): I don’t know what happened, but I’m no longer enjoying this book.
Project Superpowers #3 (*): Issue 3 was nigh on unreadable. I feel like the story isn’t really going to start until Kruger and Ross introduce the entire cast of characters… a cast that grows by about 3-6 new superheroes per issue, all from the Golden Age and all randoms that I’ve never heard of before. At this rate, I don’t think 12 issues is gonna be enough. UGH.
Young Liars #3 (*****): WOW. Seriously, WOW. This fucker gets better and better every month! What a fucking reveal! Holy shit! I was all set to like Danny and now… FUCK!!!


4 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #24: The Independent Edition!

  1. RE: Atomic Robo

    YES. I cannot recommend the trade highly enough. The FCBD issue was completely new, so not part of the original 6 issue story. I can fill you in more if you’d like, but honestly, Atomic Robo was one of the best stories of 2007-2008, and I really think you’d like it.

  2. Yes. DAN DARE #6 is the shit. I’ve been really getting into war comics lately, and really it’s tightly action packed stuff like DD that did it. Though there was a weird hiccup between two pages in this issue. Maybe it was just my copy?

    PROJECT SUPERPOWERS, why do I still buy you? Why doesn’t this fucking book have an editor?! Seriously.

    YOUNG LIARS #3 = awesome. Reviewed it on the podcast a couple weeks ago. Seriously people preorder this book. Don’t let it die; ’cause if it does I’m blaming you!

  3. i hope the reason that P:SP sucks so bad is cus Ross and Krug are putting all the best ideas in Avengers/Invaders. i don’t think i can take it if both books end up sucking.

    also, we need more Dan Dare, i don’t like this “6 (of 7)” crap.

    i think the reason so many of us love love love Young Liars is that we totally identify with Danny and the ultimately futile pining over the crazy no-good whacked-out freak-o girl. or, that could just be me projecting again.

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