Foilball’s Review Roundup #20

Rating System: In Honor of Harrison Ford and His Most Famous Role

5 Stars: WARNING: Raiders of the Lost Ark
4 Stars: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
3 Stars: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
2 Stars: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
1 Star: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The Mighty Avengers (*****)

SECRET INVASION TIE-IN! Better than Secret Invasion… but we all knew that, right?

Batman: Detective Comics #844 (***)

The origin story for the new Scarface was sort of interesting, but I don’t see us going anywhere exciting from here. Now, the resolution to the steamy Bruce/Zatanna subplot… LAME! Bruce Wayne is the dumbest man alive. How do you turn this down? And yet he does. Alas, there is hope… Zatanna leaves the door open!

Captain Britain and MI13 #1 (****1/2)

SECRET INVASION TIE-IN! Again, better than Secret Invasion. Oh my gosh, actual Skrulls fighting actual super heroes in the actual opens? Fortunately, the tone of this book feels nothing like the first two issues of SI, it feels like something way more awesome! John Lennon Skrull? Heh. Black Knight returns! Captain Britain written not to suck! My only complaint is the way in which Wisdom was handled. Wooden would be the way to describe it. But, if the teaser for next issue is any indication, that shouldn’t be a problem for much longer.

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 (****1/2)

SECRET INVASION TIE-IN! And again better than Secret Invasion. Could it be? For the first time the tie-ins surpass the main event in overall quality? This is crazy! I mean, you guys all remember those crappy House of M minis, yes? I expected the same level of mediocrity from MI13 and FF (and yet I still ordered them), but the first issues have been shockingly fun and good. Oh hey, we’re in the Negative Zone. I don’t understand how anyone can be happy with the second issue of SI after reading MI13 and FF. It’s not even close. Anyway, I loved this exchange between Sue and Johnny. Oh, no, I mean Johnny and… Lyja!!! Oh, and Barry Kitson was pretty good too.

Hulk #3 (*****)

WOW. How I’ve missed you Ed McGuiness!!! Jeph Loeb is still horrible, but there’s barely any dialogue in this one so there’s thankfully little to complain about. BUT THE ART! Yeah, it’s basically one long fight scene, and you can call me a hypocrite for liking it, but it’s been so long since we’ve gotten some good old McGuiness, I can’t help myself. Shit, that was a lot of commas. Hey Steve, I’m curious now, what did you hate so much about this book? Sure, Rick calling himself “A-Bomb” is pretty terrible, but the Harpies were awesome! Heh. And Hulk busting out by the end of the 3rd issue made me a very happy man. The worst thing about the end of WWH was the fact that Hulk’s epic character arc was put on indefinite hiatus. Sure we got all those Aftersmash books from Marvel, but none of them dealt with the Hulk’s POV. Anyway, I’m really interested to hear your extended review.

Quick Hits:
Action Comics Annual #11 (****): Although it was a great read, I can’t in good conscience give this book the full five stars.
Angel: After the Fall #7 (***): Um, I liked this issue. The art was tons better and the Wesley and Connor stories were more interesting than anything that’s been in the book up to this point. Second thoughts about canceling?
Avengers/Invaders #1 (**): This was kind of a letdown. For a Marvel book, the art was just off. The Bucky journal stuff in the beginning just didn’t sound like Bucky, or to be fair, Ed Brubaker’s version of Bucky. I’ll keep getting it, mostly because I want to see how all the modern heroes react to a resurrected Captain America, but I’ve adjusted my expectations for this series accordingly.
Batman #676 (**): More letdowns. I’ve read some comments online that have said that this is the scariest interpretation of the Joker ever. I disagree. Also, am I the only one that hates Tony Daniel?
The Walking Dead #49 (*): UGH. Bored now?
Wolverine #65 (*): The conclusion of “Get Mystique”. Aaron treated us to a nifty naked fight between Mystique and Wolverine… meh. And then, as expected, Logan doesn’t kill Raven. So, what was the point of this much hyped story?
Young X-Men #2 (-): Cancelled.

8 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #20

  1. Well, I disagree with you about Secret Invasion. You probably know that though. Mighty Avengers was okay, but I hate the art. Maleev just irks me. A single picture and I might be okay, but a whole comic? Oy… I didn’t realize MI13 was a tie-in, so I guess I’ll pick it up. FF was okay, but not nearly as good as SI, IMO. I mean, Sue was a pathetic baby in the beginning, and the interlude thing was crap. The rest was okay, but not great.
    Hulk was okay, but not 5 stars. I mean, he fought A-Bomb (shudder) for almost the whole issue, which is okay, but not 5 stars. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as good as you say it is from that.
    I liked Avengers/Invaders. The art wasn’t that bad (how can you like Maleev, and not this?) and I though it was very Bucky-like from what I know of Bucky. Plus, it is Bucky pre-Winter Soldier, so there is a difference in between them.

  2. the 5 Stars was purely for the art. I’m totally biased though, since i love McG so much! SO PRETTY!

    i can’t understand how you don’t like Maleev. YOU ARE AN ALIEN!

    as far as the Bucky stuff, it didn’t feel like the pre-Winter Soldier Bucky stuff that Brubaker has written in the last 4 years. sure, Brubaker isn’t the end all be all of Bucky continuity, so maybe i should have said “I didn’t like the Bucky stuff as much as I do when Brubaker is writing it.”

  3. Maleev is all chicken scratch. Stuff is dull, flat and straight. I think it is too abstract for me. Like Sienkiewicz, I just don’t like that level of abstract in my comic art. I like seeing a character and knowing what is going on with that character and knowing where is body ends and the background begins. It might also be the inkers and colorists, since I have liked the Nova covers. Still, in this issue, as with most of the things I have read, it is too distracting and bleh.

    I do like McGuiness, but don’t base most of my opinion strictly on the art.

  4. You’re just trying to bait me, aren’t you?

    The art was great. You know what? I don’t care. Robot Harpies with Betty’s face on them to “calm down the Hulk”? Nice try, but completely stupid. The new Abomination? Also completely stupid. Hulk coming back after three issues and thus completely neutralizing the story Pak was trying to tell through World War Hulk? Garbage. This completely takes away any kind of lasting effect from World War Hulk. We don’t need Banner’s perspective on matters because he shouldn’t even be alive (Pretty sure if Pak had his way, Hulk would have bit it at the end of WWH), and since he still is, he needs to be put on the shelf for a while. Let the character breathe like they did with Thor. Give it a year or so and let the fanboys be sated with Skaar and the new Red Hulk. Don’t bring him back in three issues and blow all that potential to hell. The dialogue sucked throughout. The story beats were idiotic, and I don’t give a shit about Red Hulk fighting Green Hulk ALREADY. This is ADD storytelling, cutting out all that progression nonsense and just moving from action scene to action scene. Sure. A lot of comics are built on that convention, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. Terrible in all senses of the word, pretty art notwithstanding.

    There. Happy now? I shake the fist!

  5. “I don’t give a shit about Red Hulk fighting Green Hulk ALREADY. This is ADD storytelling…”

    but i thought that was the point of this book?!!? i swear i saw that exact quote in one of the solicits for the first issue!!!


  6. Lyja!

    MI-13 was way too good for an event tie-in starring Captain Britain. I especially love the return of Black Knight. He looks so much less goofy when he’s wearing jeans.

    I hope we get to see Lionheart (Captain Britain… 3?) as the story unfolds. She was a good character that came out of a terrible story arc.

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