The Next Nova Arc

I’m a big fan of Marvel’s Nova series. The book itself has been pretty heavily tied in with the event structure of the Marvel Universe, moving from Annihilation through The Initiative and into Annihilation: Conquest. He’s covering the B story of Conquest in his own book, and the 12th issue, which will be arriving next Friday in my DCBS shipment, and it along with Annihilation Conquest #6 (due to ship next week) will be wrapping up that storyline. So what’s next for Nova? GALACTUS. The next three issues of the Nova book will be covering a run-in between Nova, Silver Surfer and Galactus. I saw the covers in Previews, and this is probably the best work Alex Maleev has ever done on a cover. Here’s a taste.

What I didn’t know until I read an interview with Abnett and Lanning about the arc on Newsarama (find it here) is that these issues will also serve as a Secret Invasion tie-in. Sure, it’s another event tie in for Nova, and there sure have been a lot of them in the past, but this one makes perfect sense. It seems that the Secret Invasion book itself is going to be predominantly taking place on Earth, as the heroes deal with the Skrull threat on their own soil. But we all know that they can’t only be focusing on Earth, right? And what does the Super Skrull and the Kree have to say about all this once Conquest wraps up? It’s nice to see that Marvel is not ignoring the cosmic aspects of the Secret Invasion event, and who better to be involved than the Skrull’s worst enemy and greatest fear, Galactus? It’s perfect. The Newsarama article also has a few interior pen and ink splash pages that look GORGEOUS.

This book has gone straight to the top of my stack for at least the next three months of this arc. It’s a fantastic book, and everyone should be reading it.

That is all.



2 thoughts on “The Next Nova Arc

  1. I really liked the Nova tie-in to the Initiative, and I like the series, but I feel its gotten worse all in all. The most recent issues with Warlock are fun, but not as good as I feel everybody believes Nova is. Just my opinion.

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