Review: Angel: After the Fall #5

Angel After the Fall 5 cover

I just don’t get this comic. IDW isn’t some half-assed publisher. They’re the guys that have been putting out quality 30 Days of Night books for years. I don’t understand how something as horrendously put together as Angel After the Fall can be published by IDW. The art isn’t actually THAT bad. Some of the layouts can be confusing, but the actor likenesses are dead on for the most part. It’s got to be the “subtle” inking and the colorist. So, according to the credits page, the penciller is also the inker. Well, not much we can do about that unless IDW can somehow convince this Franco Urru guy to let someone more experienced ink him. Whoa, it takes two dudes to color this pile of shit? Jason Jensen and Art Lyon… you guys suck. Seriously, my nephew’s coloring books look better than Angel… and he’s barely 11 months old. There’s just no depth. No shading. Every page looks like a first pass. It actually, seriously, no lie strains your fucking eyes to read this book.

Hey, it’s not just the art. The story sucks too. Bryan Lynch’s dialoguing and plotting is ridiculously bad. No character really sounds like themselves and this asinine “hell lord challenge” is just… just… boring. And it doesn’t help him at all that the art is as bad as it is. Good art can go a long way in covering up a bad story. It’s never a bad thing when the art distracts you from the exposition filled word balloons. But, when the art repels instead of attracts, then your words are left out in the open, all alone against the harsh scrutiny of the reader. Speaking of plot, Lynch and Whedon feel that after 5 issues and in the middle of the current storyline, now would be a great time set aside 3 issues to explain what happened the night the show went off the air. He couldn’t wait another issue for this lame arc to complete? Fuck, I’m annoyed. Why am I still reading this? Two reasons: Angel was one of my all-time favorite shows… and I like pain. Angel is this runaway train, waiting to wreck, and I don’t think there’s a damn thing anyone involved can do to stop it. So, save your money, don’t get sucked in like me, no matter how many “rave reviews” you read. Just remember what Arnold said…

“No, this is not true. These are all lies.”



3 thoughts on “Review: Angel: After the Fall #5

  1. Oh thanks. I thought I was the only one who hated this series, for all the reasons you’ve given. And I am a fan of the TV show. I’m just saving the issues up until it ends and I can read through in one painful swoop–sorta like pulling off a bandaid.

  2. thank you, thank you, thank you. i was beginning to go crazy thinking that i was the only one who thought this comic sucked. it pains me to say that it sucks, because i love the show so much, but it does.

    writing=should be in hell where the story takes place

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