Review/RANT: Titans #1

This book is just shameful. Everyone that took a paycheck for this dreck should be ashamed of themselves. Dear Judd Winick, I hate you. You are a bad, bad writer. You used to be decent, I used to like you! Now, you just litter your books with stupid things. Stupid things like:

• Nightwing breaks his fall with a batarang. Lameness ensues.
• Nightwing protects his anus from silly S&M villains.

Gratuitous nudity. Why. Does the plot. Call f
or. This?
• Note to Ian Chruchill: Learn to draw new faces.
• Not every superhero’s bike needs side mounted missiles.
• Beast Boy can turn into pretty much any animal and this is the best you can come up with?
• This page is just WRONG. The Number one reason not to “wack it” in the shower.
• Wally gets weird orange goo but Donna gets tentacle porn?
• Is this really what Robin thinks about? His team’s mission statement?
• Note to Batman:
Trim your cape. It’s embarrassing.
Powerboy is dead? Wait, this one should go in the “pro” column. Sorry.

Can it get worse? Yeah, I’m already pre-ordered on the first three issues, I think. The one downside to ordering two months in advance, you usually have nothing to go by but the writer or artist’s reputation and the purposefully vague advanced solicits. To be honest, I did know about the silly Starfire nude scenes before I ordered, but I was hoping it was just one of those lame first issue stunts that writers pull to get people on board. I was hoping the rest of the issue would make up for it. I was hoping Winick’s writing had improved. I should have been hoping for a re-solicit due to lateness so I could cancel my orders. BLARGH.

9 thoughts on “Review/RANT: Titans #1

  1. I don’t see a problem with the whole damn thing. You complain that Nightwing broke his fall with a batarang but he did it in the most logically possible sense he could do it in. Using Friction to slowh is rate of desent to allow him to land without breaking anybones. Pure science.

    You complain about Kory’s Nudity… Starfire gerneally enjoys being Naked nearly all the time. This has been something that has been mentioned in so many comics before this it’s not funny. Seriously within the last 20 years I can’t even count the number of issues, Starfire has stated her problem with Human modesty.

    I don’t really know what your problem with this comic was. It feels like i’m readign hte review of a 12 year old boy.

  2. do you even comprehend how impossibly strong Dick Grayson would have to be to use a batarang in that manner? pure science… seriously?

    i said the nudity was GRATUITOUS, not that it was out of character.


    …thanks for reading. and using Google to find us at

  3. At this point I will just say something that a friend of mine pointed out to me a long time ago “anyone who judges a comic by the first issue is an idiot. that would be like deciding you did not like a movie after only watching for 5 minutes” and I have tried to go by that and if I had not I would have missed out on allot of good comics I did not like the first issue of. I am of the same mind on all the people making a fuss about the first issues of the Justice League, Suicide Squad, and Red Hood and the Outlaws. So if were you I would go ahead and read the next to issues and then decide to do anything else would be to be closed minded.

    • For one, I don’t think Billy gets on here much at this time. I could be mistaken though.

      Also, I would disagree with you. I would see comics like books with each issue being a chapter. To me, if I hate the first chapter of a book it generally means I’m not going to like the rest of the book. I’ve picked this bit of personal logic of mine from all the books I was forced to read for school along with the numerous books I read for enjoyment growing up. I have learnt that if I dislike the first chapter, I will dislike the rest of the book and there has only been one time that I couldn’t stand reading a first chapter but ended up actually liking the book.

  4. Benitez needs to learn to draw faces, not Churchill! I just picked the trade this is in apparently, and oh god Benitez’s faces! Dx THey are like constant derp faces! And Donna is made to look like a mix between Peggy from Married with Children and the girls in Grease Lightning! And some reason we get Raven calling her father a “four eyed anorexic demon basketball player.” WHAT?!

    It was… well it was quite bad. The premise sounded great on the back cover, but the actual story mixed in with the art of Benitez was horrible.

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