Series Review: Y: The Last Man – Part 5 of 5*

ZOMG! Welcome back to Part 5 of Billy & Mandy’s weekly review of Y: The Last Man. In this installment, we’ll be commenting on issues 49-59, the fourth year of the series. Oh, what about issue 60? We’ll get to that. WARNING: SPOILERS!!! If you don’t want to be spoiled, please read the issues before continuing. Or, read them along with us! We welcome your comments and hope that you enjoy the show.


Billy: Okay, so when we last left off, Alter was talking some mad shit about being Yorick’s savior. Issue opens with some wack ass dream of Yorick’s, wherein Beth warns Yorick with the cryptic phrase, “We’ll never have Paris…” Thoughts on this? What could she have meant?

Mandy: This is Yorick’s subconscious telling him that his quest to find Beth is an empty one, that although he thinks that he has to follow this through, his heart is no longer in it.

Billy: Wow, you got all that from the first dream?

Mandy: Obviously. I never bought that they were communicating with each other. And the fact that there has been so little development of First Beth as a character leads me to believe that she’s a carrot, you know? She’s the thing Yorick is supposed to think he’s going after.


Billy: Yeah, structure 101. So you don’t believe in dreamtime?

Mandy: I believe in sexytime.

Billy: Notes on issue 49 – I like that Yorick is the only one who thinks his woman voice is any good. And when 355 is eating her dumplings… mmm, I had some last week. So good.

Mandy: Um. Okay, so I’m getting that you felt like 49 was lots of filler?

Billy: Yeah, it was. I feel like a lot of the last year was filler. Vaughan is tired of this shit.

Mandy: Yeah, there seems to be a lot of self-reflexive mocking in this last year. Don’t you think?

Billy: Yes, but mostly filler. Aside: best line came from Natalya… “…homosexualist.”

Mandy: I almost texted you that.


Billy: 3rd grade lollerskating party.

Mandy: Okay, but can we just talk about the fact that I’m a psychic? Because I KNEW that Allison’s dad was alive. I KNEW IT!!! And you ran the lies on me. But I want it on the record… it’s on the record that I KNEW IT in my gut.

Billy: You knew it in your babymaker. Sure, you knew. And yeah, I ran the lies on you. I am a bastard. Excuse me while I change the subject away from you once again: when pirate lesbian tells her boss she’s going AWOL, I had to spell out what she was saying because the “double-you” threw me off. Am I dumb?

Mandy: Re: the spellage of AWOL. No. You’re not alone. I was confused too.

Billy: “Eating Chinese…” – yeah, I feel ya’ Mann. BWAHAHAH.

Mandy: …

Billy: Dude, and then pirate lesbian was fingering Mann and she starts to bleed… wow, what a boner killer.

Mandy: LUCKY FOR GIRLS. No boner.

Billy: What’s up with 355 being all trigger happy with pirate lesbian? She was ready to buss’a cap!

Mandy: Because she’s protective of her man.

Ming wins at Bitch

Billy: Ming the Merciless wins at BITCH, btw. But I guess she must have been tons of fun to write. I think I’m going to talk to my nephew that way.

Mandy: Yes. Good plan. I’m sure that will help him become an affectionate and caring individual. Let me know how that turns out.

Billy: Will do.

Mandy: Alright. So I want to talk about 355 and Rose being tied up with the plot ninja.

Billy: We’re not there yet. Slooooooooow Doooooooooown. Question: How did the Alter suicide scene play for you?


Mandy: Honestly, I wanted her to end it all. Obviously, she’s very conflicted… but mostly, as a fan, I want her dead at this point because I know how much potential damage she can bring about and I want her gone. But I thought that it was a nice bit of exposition on her character… the ramp-up was believable… I literally thought like “WTF, SHE’S GOING TO DO THIS???”

Billy: BIG REVEAL: Dr. Mann meet Dr. Mann… your DAD! Cloning your daughter, multiple times… sick right? “I had to get it right.” What a douché.


Mandy: Yeah. He’s messed up for sure. Who tied him to a tree? That’s what I want to know. So, question. Do you think there was shark jumpage with all those little Ayukos running around?

Billy: Um, yes. I totally do. I don’t buy this “morphic resonance” explanation at all.

ayuko clones


Billy: Okay, now we can talk about 355 and pirate lesbian getting all tied up by plot ninja.

Mandy: So I confess, I totally wanted to make out with 355 escapering from her own cuffs. Also, I want to point out Yorick’s influence on 355.

Billy: “Looks like somebody learned a few tricks from magic fag!”

Mandy: I don’t really think Toyota is very good at talking shit.

Billy: No way, Toyota has the best lines! “Cool. Let’s talk about the fact that your mom was probably a big fat whore.”

Mandy: Alright.

Billy: Epic mom joke, delivered with style.

Mandy: I like how she starts it with the dismissive “Cool.” Alright, but seriously. My notes say this: GRAVITY!!! YE-AH!!!


Billy: The gravity line reminded me of Commando. Is 355 suicidal? She jumps off a lot of perfectly good buildings.

Mandy: She is not suicidal. She is just very aware of her own awesomeness.

Billy: Okay, back to the “morphic resonance” BS, did you buy it at all?

Mandy: NOOOOOOO. It was so lame.

Billy: To be clear, I do believe that such a phenomenon exists in nature, I just don’t believe it as the reason for the plague. It doesn’t fit well with this story.

Mandy: So do you actually think that all men could instantaneously die at the moment of the successful cloning of a human?

Billy: I have to say yes, that is possible, since I do believe in morphic resonance. It’s not a myth like Dr. Mann says. I don’t buy it as the reason for the wipeout. It doesn’t fit the established tone of this story. Nothing short of divine intervention is believable for me.

Mandy: Cool. Let’s talk about how your mom is a big fat whore.

Billy: DIE. What about Mann’s double suicide plan… that was just insane. It made no sense for a man of science to believe that shit he was saying.


Mandy: My notes say “Mann’s dad is toooooo ridiculous.”

Billy: Hey, what’s with all the womb stabbering? Lesbian pirate, 355, Mann’s hysterectomy… why does Vaughan hate the vagina so much?

Mandy: Maybe because he couldn’t get laid in high school? No. That’s not it. He’s hot.

Billy: Dude, even Boy Mann punches Girl Mann in the babymaker.


Mandy: BABYMAKER!!! That’s the word of the day. It’s because even with the men gone, there is woman hate. It’s a reflection of the way that women have internalized the negative hype on womanness.

Billy: By the male writer?

Mandy: YES. OR, he just likes to think BABYMAKER in his head and that’s what he thinks every time he writes it?

Billy: No, I think he just likes to hurt women in the one place that distinguishes them from men. He’s jealous. He wants to make babies.

Mandy: …


Mandy: He has a babymaking sword. And don’t you know that all women wish they had a penis? WE ALL WISH TAHT.


Mandy: I KNOW. She is awesome. Wait, but did we skip when 355 DESTROYS Plot Ninja’s LIFE with a stab to the ear? BECAUSE I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE EAR STABBAGE. She stabs her in the ear!!!!! I mean… what else is there to say?


Billy: okay then… the “I love you” stuff? Was that too much foreshadowing for you? Did you smell the end?

Mandy: I didn’t smell the end. I’m an eternal optimist when it comes to love and awesome friendships. Because of the way that Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended, I now believe that every story will end with the three main characters surviving impossible circumstances. Fuck you Joss Whedon. You’ve ruined me.

Billy: Me neither. I don’t even think I understood it the first time because it was written in woman code. Dude, more warnings for Yorick, this time from Mann… what is up with all this? BETH IS SO CLOSE!!! SHE’S IN FRANCE!!!


Mandy: I know. So at this point, where you pulling for our boy to finally be reunited with his lady love? I have never been in favor of this.

Billy: NO, I was hoping for some Scar-Beth action! Um, wait, you totally have!!!

Mandy: LIES.

Billy: You liked Beth at the beginning! YOU LIAR!

Mandy: Oh yeah. Okay, I have not been in favor of this since year one.

Billy: You didn’t even like 355 till year 3.

Mandy: …oh yeah. But I like her now.

Billy: Fine, that’s fine. But don’t be all taking credit and shit for shit you never said.

Mandy: I’m sorry. That url is broken. Referring to the careful notes I took, I will tell you that my reaction to the Beth story was this: “WHO EVEN CARES about Yorick’s journey to find Beth anymore…WHO EVEN CARES????”

Billy: I don’t even care anymore. Moving on… Waverly is the best female character in the entire series. Everything she says is so pure and practical. I want to make out with her ideals.


Mandy: Um. You want to make out with her awesome shiny hair, hourglass figure and ability to pull out a man’s beard. Masochist.

Billy: No, she was awesome. You can’t deny it. Even Vaughan has said that he wished he had come back to her sooner and done more.


Mandy: Yeah, well. I was like UM WHAT.

Billy: Only nitpick, and not even Waverly’s fault, but did Mrs. Brown deserve to be “lain in state”? She was a traitor!

Mandy: I KNOW. I think that he had to throw that in there so that we would see that this random ass reference to a year one character wasn’t a complete waste of an issue.

Billy: I want a 5 issue mini starring Waverly… telling her story. I DEMAND IT!

Mandy: I like the name Waverly. I might name my child that. And then you can tell her how I stole it from a comic book.

Billy: It’s like a name you give yourself. Anyways, we get this cool little interlude with Waverly, and then the next issue is all kinds of wanky bullshit. Only good thing about it… “Fatherfucking Lost Girls!” I think he said everything that needed to be said the first time we saw those characters. We didn’t need the “X: The Last Woman” parody.

Mandy: It was self-reflexive and fun-pokey. I liked when she said, “We’re appropriating the trappings of male-dominated cinema…” and my exact thought was, “Get in line sister…and I hope you do a better job than Whedon. Because Buffy was a man.”


Billy: Buffy was NOT a man. I can’t believe you just said that. You wrote a paper about it!

Mandy: I wrote a paper about how Buffy was a man. THAT IS WHAT I WROTE.

Billy: LIES!

Mandy: Whedon didn’t break down the Male Action Hero role or flip it or anything. He just had a chick play it. She was the male action hero… with a vagina.

Billy: He gave the male action hero girl problems.

Mandy: NO HE DIDN’T. Look at how she deals with romantic entanglements. She is just like a man.

Billy: Like, cooking dinner and babysitting…

Mandy: She just did it with Satsu…

Billy: And fighting in a dress.

Mandy: OMG OMG OMG. What are you saying???? ANYA was THE GIRL IN THE ALLEY. And she died. BUFFY IS A MAN. Whedon is a moron.


Mandy: You did that on purpose, didn’t you?

Billy: Buffy is a woman. You are

Mandy: No.

Billy: DOT COM!

Mandy: We have had this conversation. You agree with me. YOU AGREED WITH ME.

Billy: Fatherfucker! Hey, did you notice how when Yorick was reading “I am woman”, 355 was knitting… OH MAN!


Mandy: 355 wants it bad.

Billy: “If you were an English major, why can’t you speak English?” She’s right, his explanation of “I am woman”, I’ve said pretendy stuff like that… In these reviews too!!! Although, I would just say “Post-Modern”


Mandy: Yeah, as an English major who has a great interest in the post-modern, I would say I have never said “po-mo”. I say POST-MOD.

Billy: Post Modernity. You should say that.

Mandy: HOWEVER. The pretendiness is necessary. It is a trademark of the po-mo movement.

Billy: Agreed. Okay, finally… on to the final arc of the series, titled “Whys and Wherefores”. Thoughts on that title?

Mandy: I thought maybe there will be some answers here… but then I realized that there was just a bunch of stuff that was going to make me wail “WHYY???”

Billy: It’s right there in the title. I love how Vaughan brought the lighter back… “FUCK COMMUNISM” and all that.


Mandy: Where was that from?

Billy: It’s from that comic, “Preacher”… the one you never finished… because you’re… I fixed the URL, try it now.

Mandy: *clicks* OH IT’S A PICTURE OF YOU.

Billy: Before we go further, let’s talk about one of the last Yorick warning dreams… NAKED 355! I hated it. It ruined the innocent view I had of her character. Even with all the people she’s killed.

Mandy: My thoughts on the dominatrix outfit were “WTF?” and “Nice rack.” I thought those things simultaneously.

Billy: Dude, Yorick’s views on baldness? I totally feel the same way. Def shaving my head soon. And her being all “hey, let’s spare”, was totally just an excuse to touch him. Why can’t they just kiss and do the monkey sex already? The angst is almost too much. But at least it’s adult angst. That, I can deal with.

Mandy: Yeah, fighting and fucking are all the same. Just ask Sublime. Also, monkey sex… you really want to say that in reference to this relationship?

Ampersand sex

Billy: I was reffing Ampersand… you know he wants to get in there.

Mandy: Yeah, I know.

Billy: Also, don’t be a racist. I know it’s hard for you, but try.

Mandy: …

Billy: Did you notice all the off-panel innuendo in the last few issues? Vaughan needs to get over that shit.

vaughan, grow up

Mandy: Do you not find that amusing?

Billy: The first ten times!

Mandy: Yeah, well. I do that in my actual life so I just thought it was funny.

Billy: I mean, if someone recorded you doing it, then played it all back to back for you… you would be annoyed with your lame-ass self. UGH, Yorick and 355 sleeping in the catacombs… “sleep tight dude.”

Mandy: What exactly do you think his problem is?

Billy: It’s like he says later, he doesn’t want to admit to himself that this girl he’s been chasing for years is not the right girl for him. Somehow, he feels that if he does admit it, it invalidates some part of his being. It’s also really scary to move to the next level with a girl who’s your best friend. So,he’s got multiple issues happening at the same time. Sucks to be Yorick.

Mandy: Yes. Obviously that is true. And so it turns out that the true journey of the series is to the conversation with 355 and not to the conversation with Beth… BUT DUDE, I’ve been waiting all series for a scene of Yorick holding a skull. So I squeed a little.

Billy: Yeah, it was surprisingly subtle.


Billy: What did you think of 355 giving him the scarf and then disappearing? Were you sad?

Mandy: Don’t laugh at me. Yes. I was sad. Also, OMG, there’s a Keanu Reeves/Charlize Theron movie that ends EXACTLY the same way.

Billy: So, Vaughan ripped off Keanu?

Mandy: I think so. It’s from Sweet November.


Billy: Did you totally see the break-up coming? I think once he said “tell me what you were going to say on the phone that time” I knew shit was going downhill.

Mandy: Yeah, well didn’t I say that she was going to break up with him on the phone? And you said that she was going to say that she was a lesbian.

Billy: Well, I OBV had to lie.

Mandy: Always secrets and lies with you.

Billy: BUT! I think she really did love him.

Mandy: I think she did too….

Billy: She waited till late morning, standing in the same place… that was really sad. I cried a little for her.

Mandy: Yeah, I didn’t. Did you know that it was 355 that he saw in the dream?

Billy: No, I hadn’t guessed that. I had forgotten about it. It was like 4 years ago for me.


Mandy: I really don’t even want to talk about where this particular storyline ends up. I mean, total nut low. Was there ANY part of you that thought that they were going to get a happy ending? Because I’m naive and I was already imagining really adorable mixed race babies.

Billy: Yeah, I definitely did till Alter was like “let’s go kill some people”. So, 355’s arc? She was the scarecrow right?

Mandy: She gets shot in the head, so what does that mean?

Billy: And Yorick, “Dorothy”, he finds his way home Beth, but really, the road led to 355.

Mandy: He was always home.

Billy: Wait, so who was the cowardly lion? Who was the Wizard?

Mandy: Are we going to do this?

Billy: We said we would?

Mandy: They didn’t show the lion’s face?

Billy: Yeah, but it had a bow in its hair.

Mandy: Hero?

Billy: Yeah, I was just thinking that. That makes sense. What about the Wizard? In the dream, Yorick knows who the Wizard is.

Mandy: Dr. Mann’s dad?

Billy: No, because at that point, Yorick doesn’t know him yet. No… it must be Beth.

Mandy: Oh duh, that entire thought just formed itself in my head.

Billy: The Wizard is the person Dorothy thinks she needs to find, but in the end, the Wizard turns out to be this fake, hollow thing.

Mandy: YAY, we solved it. WE ARE WIZARDS!

Billy: The last page… MADE. ME. CRY. No jokes.


Mandy: I don’t even want to talk about it. It was so horrible.

Billy: The last page is so perfect. Guerra even poses her in a way that’s very female, so even in death her transformation is maintained. It was very sweet.

Mandy: So what did you think Yorick was going to do? Did you expect him to go on a fighting killering rampage?

Billy: Kill himself… no reason to live now right?

Mandy: I didn’t expect that. Not after 355 spent all that time keeping him alive and showing him that he had things to live for.

Billy: I was just happy Vaughan finally made use of that goddamned stupid fucking GASMASK!

Mandy: I KNOW!!!!!!

Billy: Yorick beats the vagina out of Alter and doesn’t kill her… was that satisfying to you?


Yorick beats Alter

Mandy: Yes. It was. Because Yorick has changed. It was satisfying because even though I wanted Alter dead, I knew that 355 would not have wanted him to do that. She traded in her gun, you know. She was done with death and killing. She didn’t want it any more.

Billy: Meh, I need him to change into a killing machine. Bitch needs to die.

Mandy: You’re such a boy.

Billy: Okay, Alter says some shit about the Culper’s being responsible for the plague since they released a chemical agent in China… this jives with what Boy Mann said about the plague radiating out from China… is THIS the reason for the plague? Also, we know Alter is a liar.

Mandy: Yeah, I don’t believe her.

Billy: Oh, and, where you sad at all for Alter and her “suicide by cop” routine?

Mandy: No. I think those are the most cowardly suicides of all. Fucking do yourself… why take anyone with you? And I’ve had friends kill themselves. It sucks, but killing someone else first is just fucking horrible.

Billy: Final page: What do you think the obelisk in the background behind Yorick means? And the “Oh, man.”


The final Y

Mandy: …

Billy: YOU FAIL!

Mandy: I honestly can’t remember.

Billy: I could just say what I think it means… and be right, but you know, eff you and all that.


*Stay tuned for the issue 60 review coming this Friday!

If you haven’t read Y yet, you can pick up the Trades at your local shop or order them online from at these links:

Y: The Last Man Vol. 9: Motherland
Y: The Last Man Vol. 10: Whys and Wherefores


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  1. Dr Mann deciding to kill himself wasn’t strange – remember this guy believes that he killed off half the human race, not to mention the only women he truly loved. The rest is just self-justification.

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