Foilball’s Review Roundup #17

Rating System: The Best of Jim Starlin

5 Stars: WARNING: The Infinity Gauntlet
4 Stars: Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch
3 Stars: Cosmic Odyssey
2 Stars: Dreadstar
1 Star: Marvel Universe: The End

Avengers: The Initiative #12 (***)

Once again, Iron Man compromises his position on the SHRA and allows a group of fugitive super heroes to “escape”. I just don’t understand editorial’s inconsistent stance on this. In a shared universe, you can’t just abandon bits of story and character development every time a creator writes himself into a corner. For those of you who would say that Iron Man’s resent behavior IS a sign of character development, I say, “I don’t think so.” I don’t feel the writing here, or in the other books where he isn’t the title character, would support that argument. I think it’s just editors letting writers do their own thing. Would Tony really act like this? He fought a war over his beliefs and he got his best friend killed. If that honestly changed how he felt about registration, he’d have gone rogue already and we’d probably see him fighting to repeal the Act. He hasn’t and he’s not. I expect this type of shit from DC, not Marvel… the masters of continuity.

Ms. Marvel #26 (*)

I’m really starting to dislike this book. Too much exposition and too much useless dialogue. It’s Reed aping Bendis, and he’s aping him badly. I want to drop this book, but I really like Carol Danvers. But I’m also pretty sure I only like her when Bendis is writing her. Dilemma!!! Oh yeah, and this issue doesn’t feel like it fits in with Secret Invasion at all. I know that’s kind of a ridiculous thing to say, because there’s a bunch of Skrulls in here… but these Skrulls aren’t acting very Skrully, that is to say, their Skrulliness isn’t consistent with how Bendis has set them up in Avengers and SI. Like, this Skrull chick is way too forthcoming with the infos. I want to like Reed and his Ms. Marvel, but this book is less fun than it used to be and now I’m starting to wonder if it was ever any good. And another thing, pretty convenient for Reed to introduce this Agent Sum guy’s background information a couple of pages before it’s relevant to the story. UGH. So bad.

Rann-Thanagar: Holy War #1 (**)

I didn’t preorder this, but I picked it up on Wednesday because back in the day, Starlin and Lim were a creative team to be reckoned with. I went in with semi-high expectations, I tried very hard to keep the nostalgia factor in check, and the book failed to exceed them. Actually, it didn’t even come close. I was bored; bored to tears. That’s about the worst thing you can say about any piece of art. Sorry, guys. This sucked. Oh, but I did laugh at these two pages. Robin sits there completely invisible till the very last panel where he gives Starfire permission to go on the mission. Hold on, Robin is still a kid, right? Starfire’s the adult? HAHAHAH… stupid. I won’t be reading #2.

Superman/Batman #47 (***1/2)

Hey FYI, Busiek wrote this idea already over on Superman. I don’t remember the specific issue number, but it was about six months back I think. The idea: a team designed and trained by the US government to take out Superman if he ever goes rogue… been there, Green. But it’s okay, since surprisingly, Green does a better job with this idea than Busiek. You don’t have to be original all the time, most of the time we’ll settle for interesting. And this, this Doomsday kryptonite creature, this thing is interesting… to me at least.

Ultimate X-Men #93 (***1/2)

So… a reboot? Yeah, I can live with that. Does this mean Fantastic Four is the Ultimate book on the chopping block? I hope so. Does anyone like Ult. FF? About the issue: the fight between Apocalypse and Phoenix was just long enough to satisfy my need for cosmic violence without boring me. Also, thank you Robert Kirkman for reversing the “Dark Phoenix” expectations we were all… expecting. We don’t see Light Phoenix very often and it was a welcome surprise. There was some lame here, mostly due to the super-muscular art. UGH-UGH.

Quick Hits:
The Mighty Avengers #12 (****): Nick Fury, you fool! I wouldn’t kick that Skrull out of bed, she was the super hots! Maria Hill is one of the best, most complex characters Bendis has ever written… too bad she’s almost surely a Skrull. The meeting between Spider-Woman and Fury on the bridge was perfect. I think I’m looking forward to this story more than Secret Invasion proper.
The New Avengers #40 (****): I think I’m 4-starring this mainly for the Jimmy Cheung art. The story was neat too… and I loved how pissy the Skrull King gets. What’s also neat? Plenty of Skrull art to steal for some future Vs. set.
The Immortal Iron Fist #14 (****): So much fighting in this issue! Just when you think the fights over, Fraction and Brubaker toss out a dozen more fist-pounding panels! Have I mentioned how much I love how they print the names of the special moves in big white font? HEH.
Justice League of America #20 (**): I wasn’t even aware Flash wasn’t in the JLA right now. I mean, I’ve been reading the book for over 10years, but it’s been so forgettable lately I just had no clue. Apparently the editors felt we needed reminding. Thanks editors!!!
The Order #10 (**): A decent ending to a mediocre series. I’m glad the Order hasn’t disbanded, but I don’t care about them much past that.
Teen Titans #58 (-): Dropping this book. Now that we won’t be making any DC sets for a while, it’s finally safe to drop all the DC titles I can’t stand.

10 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #17

  1. I think Maria Hill being a Skrull would definitely fall under the “too obvious” category. She’s another character that shouldn’t be in the Hulk book because Loeb doesn’t know how to write her. Hell, no one should be in that Hulk book. Because it shouldn’t be in print, dammit… Ok, let’s not get started down that road again. I dug Iron Fist quite a lot too. Gonna hate seeing Fraction and Bru leave the title. Not too upset about Aja, seeing as he wasn’t even on 14 and needs way too much help with outside artists.

  2. ARGH! i really want to read Hulk #3! but stupid DCBS sent me an extra copy of Hulk vs Hercules (which was fun) instead. stupid DCBS.

  3. Oooh. We should trade. I didn’t order Hulk vs. Hercules. And I need to perform and exorcism concerning Hulk 3

  4. Man, those muscles in Ultimate X-Men were scary! I know Cyclops works out, but damn! Is he wearing a shirt three sizes too small? What is going on there? Otherwise, I liked it.
    For the Iron Man letting the kids go thing, I just think of it as him not being as harsh. Besides, didn’t all of those people register? And aren’t they going to lay low anyway? Plus, as much as I hate Stark, I think he realizes that he is kind of wrong about the Initiative to an extent. I think he realizes that MVP’s clone did this because of Camp Hammond (and Gyrich, but…) and didn’t they say they would keep a low profile? (I can’t remember because I packed the comic into a box for shipping, as I go back home soon)
    The Mighty Avengers story is okay, but I hate Alex Maleev’s art. I can understand some merit in it, but I dislike it a lot. Otherwise, it is a really good story. And is this the same creative team that made Daredevil really good recently?
    New Avengers was awesome! I love how it basically continued the story of NA:Illuminati 1 directly after the end. We’ll wait…um, no we won’t. You might want to, but no!
    Yeah, I found The Order to end well, so okay, I can live with it.

  5. RE: Iron Man – I think the editors and writers are just trying to soften his image. me? I’d rather have a douchebag that sticks to his convictions than a flip-flopper.

    heh, I hate that term.

  6. That isn’t supposed to be a winky. I must have mistyped into a winky. Anyway, I really don’t like Stark, but can see how the writers make him let those kids go. Mostly, I have found it is Carol who is letting Luke go (like 30 times, we get it), although Iron Man has let some people go. I mean, he believes in registration and all that, and was willing to fight the unregistered heroes, but he really doesn’t want to all in all. He never wanted to fight them (talk is better), but now doesn’t want to fight even more. Sure, in Secret Invasion he got kind of snippy, but he also had his Quinjet stolen and was beaten to the scene of the crime.
    Oh, and on an unrelated note, I really enjoy discussing these things. It is kind of the reason I started my blog. God, I hate taking Stark’s side, but I can see parts of him that I didn’t before. Sure, I still hate him, but I think that his decisions have generally made sense in terms of his character.

  7. Quote:
    “Now that we won’t be making any DC sets for a while…”

    Uh-oh. Given the lead time you guys usually have, this seems to be meaning that even the one AFTER Evolution won’t be DC. I don’t care about DC per se, but that’s going to make a lot of people very sad. 😦

  8. nah, don’t infer too much from that statement. the set after Evolution could easily be DC. we’re still talking, so things are still up in the air. the reason i feel comfortable dumping the “shitty” DC titles is because the skeleton for what could be a new DC set is pretty solid. which means i got plenty of time till i have to read bad books again. 🙂

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