Foilball’s Review Roundup #12

Rating System:

5 Stars: WARNING: Rose Red HAWT
4 Stars: Page Sisters HAWT (All three at the same time!!!)
3 Stars: Cinderella HAWT
2 Stars: Snow White HAWT
1 Star: Frau Totenkinder HAWT

100 Bullets #89 (***)

OMG, we’re almost to the end of this 100 issue epic. Again, I’m not quite sure I remember how the plot has developed over the years, (something to do with a secret Illuminati type American conspiracy) but I know that issue to issue, I have enjoyed this book immensely. Wizard recently ran a feature in their magazine titled “The 10 Most Shocking Moments in 100 Bullets” or something, and I shit you not, I could not for the life of me remember one of those goddamned scenes. They even had scans of the panels and everything. 100 Bullets may be the most forgettable “good” comic ever published. The plot is so twisted and hidden beneath style and convention, it’s hard to remember the details. Azzarello loves to sneak it in there under the most brilliantly lyrical dialogue. I think maybe that’s my favorite part of the book, and probably the reason I still read it. I’ve told myself, as we get closer to the end, I’m going to re-read all the issues. Maybe then I can write a review where I actually say something?

Jack of Fables #21 (*****)

Again, this book is too good to be true. In this issue, we’re treated to a clever diversion from the “A” plot. It’s a stand alone yarn featuring (Wicked) John of the Tales and his malicious disruption of “Hamlet”, the play Pathetic Fallacy is trying to put on. There are too many good jokes to list here, but my favorite part has to be the climax which pits John against PF in an epic fight to the KO. I’m totally in love with this series… so much more than with Fables. Jack of Fables is a great example of a spin-off surpassing the original. Like Buffy and Angel or Three’s Company and The Ropers. Okay, that last part isn’t really true, but you get the gist. UGH, you need to be reading this book! READ IT!!!

The Programme #9 (**)

Finally, shit is starting to move forward. I wouldn’t mind the decompression so much if the art was better. By better, I mean readable. So, in this issue, Senator Joe McCarthy joins the black revolution and our main character, Max, agrees to fight the Russians. Meanwhile, the Russians are still fucking around in Las Vegas. Hmm, actually, strike that… nothing much happens in this issue either. UGH!

War is Hell #1 (***1/2)

Garth Ennis doing a World War I comic starring a wing of ace fighter pilots? I’m there! For a first issue, it started out kind of awkward. Our hero is totally unlikable. He’s an arrogant asshole, in fact. Right off the bat, he gets one of his commanding officers killed—propeller blade pasta! And then he gets lost in the clouds and the rest of his squadron gets shot down by the Germans. This guy is the worst protagonist ever, not to mention a shitty pilot. What is this guy’s deal? Apparently, he’s harboring a big secret… ah, the plot presents itself! So far, we’re off to a weak start, but it’s Ennis, and this is his wheelhouse, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Also, usually I hate Howard Chaykin’s current work. It’s boring and flat. But the stuff in this comic is really… nice. You can tell he spent more time on it than he does on his superhero fill-in work. That’s a shame, because I’m sure if he put this much effort into all his books, people wouldn’t complain about him so much.

Quick Hits:
Fables #71 (****): Cinderella as a secret agent?!? And the war has already started?!? FINALLY!!!
The Order #9 (**): So many lame things wrong with this book. Best news is that it’s being canceled. YAY!
Authority Prime #6 (**): WHAT. A. BLOWOUT. The ending sucked worse than things that suck on purpose. Like vacuum cleaners or your mom. Gage, you disappoint me.
Thor #7 (****): All around solid issue. Odinsleep is now Thorsleep… make a note: sounds like a Vs. legend card to me.
Wildstorm Revelations #6 (***1/2): The inevitable disappointment from a book whose sole purpose is to setup another book that will likely be worse than the setup. My wish? An ongoing featuring the same cast and the same creative team. I would buy that and I’m sure tons of others would too.


6 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #12

  1. it gives me that “we’ve seen this all before” feeling. i don’t like the art, even though i usually like Kitson. i don’t think the characters are particularly inspired. i find the “interview” framing device to be the most annoying thing about the book. Fraction took too long to set up his characters. there’s no sense of urgency with this book. and it feels totally detached from the rest of the Marvel Universe. sometimes, that’s a good thing, but here, i think this book would have benefited greatly by taking advantage of the “Initiative” idea more. and the plots have been boring, which i guess is actually the worst part of it all. don’t bore me! the zombie hobos thing was a stupid idea. the “man from shadow”? even lamer. and then all the dumb shit in between. the ONLY issue i liked, where i felt satisfied after reading it, was the one with Namor. that issue had a point. that issue had some great writing. there are more things that bugged me, but i don’t have them all in front of me and i’m already ranting. i’ve nitpicked enough.

  2. “Goldilocks should be on that ratings list. She may well be psychotic, but still…”

    SHIT! i forgot about her. i’d slip her in (GET IT?!) between the Page sisters and Cinderella. hmmm…

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