Review: Secret Invasion #2

Elektra was a Skrull.
Black Bolt was a Skrull.
Dum Dum was a Skrull.
Contessa Really-Long-Name-SHIELD-Chick was a Skrull.
Ms. Marvel was a Skrull.
Hank Pym is a Skrull.
Jarvis is a Skrull.
Invisible Woman is a Skrull.
Spider-Woman is a Skrull?

After reading Secret Invasion #2, I think we can safely add Spaceship Spider-Man, Spaceship Vision and Spaceship Hawkeye to the list, with an even BIGGER question mark next to Spider-Woman’s name. I mean, check out this totally Skrully panel of her running away! Oh, and could the Spaceship Captain America be the real deal? Clint seems to think so. Wait, is that even the real Clint!?! Too soon to tell, I would say. I want to believe that Mockingbird is really who she says she is, not because I like the character, but because Clint is right… he’s had a rough year. OH! What’s up with Carol giving Stark the Skrulliest look of all time?

If the first issue was an A-, this one’s a solid C+. Why? DECOMPRESSION!!! You know what Marvel, if I’m going to shell out $3.99 for a comic, I want more pages of story not just thicker cardstock! EFF. YOU. This is just bullshit. The plot inches forward… panel by wordless panel. When I got to the end, I was wholly unsatisfied in a way I haven’t been since House of M. Bendis, why do you hate us so much? WHY?!?

The best part of the book was seeing how clearly Clint’s sentimentality is affecting the logic centers of his brain. Dude, get a grip! That’s not Cap and that’s probably not your wife. Why does Bendis torture him so? WHY?!?

And thus it was written that this shall be your cliffhanger: Lots of Super Skrulls.

ASIDE: No “Origin Stories” this week. Sorry guys, The Bill’s got to rest up for next week’s Crime Lords Extravaganza!!!

18 thoughts on “Review: Secret Invasion #2

  1. I loved the issue more so than the previous issue. I mean, I like fights, and this was awesome. We also have 6 issues to go. Yes, Bendis stretches things out, but I think that this is cool at this point in time. I just love the confusion. It’s awesome!

  2. I am so sick of people throwing around the decompression buzz word when talking about a Bendis book. The man takes his time. Is that a crime? Would you rather have that scene take four pages so we can get back to the other subplots? It would have been choppy as all hell. Sure, the fact that it was only a 22 page book kinda blows, but I wouldn’t necessarily blame Bendis for that. You know he would have written more pages if the opportunity allowed itself. He paced the fight and the scenes in the jungle very well. You have to let this stuff breathe. Blame Marvel for the price point, but don’t start throwing out bullshit like decompression when it’s not warranted.

  3. i love Bendis, but this book’s structure was paper thin. Bendis himself admits that the first issue was actually two issues smashed together! even he knows that he tends to write this way and that the complaints people had about House of M were valid. he’s admitted this. he’s a decompresser!

    anyways, nothing happens in this issue. we get a bunch of inane dialogue before the fight, a bunch during and some lame stuff right after. there were two well written pages or half pages: 1) the scene with Vision and Sentry, and 2) the scene with Hawkeye and Mockingbird. everything else was masturbation and buying time… and then the FUCKING DINOSUAR shows up!!! the scene between Luke and Logan? We saw that already in New Avengers… months ago!

    “I don’t trust you.”
    “Well, I don’t trust you.”

    and then we get two needlessly blank panels starring the Young Avengers at the bottom of page 19! WTF!?! Blank, repeated panels are not dramatic!!!

    A standoff between two groups of heroes? both believing the other group to be Skrulls? WE JUST SAW THAT LAST ISSUE!!! maybe there’s some structural relevance there, so I guess I can let that one slide, but c’mon, can you honestly say with a straight face that my concerns are invalid and based on thrown around buzz words?

    Bendis has a tendency to frontload his scenes with extraneous panels and exposition. if he would just cut a little off the front and sometimes off the back, he’d have more room for important shit, like story. he’s like Claremont in that way, although Claremont is much worse. and yes, like Claremont, he has his rabid fans. i am one of them. but just because i usually like his writing, doesn’t mean i don’t know that it’s bad writing.

    But of course, this is just my not so humble opinion.

  4. oh yeah, and i did/do blame Marvel:

    “You know what Marvel, if I’m going to shell out $3.99 for a comic, I want more pages of story not just thicker cardstock! EFF. YOU. This is just bullshit.”

    …also, i figured out where my extra dollar went: 5-page Eternals preview!!!


  5. Yeah, when I read that one sentence I read “Marvel” as “Bendis.” Personally, I expect a fucking dinosaur to show up in the Savage Land, but that’s me. And as for the whole cutting a little off the front and back thing, what would that open up? Maybe one extra script page? Maybe two? All while quite possibly completely mucking up the panel layout? It’s safe to say that the biggest question mark coming out of the first issue and the biggest anticipation going into the second issue was the Skrull ship. And Bendis gave that to us in spades.

    It’s a situation where he was given a certain amount of pages (22) to tell this chunk of the story. I’m not exactly telepathically linked with Bendis’ thought process, but it seems pretty likely that he had a certain amount of things that needed to be done in the Savage Land (fight scene, Vision/Sentry scene, Clint/Mockingbird scene, Tony/Carol scene, shots of dead Spidey and Hawkeye skrulls) that he realized that he wouldn’t have enough room to give a fair shake to any of the subplots and would instead be better served expanding the Savage Land stuff instead of shoe-horning in something about Captain Marvel, Marvel Boy or the fate of Reed Richards. If you can’t do something justice, why do it at all? You cut out the minutiae and it’s too jarring.

    I’m not saying that YOU MUST LIKE THIS ISSUE. I can understand thinking that nothing happened in this issue (I personally disagree, but hey). But I have a SERIOUS pet peeve with the use of the word decompression to bash something when it’s not even what’s happening. It’s a cheat, and it’s not fair to the writer. The concerns are fine. It’s just not the product of decompressionist tendencies.

  6. i’m sorry, but calling foul and tossing out the word “decompression” is justified in this case, because that is exactly what he has done. stretching scenes to the breaking point is the definition of decompression. messing with the panels layouts? i don’t even know what that means. they figure out the layouts after the script is written. trimming the fat here and there nets more than just a page or two. he could easily pick up 3 maybe 4 pages for the subplots. dude, did you even notice that issue 2 had 4 double page spreads with significant dialogue only in the first double page spread? that’s textbook DECOMPRESSION. i’m sorry that we fanboys have abused that word so much that it’s almost lost all meaning, but it doesn’t change the fast that the word decompression still validly describes what Bendis did in this issue.

    and i liked the issue: the clint/bobbi scene almost brought a tear. but this is just not good writing and the primary reason for that, i believe, is decompression. DECOMPRESSION!!!!!

    (hah, now i’m just being an ass.)

  7. …or are the Alpha SKRULLS dead instead? You don’t know! But I think, in your heart, you DO know. That Bendis is a genius. Using the summer crossover event to bring back the best super-team of all time. Nice!

  8. seriously, do you even like Alpha Flight? do you own any AF comics? are you a real person?


  9. Did we really need three two-page spreads in 22 pages? How can the Avengers fight radical Islam if they’re spending the entire issue getting stomped on by dinosaurs!? Huh?

    Anyway, the Mockingbird stuff was interesting, but I think she’s probably a Skrull. In the panel where she is mourning ‘Skrull Hawkeye’s’ death her pupils aren’t there. Damn.

    Are we lucky enough to get a Mockingbird card in MUN? She’s earned it.

  10. To put an end to the whole decompression thing, from my perspective, it didn’t drag at all or seem stretched to the breaking point. I liked the pace and all that stuff. From my perspective, we need to approach this slightly differently, as Bendis is writing an event that is going to have a larger readership than New/Mighty Avengers, so some things (like Luke and Logan’s conversation) might not seem forced or repetitive to those that aren’t reading or haven’t read New Avengers.

    Ok, that’s in our past. I looked at that final splash page again, and I truly think that that Illuminati Super Skrull is one of the most badass character designs I’ve seen in a long while. I love how the glowing disc in the center of his chest is an amalgam of both the Eye of Agamotto and Iron Man’s chest plate. I assume Yu designed that bad boy, and he did an AWESOME job.

  11. yeah, he did look awesome. i hope we get to see all the Super Skrulls using all their unique powers.

    @B&B: radical islam? nah man, that’s so “John Ney Rieber” ago.

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