Foilball’s Review Roundup #23

Rating System: Things I Hate

5 Stars: WARNING: Bad Comics
4 Stars: People that ask “How’ve you been?”
3 Stars: Old People
2 Stars: Your Mom
1 Star: You

Marvel Adventures: Free Comic Book Day #1 (*****)

Are all the Marvel Adventures books like this one? They are… then why the hell ain’t I reading them!?!

1) Oh my gosh, Spidey is funny!
2) And so is Ant Man!
3) And Hulk!
4) Iron Man too!

How come these guys get to be so funny? What about regular Marvel continuity? What the #### happened to the funny?!? Damn, Jeff Parker is a genius. That’s all I can say. And even in the midst of all that funny, Parker still finds time to teach the kids something about good manners.

New Universal: Shockfront #1 (****1/2)

As far as first issues go, this one was just the right mix of “what the hell is happening” and “oh, I really like these characters”. Sure, I read the first mini, but I think we get more character interaction in this one issue than we did in the previous six. Oh, and I had no idea Chinese comics were called “Manhua”. That’s one of the cool things about Ellis books; you always come away with something new. Only complaint: as before, the plot feels too much like Rising Stars or Squadron Supreme. Taken in a vacuum, the book is a good read with loads of potential hidden within its premise. Shit, even when considered alongside RS and SS, New Universal still has plenty of places to go that are new and exciting. I’ve always felt that, while good in their own right, RS and SS left quite a few unturned stones. Anyway, I’m looking forward to learning more about this world that Ellis has re-imagined.

The Punisher #57 (*****)

Garth Ennis continues to shock and awe with his final arc. I honestly have no idea how this one’s going to end. Yes, they’ve already solicited the issue after #60, the first non-Ennis issue, but that doesn’t mean Frank Castle won’t die by the end of this arc. There’s not much more to say about this book if you’re not already reading it, and if you are, I know you’re enjoying this final ride just as much as I am.

Thunderbolts #120 (*****)

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Just ask Osborn. Man, I love this book. Sad times ahead.

Quick Hits:
Dead of Night #4 (***1/2): Well, it ended neatly and looking back on it, I could have probably done without reading this… but the Digger stuff was just interesting enough to make it worth it. But just barely.
Green Arrow and Black Canary #8 (*): I do not like this book. In fact, all Judd Winick books have become the craps lately.
Green Lantern Corps #24 (***): I just don’t care about these guys. Is the cast too big? It’s bad when the science cells pages, the minor subplot, were the best part of this book.
The Last Defenders #3 (**): I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you’re losing me fast Mr. Joe Casey.
Moon Knight #18 (***): Parts of the book were a solid 5 Stars… and then other parts were the exact opposite. Be good or bad, stop trying to be both!
Superman #676 (-): Ah, the dreaded fill-in issue. Is it just me, or have the Superman books utilized an inordinate amount of these lately?
Thor: Ages of Thunder #1 (***1/2): Oh, ho, ho! They fooled me. One-shot my ass! “The story continues in Thor: Reign of Blood on sale in June!” EAT MY ASS, Marvel marketing team. Aside from that, the book was okay. Man, Thor was a real prick back before Odin humbled him by forcing him to walk the earth as a man. I’ll pick up the next “one-shot”, but I’m on to you guys!
Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness #1 (**): Another fill-in? At least this one pulls double duty, as Gage obviously lays the groundwork here for his upcoming T-Bolts run. Too bad the plot stunk and the characters sounded all wrong. I wish these writers would stop trying to be like Warren Ellis and just be themselves.
Titans (-50 stars): WINICK!!!!!!
The Twelve #5 (****): Yay for good books continuing to be good reads. My new favorite character in this book is The Witness. I love how he speaks. No contractions. Super dramatic, but unintentionally funny. Great work JMS. It took you leaving Spider-Man for your comic work to really shine.

One thought on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #23

  1. Amazing as it sounds, I have read none of the issues that you read in your review. I wanted to get the Free Comic Book day one, but I already explained that I couldn’t. I think I’m going to start reading Thunderbolts again. My friend does and he explained part of the story. So, Norman is going crazy again? Awesome.

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