Foilball’s Review Roundup #13

Rating System:

5 Stars: WARNING: Dawn of the Dead (Original)
4 Stars: Shaun of the Dead
3 Stars: 28 Days Later
2 Stars: Return of the Living Dead
1 Star: House of the Dead

Avengers: The Initiative #11 (***1/2)

Finally, the KIA arc comes to a close. The best part of this issue was seeing Slapstick “demolecularized” or whatever. YAUS! Oh man, and then War Machine Hulks-out… only to get his ass kicked almost immediately after, and unfortunately, off-panel. This was a huge mistake, I think. Like, who didn’t want to see War Machine throw down with KIA? It could have been an epic fight, spanning half the issue. Instead, we get Iron Man and the Mighty Avengers to the rescue. Seriously, WTF was Slott thinking? Why even have War Machine in this book if he never does anything cool? When I saw that panel of him transforming, I thought to myself, “This is it… this is the big payoff!” and then nothing. So, STUPID! Also, thank God KIA died in the end. He was a stupid villain. Oh wait… GAH!

Cable #2 (***)

In this issue of Cable… in lieu of actually moving the story forward, the writer decides to go back in time and explain to us how it is that Bishop located Cable. But why? Don’t get me wrong, it was really interesting and clever. Kudos, Mr. Swierczynski for being so smart… but it was still just another example of writer masturbation. C’mon, you know I’m right. We could lose that entire sequence and still be fine going forward from there. I hope we don’t see more of this crap in the future (get it? GET IT!). Oh, I need a small clarification from the people at home: since when has Bishop been able to throw massive inanimate objects with his powers? Cause and effect. Is this something new? Is it just bad story-telling?

The Walking Dead #48 (****)

Okay, finally… PEOPLE DIE! LOADS OF PEOPLE!!! This chick! And then this guy! This random dude! And the doctor lady! OMG… LORI and the BABY!!! Hershel! WOW, everyone I hated is dead except the Governor… BOOM!!! This is the single greatest issue of Walking Dead ever. EVER! And I love the final page. Priceless. New and exciting times folks! Hope this means we’ll finally be getting fresh and interesting stories. One can dream.

Wolverine #64 (***)

The exciting “Get Mystique” continues… first, in order to sneak into the “Green Zone”, Wolverine blows himself up. How many times is this in the last couple of years? I thought he couldn’t survive this kind of shit anymore? Didn’t they do a whole arc about this? De-powering him? HUH?!? (Man, I complain too much.) Anyways, he somehow manages to find the room Mystique is hiding in and confronts her… butt naked and charbroiled. Pay attention, in this episode, exposure is a theme. After putting up a half-assed fight, she escapes into the desert. The final few pages setup next issue’s grand finale. Apparently, Mystique’s big plan is a truck full of weapons and nudity. Hmm, could work.

Quick Hits:
Captain Marvel #5 (**): This was hugely disappointing… more questions, less answers. Why did I even read this? So he turns out to be a Skrull after all? And he’s gonna be a good guy? So who the hell was that that attacked Thunderbolts Mountain in Secret Invasion #1?
Nova #12 (***1/2): This epic tale of fail finally wraps with the final part containing more excitement than all other parts combined. I love Nova, I love what they’ve done with “Cosmic” Marvel, but this story arc was a serious misstep. Please, bring on Galactus!!!
• Supergirl (-): YAUS!!! The final issue… that I’ll be paying for. “I’m gonna cure cancer!” Shut up, Stupidgirl.
• WWH Aftersmash: Warbound #5 (*): This series started at a solid 4 stars, and never recovered. This could have been awesome. I feel like this mini is filled with leftover ideas from some 80’s run on Incredible Hulk. Like, Mark Paniccia found this lost folder filled with unused and stupid ideas and he was like, “I gotta overnight this to Greg Pak, he’s a Hulk genius! He’ll know what to do with it!”
Young Avengers Presents: Wiccan & Speed #3 (*): So, unlike the other issues in this mini, this issue feels it can get away with containing zero plot development. Hmm. Interesting choice.

8 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #13

  1. I mostly disagree with you about Avengers: The Initiative, as I really liked the KIA arc. Then again, I never really cared that much for War Machine in the first place (always seemed to me like an Iron Man on steroids for less intelligence and bigger explosions with bigger guns), so I didn’t care seeing his ass kicked. Also, as powerful as War Machine is, Thor Girl, the Shadow Initiative and Trauma had already been taken out by KIA, so honestly, I didn’t expect Rhodes to do much. I did love seeing Cloud 9 try though. She was so innocent and now has killed HYDRA agents and attempted to kill two others with her actual powers. Yay for Tony’s making kids into killers program!
    I do agree with you about Warbound though. Well, to the extent that it started better than it finished. I don’t feel it was good in the beginning and just got much worse. To make things worse for me, I liked the Warbound a lot in the Planet Hulk series and through WWH. This just sucked. Oh, and now Kate has the powers of Hiroim? WTF?

  2. But if the War Machine/KIA fight went on for half an issue, that would only leave 11 pages for everything else. How would they have pulled that off? 🙂

  3. not using War Machine more just felt wasteful.

    heh, i’m not gonna rewrite the entire script for him, but i’m positive a longer fight was possible. especially if you trimmed out pages 6-8 and then wrote Iron Man and the Avengers out of the final fight, there’s actually plenty of space for War Machine to appear for more than 3 pages. it just seemed very silly to me to have the regular Avengers show up at the end, since we haven’t seen them in this book all that much. too… deus ex machina for my tastes.

  4. Honestly though, the Tactigon can become any weapon ever, which means it can become all of those weapons War Machine pulled out, plus more. Or just a bigger one. All in all, I don’t think War Machine could have done much, since KIA could just be more powerful. Plus, he modified his own power levels so that he could take anyone on. With people with more subtle powers (Cloud 9), he doesn’t do as much. With War Machine, the opposite of subtle, he’ll easily demolish him. I think it made sense for the Mighty Avengers to just rush in, since they are the main heroes in the MU.

  5. when i said i wanted more War Machine, i didn’t mean i wanted War Machine to win or save the day, i just wanted a better fight. it could all still end the same way, with the real MVP scrambling KIA’s brains. i just wanted War Machine to take care of some business… otherwise, WTF is he even doing in this comic? did Slott put him here just to fail? that’s lame.

  6. I understand, I guess. Wait, I think I know exactly how you feel. To you, War Machine there felt like Praxagora and Kl’rt in Annihilation: Conquest: They are powerful and everything, and there they are, and then they do nothing and get their asses kicked in such a short time, you just want to stab somebody for making a character you like that is powerful into somebody who gets no respect in that issue. never mind what I said, then. I know how you feel because I felt the same way about Praxagora (who died in the least elaborate way and just kind of stupidly) dying and Kl’rt just standing there the entire Annihilation: Conquest.

  7. The dialog is so heavy-handed in The Walking Dead, it’s pathetic. Why is it one of the best-selling titles? If anyone wants to buy the first hardcover from me I’ll gladly sell it to them.

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