Review: I Killed Adolf Hitler

I love time travel stories. The Time Machine. Quantum Leap. Back to the Future. Timecop. Replay. Even The Man Who Folded Himself in all it’s sexual ambiguity. And I love Jason. Ever since his first book, Hey Wait, I’ve been in love with his style. The simple cartoon animals have a creepiness to them that I can’t quite grasp, but it’s that creepiness that somehow makes them more real to me. Another hallmark of his work is the sparse and sometimes non-existent dialogue. His simple, wordless panel layouts are always thought-provoking. Whenever I finish a book by Jason, I’m always left with more questions than answers… and I love it that way. His books make us think. They make us question the social tapestry of our lives. Over the years, his books have become more complex, evolving from simple morality tales into something approaching a cinematic experience. I Killed Adolf Hitler is Jason’s most “complete” story to date. I could definitely see this book as a movie.

The premise, from the back cover:

What the premise only hints at is the subtle, yet conceptually complex, love story that slowly emerges from the background and transmutes unexpectedly into the main plot. It’s a love story about the sin of pride and paying pride’s cost to Father Time. Really, it’s about what all good love stories are about: not the finding of love, but the loss of it. And bittersweet endings… can’t forget those.

If the art and concepts of Jason’s work intrigue you, you can pick up most of his books through


One thought on “Review: I Killed Adolf Hitler

  1. Want to read this. Invite me over so I can…or bring it to me.

    You wouldn’t stop talking the other night when I was trying to read it. ❤

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